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SBench 6 - changelog

  • Version 6.4.25 of 2nd December 2021 - Small bug fixes on Export and EasyGeneratorOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements

    [SB-4929] Always show the start manager on next start if an error occurs during start up
    [SB-4934] Rename Standard Average and FIFO Average to Std/Fifo Block Average

    Fixed Bugs

    [SB-4923] Matlab export always starts at first sample
    [SB-4925] SPC_DATA_OUTBUFSIZE not written when using M2p cards
    [SB-4938] Cannot enter MaxADCValue when importing 32bit .bin file without header file
    [SB-4941] Importing a binary or wave file with three digital channels causes crash
    [SB-4942] EasyGenerator crash with sine signal generation of less than 1 KHz

  • Version 6.4.24 of 25th August 2021 - Several small improvements and bug fixesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-3676] Switch to next/previous page in report editor if mouse backwards/forward buttons are pressed
    [SB-4434] Simple way to show hardware status info like temperature in Info Dialog
    [SB-4462] Make version string formatting indentical between in-application display and entry in Windows Control Panel
    [SB-4534] Increase size of Raw Data Cache in engine
    [SB-4558] Timestamp list: calculate min and max values at each Diff column
    [SB-4795] Show ReportTemplateName on single calculation results also copies the name for futher uasage
    [SB-4807] Show indicator in display that it is still waiting for channels to become valid
    [SB-4841] Expand card node in trigger dialog after start of SBench6
    [SB-4874] Do not use "store to cache" in ABA modes
    [SB-4878] SB6 Plug-In: Add possibility to store plug-in user settings within project file
    [SB-4892] Auto buffer mode should use block sizes smaller than 32 kB for slow fifo mode acquisition to avoid online display interruption
    [SB-4896] Link to Youtube playlist instead of first video
    [SB-4903] Adjust replay length automatically when user assigns channels
    [SB-4907] Signal concatenation: allow user to define the order of the signals
    [SB-4911] Support for SPCM_FEAT_DIG16_* for DA cards
    [SB-4921] Starting function generator with selection on digital inputs creates message for missing channels
    [SB-86] Export current setting in text/print to report setup for acquisitions
    [SB-3889] Replay boards: data samplerate conversion
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2575] Wrong behavior for second sync-compound if open of first sync-compound fails
    [SB-3043] Channel names not painted in screenshot if they don't have valid data
    [SB-3465] Setup file using currently unavailable card feature causes incorrect mode settings
    [SB-3678] Default template contains settings for disabled channels
    [SB-4102] Recording loop with not 2^N MR segment sizes waits endless for data transfer end
    [SB-4145] Preview display shows not all data
    [SB-4297] Loop recording and locked harmonic cursor: zooming moves cursor lines to wrong places
    [SB-4382] "Auto" trigger triggers only once in Standard Multi mode
    [SB-4679] Loop-replay: time in status-line wrong
    [SB-4781] Cache full/empty message in ABA mode
    [SB-4784] Acquisition does not always finish in case of ABA overrun
    [SB-4785] "Dynamic parameter" calculation shows wrong fundamental level if run on certain ASCII-imports
    [SB-4798] M4i.7725 allows false external clock settings DDR
    [SB-4837] Matlab export of average signals (32-bit) to voltage values does not work correctly
    [SB-4853] Showing "Info" of segmented and non-segmented channel shows entries in wrong rows
    [SB-4854] Wrong minimum pre-size value at boxcar average on M4i cards
    [SB-4856] Display of XIO bits from timestamp does not show X4-X19 from M2p digital option
    [SB-4863] FIFO ABA with multiple synced cards into Pure Binary or WAVE file generates error at start
    [SB-4865] Timestamp table does not show trigger source if M2p triggered on X line
    [SB-4867] "nan" in ASCII file header if Custom Unit uses zero as minimum value
    [SB-4868] M2p.75 trigger dialog allows setting of X0-X3 to trigger source and status output at the same time
    [SB-4869] Displaying slow ABA data from Pure Binary shows "Block not found" error
    [SB-4871] Stopping FIFO acquisition of multiple synchronized cards might result in endless loop
    [SB-4872] Displayed termination value for X-lines of M2p.75 is wrong
    [SB-4875] Scrolling with arrow keys jumps to unrelated positions
    [SB-4877] Importing pure binary split acquisition with multiple cards generates "mode setup" error
    [SB-4880] Singleshot acquisition after using "Channel Input Preview" might generate "cache full/empty" error
    [SB-4881] "Channel Input Preview" changes file storage location to "cache"
    [SB-4882] Cannot open project for DN2.663-04 with demo cards
    [SB-4884] Crash when "Automatically start Channel Input Preview after acquisition finished" is checked and a digital card is used
    [SB-4885] Number of acquisitions per second goes down after a few hundred acquisitions if autostore is enabled
    [SB-4888] Three digital channels visible on digitizer in hybridNETBOX
    [SB-4890] Automatically opening generated report PDF generates error message
    [SB-4893] Wrong icon in EasyGenerator if window is closed while replay is running
    [SB-4894] "Cache too small" error when a custom block size of 16MB is used
    [SB-4895] Start buttons disabled after closing "Internal Settings" dialog without an open display
    [SB-4898] Signal average with enabled interpolation generates wrong results
    [SB-4900] Starting EasyGenerator directly after changing the Base Frequency can crash
    [SB-4902] FFT setup dialog with default size shows scrollbars
    [SB-4906] Unchecking an entry in "Info" dialog's "setting" mode hides all children, but they are not automatically unchecked
    [SB-4908] 75xx: clock termination is listed as 50 Ohm instead of 110
    [SB-4909] 75xx: enabling Continuous Output Marker causes driver error
    [SB-4910] Reported "File Size" for preview data calculation can be zero
    [SB-4913] Changing input range of multiple analog channels using the dialog updates only first channel's input range in Channel Input Preview window
    [SB-4914] SB6 crashes if channels on one card are completely disabled and user changes mode
    [SB-4915] After Multi Recording acquisition using 75xx the timestamp table does not show any stamps
    [SB-4917] 77xx: timestamp table shows trigger source circle for EXT1
    [SB-4918] 75xx: stop level for upper 16 bit not written to driver
    [SB-4919] Installer: "Start in" directory is wrong if user selects to install Control Center together with SBench6
    [SB-4920] Possible deadlock if two cards generate underrun error at the same time
    [SB-4922] Changing analog source width does not update a converted to digital version of it correctly and can cause crash

