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SBench 6 Function GeneratorThe powerful function generator allows to define calculation functions using recorded or loaded signals and using a wide list of mathematical operations on these. The result of the function generator is a new signal that can be used for display, further calculations or export.

The function generator can be used to work with acquired waveforms and can also be used to generate new waveforms for comparison or for output. All waveform parameters like sampling rate, waveform length, trigger position, resolution and amplitude are taken from the source signals and can also be manually overwritten.

Using the function generator one can also operate some advanced functions like signal smooth or scaling of sampling frequency.

The function generator can store and load functions to ASCII file and comes with a number of example functions of different style like pulses or modulated signals.

Function Overview

This list gives you an idea of available functions and operators. The integrated functions are extended from time to time.

  • sig0(x): value of a source signal at position x
  • Calculation.AnalogCh#0.XYZ: accees to single calculated figures as shown in the info dialogue
  • mathematical operators: + - * / % ^
  • bit wise operators: & (AND) | (OR) << (SHIFT LEFT) >> (SHIFT RIGHT)
  • steady functions: sine, cosine, tangent, arc sine/cosine/tangent, hyperbolic sine/cosine/tangent, logarithmic, absolute
  • non steady functions: sign, triangle, rectangle, if (cut an area from x1 to x2)

More Information

This article provides detailed information on using the formula interpreter to generate standard arbitrary waveforms.




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