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22xx 8 Bit digitizers up to 5GS/s
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High-Speed Digitizer up to 5 GS/s - 3 GB/s Streaming Speed on PCI Express

  • Versions with 5 GS/s, 2.5 GS/s and 1.25 GS/s
  • 1, 2 and 4 channel versions available
  • 4 GSample on-board memory
  • 4 input ranges between ±200 mV and ±2.5 V
  • Powerful memory segmentation modes
  • Very fast streaming mode
  • Multiple cards can be synchronized
  • Optional input ranges: ±40 mV up to ±500 mV


The 22series is one of the best solutions for high-speed high bandwidth data acquisition on the market. There are different cards with sampling rates between 1.25 GS/s and 5 GS/s available. A powerful amplifier with 4 input ranges and AC/DC coupling allow to adopt to nearly every signal that is available. The 22xx series offers outstanding dynamic performance when having a look at the frequency spectrum and reaches 7.3 ENOB even with fast signals.

Whether using a single channel at 5 GS/s for an embedded or OEM product or seeting up experiment data acquisition with 10s or even 100s of 1.25 GS/s channels the 22xx series is the best choice.

Choose your platform

The Spectrum PCIe cards fit into standard PCI Express slots like found in nearly any PC. Multiple cards can be synchronized with the star-hub.

The Spectrum PXIe cards fit in dedicated PXIe slots as well as PXI/PXIe hybrid slots. The PXIe support different PXI features to allow synchronization of multiple cards.

The Spectrum DN2 LXI/Ethernet devices offer a small mobile solution that can be connected via Ethernet to any PC/Laptop or remotely through LAN.

The Spectrum DN6 LXI/Ethernet devices offer multiple channels in a 19" desktop or rack-mount solution that can be connected via Ethernet to any PC/Laptop or remotely through LAN.


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