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SBench 6 is available with different licenses. The license information is stored on the measurement hardware card and is independent from the system the software is used in. A license cannot be moved from one card to another card and sticks with the hardware.

SBench 6 Base license

The base license is free to use and allows to test the Spectrum hardware for all features, to evaluate the data and to see the signal quality. It is also useful as cross reference for own programming and as a test software in case of an assumed error inside the hardware or the driver.

The base license is limited to standard acquisition modes and to a small number of measurement and calculation functions. It is not intended for ongoing work with the hardware as there are no documentation or export filters available.

SBench 6 Professional license

The Professional license covers all features of SBench 6 for one single card. There's no limitation in the functionality except that it doesn't support multiple cards. Installing a Professional license for a later purchase needs only a minute as there's only one license code to be entered to the hardware.

SBench 6 Professional demo license

For testing the professional features a demo license is already installed when shipping the hardware. The Professional demo license allows to start the software 30 times independent of the time the software is used for the test. All functions of SBench 6 are available and can be tested in detail.

SBench 6 Multi license

When using sets of cards that are synchronized with a star-hub an additional Multi license is needed. A combination of Professional and Multi license covers all cards that are installed at the same time in one system.


Please see the FAQ section for more information on the license.


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