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Spectrum Instrumentation Your partner for high-resolution, high speed digitizers and AWGs

Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH specializes in the production of high speed digitizers, arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) and digital I/O products designed for various standards such as PCIe (PCI Express), PXIe or the Ethernet-based LXI. Our high speed digitizer portfolio – over 100 different products also known as A/D or DAQ cards and PC oscilloscopes – covers the medium and high-speed ranges with sampling rates between 5 MS/s and 5 GS/s. The bandwidth can reach more than 1 GHz.

Spectrum Instrumentation's arbitrary waveform generators excel with high channel densities that far surpass standard signal generators, all at a very good price/performance ratio. Our AWGs are available with output rates ranging from 40 MS/s to 1.25 GS/s and bandwidths that can exceed 500 MHz.

All of our high speed digitizers, AWGs and digital I/O products are designed for high continuous data throughput and can be used to create streaming systems with continuous, gapless recording in the GHz range. Spectrum Instrumentation's PCIe product line is the most comprehensive of its kind on the market. Products based on PXIe are also available for industrial systems with the same performance. The LXI products, based on the GBit Ethernet standard, can be connected to a company network and used remotely.

5 years warranty
15 years backward compatibility
100% made in Germany
200 product variations

Ten facts about Spectrum Instrumentation

What drives us? What sets us apart? And what do you get out of it? Among other things uncompromising quality, the best support or a five-year warranty - with Spectrum you make the right decision. Want more arguments? Just click on the video!

The right product for every requirement

In measurement technology, you need custom-fit solutions. Talk to us if you have questions about our product portfolio or would like an offer tailored to your needs. We are always happy to assist you!

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Application Areas

A brief overview on some of the different application areas where Spectrum modular products are commonly used as well as a summary of the key benefits that they can bring to the application.


The measurement and analysis of sound waves traveling in air, solids and liquids is important to a number of industries involved in production test, machine/engine performance and process control. Signals detected by sensors such as microphones and accelerators can reveal critical information about an objects behavior and action. Sound waves can also be used for acoustic location with active techniques employing sound generation and studying echo responses while passive methods listen for generated sounds or vibrations and then endeavor to determine the direction and location of the source. Perhaps the most famous acoustic location method is SONAR where hydrophones are be used to monitor waveforms traveling in water. However, acoustic location is also employed in other mediums and plays a key role in material science and geology.

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Outstanding products - and what else?

We pride ourselves on product quality, no question. But a solution from Spectrum is much more than just a piece of hardware.


You get your support and advice in technical questions from our local partners or directly from our development team here in Grosshansdorf. We do not have anonymous call centers.

Made in Germany

From the first design to the production, all Spectrum products are "made in Germany" and meet the highest quality standards. You can rely on that.

Product availability

We supply your desired products throughout their entire lifetime, for as long as you need them - even if they are not listed in the catalog or on the homepage.


One less thing to worry about: the warranty on our products is a full five years.


Too old? This does not exist! You will receive software updates free of charge for life. The latest versions are available for download on our homepage.


On location for you. Choose your region.

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