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I want to directly access the SBench 6 data files. How to do this? | Spectrum

The SBench 6 data file is our internal file format containing all detail about the acquisition and the different data streams. The data format is not open to public as it changes quite often and as it also contains license information. Please use the SBench 6 Professional version and export the data in a file format that your software supports. When using streaming mode there are also some open binary file formats that can be directly used by 3rd party software like pure binary or wave.

Conversion tool sb6convert.exe

SBench 6 comes with a command line file conversion tool that is installed in the SBench 6 program folder. This tool can convert SBench 6 files into differet file formats. The conversion tool supports all SBench 6 file formats and is completely programmable with command line options. An internal help screen which is invoked by "sb6convert -h" will explain the options.