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SBench 6

SBench 6 is the main software suitable for all current cards. SBench 6 Change log

SPCM drivers and Spectrum Control Center

The SPCM drivers are suitable for M2p, M2i, M3i, M4i, M4x cards and the digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX DN2/DN6 series. The Spectrum Control Center handles all M2p, M2i, M3i, M4i, M4x cards and the digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX series. spcm Drivers + Control Center Change log

MICX drivers

The MICX drivers are suitable for MI, MC and MX series and all prior PCI bus based products. MICX Change log

Firmware Cards

Firmware updates can be made for M2p, M2i, M3i, M4i and M4x cards using the Spectrum Control Center:

  • M2p Firmware Change log
  • M2i Firmware Change log
  • M3i Firmware Change log
  • M4i/M4x Firmware Change log

Firmware digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX

The firmware images of the digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX also contains the firmware update for the integrated digitizer hardware. digitizerNETBOX Firmware Change log



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