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I want to auto store data into ASCII Matlab or other formats | Spectrum

The auto storage function of SBench 6 only supports binary file formats as it is optimized for high speed streaming and high data throughput. File formats that need a lot of data conversion processing like ASCII and MATLAB are therefore not supported by streaming or auto storage functions.

Conversion tool sb6convert.exe

To implement this functionality SBench 6 comes with a command line file conversion tool that is installed in the SBench 6 program folder. The conversion tool supports all SBench 6 file formats and is completely programmable with command line options. An internal help screen which is invoked by "sbconvert -h" will explain the options.

To run a complete conversion of a folder full of SBench 6 data files into ASCII one can use standard batch commands:

"For /f %%1 in ('dir /b/l *.sb6dat') do sb6convert -f ascii,values=xy,col=comma,format=signed,wordwrap=windows -w -i %%1 -o %%1.txt"

This command will scan the entire directory for files with the extension "sb6dat" which is the extension of the SBench 6 data file and convert it to an ASCII file with the extension "txt" using x and y figures with comma separation and a signed number format. Please refer to the help screen to see a list of all possible format options.