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PXI hybrid slot compatibility | Spectrum

Article update on May 2016

Spectrum PXI hybrid card optionSince more and more systems natively are based on Express chipsets and offer hybrid PXI/PXIe slots instead of pure PXI slots Spectrum added a new option to modify the original Spectrum PXI card of the MX series (see picture below) for PXI/PXIe hybrid slot compatibility. This option MX.xxxx-hyb is available at purchase time as well as for a later update of an existing card. Please contact Spectrum for further details. The picture on the right hand shows the modified card of the MX series with option MX.xxxx-hyb installed.

Original Article

The Spectrum PXI cards of the MX series (see picture of the original card on the right) need standard PXI slot and do not fit into PXI hybrid slots due to the connector.

The picture below taken as example from the National Instruments PXIe-1062Q PXI hybrid chassis shows in red the slots where the Spectrum MX cards won't fit into and in green the slots where the Spectrum MX card would fit:

PXI hybrid chassis with slot compatibility to MX cards