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Version 6.5.08 build 21948 of 19th April 2024

New Features/Improvements

  • Bug-fixes only

Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2823] Function Generator: rect() function weight parameter is incorrect
  • [SB-3417] Mask values and single values in Pattern-Trigger Dialog not always consistent
  • [SB-5208] Storing and loading a setup with a function generator on FFT channels creates two calculations instead of one and crashes when deleted
  • [SB-5224] Streaming with activated Streaming-Display
  • [SB-5226] Streaming with AsyncIO and active Life-display is not switched off when clicking OK on the dialog
  • [SB-5228] Channel info for files in SB6 format is not updated on disk after split
  • [SB-5229] wrong included "periodic triangle wave" function generator formular
  • [SB-5230] Exporting data with timestamps to .sb6dat format can cause crash
  • [SB-5231] Cannot import a file with ABA data again after first import had been deleted
  • [SB-5232] Imported _A channels not visible in channel dialog
  • [SB-5235] Pulsgenerator mHz frequency settings: behavior not consistent
  • [SB-5245] Function Generator: "if" result wrong at parameters with calculation
  • [SB-5247] Closing project, keeps conversion channels and crashes if trying to delete them
  • [SB-5248] Switching between files in project causes crash if timestamp table dialog is open
  • [SB-5249] Export to ASCII can crash if selected channel has length of zero but timestamp
  • [SB-5252] Cannot define a shortcut command for sequence script

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