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SBench 6 Single Mode SetupAll different modes can be selected easily. After selection of one of the available modes the dialog only reflects the relevant settings. All settings are cross-checked making it fail-safe. Only possible setup combinations can be entered.

Settings can be done (like everywhere in SBench 6) in either samples notation or in time notation. Changing the notation is just a mouse click on the Time/Samples button at the bottom.

FIFO data acquisition

SBench 6 FIFO Mode SetupThe powerful streaming engine of SBench 6 allows to acquire to hard disk or replay from hard disk with full speed. The streaming acquisition can be either stopped manually or the length of the acquisition can be defined before starting the hardware.

The streaming mode can write different file formats and also allows to split files.

Supported Modes

SBench 6 supports nearly all acquisition modes of the Spectrum cards and all but one generation modes of the Spectrum cards:

  • Standard (Single shot) Acquisition
  • Looped acquisition
  • Multiple Recording: multiple trigger events with short dead time
  • Gated Sampling: acquisition on a gate signal
  • ABA mode: combined slow continuous acquisition and multiple segments with fast acquisition.
  • All acquisition modes to be combined with streaming (FIFO) and Timestamps
  • Single replay
  • Multiple replay: multiple trigger events replay data segments of same length
  • Gated replay: a gate signal controls the replay of data
  • All generation modes to be combined with streaming (FIFO)
  • Sequence generation mode is not supported

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