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49xx High Bandwidth Option (hbw)

All Spectrum digitizers have a bandwidth that is limited to around half of the maximum sampling rate which is a good restriction when looking at the Nyquist-Shanning sampling theorem. Sometimes applications require a higher bandwidth than that especially for undersampling applications. In undersampling (or bandpass sampling) applications a bandpass filtered signal is sampled at a sampling frequency below its Nyquist rate. The fast cards of 49xx series for all platforms allow a special option to increase the bandwidth in exchange for worse SNR and RMS noise.

Below you find a comparison of a standard M2i.4963 and M2i.4931 card with the high bandwidth option. The high bandwidth option figures are taken from a prototype card:

FigureM2.4931M2i.4963M2i.4963 with hbw option
Sampling rate 30 MS/s 60 MS/s 60 MS/s
-3 dB Bandwidth 15 MHz 30 MHz 65 MHz
RMS noise 200 mV 5.5 LSB 7.0 LSB 12.0 LSB
RMS noise 1 V 4.5 LSB 5.0 LSB 7.0 LSB
SNR 1 MHz signal 1 V 76.4 dB 74.5 dB 73.4 dB
THD 1 MHz signal 1 V -80.5 dB -80.0 dB -80.0 dB
ENOB (based on SNR) 12.3 bit 12.1 bit 11.9 dB

The high bandwidth option is available for the following product families:


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