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End-Of-Life Products

Spectrum products are declared end-of-life when the components used become obsolete and the sales volume doesn't justify the development of a replacement product. At this point there is no more stock production, due to the low sales volume and the need to avoid manufactured products just aging in stock for years. Please note that Spectrum maintains a separate inventory of components so that we can continue to service and repair end-of-life products for many years to come.


As Spectrum products feature a modular design, where also the sub-components are modular, we have a relatively high flexibility concerning our production organization. Although products are declared end-of-life and may no longer be stocked there is still the chance that these products may be produced. This would only be done for existing customers and when all the key components are in stock (or can be sourced).

As this would require a separate production batch, with likely additional costs for low volume, it is unfortunately only possible to do this for a certain order volume. Normally, the minimum order quantity is 10 modules. As some cards are equipped with two analog modules that equates to 5 to 10 products that would be ordered and manufactured at one time.

Please contact Spectrum at Request@spec.de with your requirement if you believe you may need a small quantity of products that have been declared end-of-life.

What products are end-of-life?

Website screnshotEach obsolete product is clearly marked as end-of-life on our website. Please see the right hand picture for an example. Just below the picture a link to our suggested replacement product is shown (whenever there is one).

Note that end-of-life products are no longer shown in the parameter search engine, unless you activate the End-of-life product status in the filter settings.

All obsolete and end-of-life products are shown on a separate page: obsolete and end-of-life products

Product Discontinuance Notice

Website screenshotFor each product family that is discontinued or set to end-of-life Spectrum is offering a separate PDN (product discontinuance notice). The PDN has a replacement table which compares the main features of the end-of-life product with the replacement product (if there is one), a detailed feature comparison, an option replacement table and finally links to all the documents of interest.

The PDN for your product can be found directly on the obsolete and end-of-life products page or in the download section of each obsolete/end-of-life product. Please open the end-of-life product and switch to the document tab to access the specific downloads (click on picture to enlarge it)





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