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Tested PXIe systems, chassis and controllers | Spectrum

This list of PXIe system components has been tested by Spectrum or Spectrum customers and is know to work fine with the Spectrum cards. As PXIe is very tightly specified in terms of electrical and mechanical design and cooling air flow it can be taken as nearly guaranteed that all components following the PXIe specification work together.

Chassis and backplane

Spectrum PXIe cards can fit into PXIe and also into PXI/PXIe hybrid slots. When calculationg space for the Spectrum PXIe cards please take the width of the cards into account:

  • Spectrum M4x PXIe cards: 2 slots width

The backplane and the controller of the chassis define the maximum PCI Express lane configuration and generation. All Spectrum PXIe products are able to run with lower lane configurations down to x1 Gen1 while limiting data throughput then. To obtain maximum data throughput please check on the configuration below:

  • Specturm M4x PXIe cards: x4 lane, Generation 2

PXIe chassis normally connect the single peripheral slots through switches with the system slot. Throughput for slots connected to the same PCI Express switch may be shared. Please check the chassis data sheet for more information on this

List of positive tested PXIe systems

If you have positively tested a PXIe system with Spectrum cards in it, please just send us a short message and we will add your result here.

vendor type slots Connection Remarks
National Instruments PXIe-1075 18 PCI Express x4 Gen 1 3 PXI trigger bus segments
National Instruments PXIe-1082 8 PCI Express x4 Gen 2 up to 8 GB/s total bandwidth
National Instruments PXIe-1085 18 PCI Express x8 Gen 2 up to 24 GB/s total bandwidth
ADLINK PXES-2780 18 up to PCI Express x8 Gen2 3 PXI trigger bus segments
ADLINK PXES-2301 6 PCI Express x4 Gen 2 half size with handle
JYTEK PXIe-62301 6 PCI Express x4 Gen 2 half size with handle

List of positive tested PXIe controller

Please check the PCI express bandwidth that each controller is offering to the backplane.

vendor type tested OS max PCIe BandwIdth remarks
National Instruments PXIe-8135 Win 7, Win 10 2 x 4 GByte/s none
ADLINK PXIe-3985 Win 7 up to PCI Express x8 Gen2 none
JYTEK PXIe-63985 Win up to PCI Express x8 Gen2 BIOS vendor code disable
ADLINK PCIe-PXIe-8638 Win 7 up to 4 GByte/s PXI expansion system for desktop PC