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FIR filter resultWhen measuring data it is often the case that signals contain extra unnecessary content or additional noise which can degrade the quality of the desired portion. In such cases one may remove or filter out the unwanted frequency and noise components. FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters are one of the primary types of filters. FIR filters are said to be finite because they do not have any feedback.

FIR filters are based on coefficients, a set of constants, also called tap weights, used to multiply against delayed sample values. For an FIR filter, the filter coefficients are, by definition, the impulse response of the filter. The SBench 6 FIR filter function allows to either set the filter coefficients manually to define the very exact shape of the filter or using SBench 6 to calculate the filter coefficients by defining filter type, order and the cutoff frequencies.

FIR filter coefficients can be stored and loaded separately to have different filter sets at hand.


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