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SBench 6 has been designed to support all current Spectrum hardware with the different operation modes. The software has been optimized to get best performance out of the current hardware. SBench 6 also supports a lot of the older Spectrum hardware that has been released in the past 10 years with most of the operating modes.

Supported Products

  • All digitizerNETBOX and generatorNETBOX products
  • Complete M2p card families
  • Complete M4i and M4x card families
  • Complete M3i and M3i Express card families
  • Complete M2i and M2i Express card families
  • All MC (CompactPCI 6U) acquisition card families (no output)
  • All MX (PXI 3U) acquisition card families (no output)

Supported Features and Modes

  • Standard acquisition to on-board memory
  • Acquisition streaming to hard disk
  • Standard replay from on-board memory including automatic data adjustment
  • Replay streaming from hard disk including automatic data adjustment
  • Multiple Recording with/without Timestamps in a special segmented display
  • Gated Sampling with/without Timestamps in a special segmented display
  • ABA mode with Timestamps in a special segmented display
  • Multiple Replay/Gated Replay
  • Firmware features block averaging and boxcar averaging are fully supported
  • Sequence Replay Mode is not supported by SBench 6
  • All external and internal trigger settings
  • All external and internal clock settings
  • BaseXIO is not supported by SBench 6

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