  • Version 6.4.23 of 21th April 2021 - Support of M2p.75xx seriesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4835] Support for M2p.75xx
    [SB-4857] Access to X4-X19 on M2p.59x0 with Digital Option
    [SB-4860] Update clock edge constants to deal with drivers V5.25 and newer
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-4858] M4i.2211: toolip for DI-Ch1 is wrong

  • Version 6.4.22 of 11th March 2021 - Improvements of plugin, direct csv importOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-3961] File Name dialog can be disabled
    [SB-4790] Custom icon for calculations from plugins
    [SB-4791] Plugin could contain image to show in JobPlugin setup dialog
    [SB-4842] Add .csv as filter for ASCII import
    [SB-4850] Improve error message for calculations
    [SB-4852] Add possibility for scrollbar to channel export dialog
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-3884] Samplerate not adjusted after additional channels have been enabled
    [SB-4366] Filename not shown in toolbar if always overwrite active
    [SB-4830] Incorrect min/max settings in mode dialog
    [SB-4839] Exporting signal with timestamps might produce BLOCKNOTFOUND error
    [SB-4840] After preview calculation has been aborted and channel removed from and again added to display the preview progress bar is shown
    [SB-4844] EasyGenerator disabling outputs unexpectedly
    [SB-4849] Moving slider in display window does not add entry to undo/redo stack
    [SB-4851] Looping acqusition with FFT amplitude, phase and PSD calculation can generate "out of memory" error

  • Version 6.4.21 of 21st January 2021 - Small bug fixesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements

    [SB-4825] Make error text label always visible in FIR setup dialog
    [SB-4836] Overwork context menu of single value calculations (Info Dialog)
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-4827] Crash when setting FIR filter order to odd number in high pass
    [SB-4832] Automatic restart of acquisition loop resets counter for autostore index

  • Version 6.4.20 of 14th December 2020 - Small improvements, link to how-to-videosOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4796] Formula Calcuilation: Rename Result description for better readability
    [SB-4803] Sine wave example for Function Generator should match default settings better
    [SB-4808] Remove System sub-group from Device Start Manager
    [SB-4809] Allow plugin to generate signals in the frequency domain
    [SB-4812] Add link to web page with SBench6 How-To videos
    [SB-4815] Dragging the device node with analog output channels should not remove digital channel assignments and vice versa
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2389] Cannot open sync group if other card in between has already been opened
    [SB-3842] Project zip: menu entry only available after opening a project and not with a fresh or saved project
    [SB-4200] Starting a replay from a project with imported "Easily generated" signals does crash SBench (32 bit)
    [SB-4644] "Close project" not shown directly after storing new project
    [SB-4789] Project name in title shows "unknown" after loading a project at program start by command line parameter
    [SB-4792] Calculation entries in "New" menu do not show icons
    [SB-4793] Crash when using single calculation results in formula
    [SB-4794] Wrong help shown when pressign F1 in Formula dialog
    [SB-4800] Easy Generator: slow sawtooth with wrong offset calculated
    [SB-4801] Easy Generator: program crash at slowest signal calculation
    [SB-4805] Acquisition is stopped after a few samples if ABA without timestamps is stored to Pure Binary or Wave file
    [SB-4811] crash deleting calculation while it is in progress
    [SB-4813] After storing project with M4i.77xx and Multiple Recording the digital channels are not displayed
    [SB-4814] Selecting "Add copy of source to project" crashes using ASCII files with only digital channels
    [SB-4817] Export of timestamps to ASCII ignores high double word
    [SB-4819] Reproducible crash in the FFT (FFT on Ch0) with an M4i.4481 and 512MS memory.
    [SB-4821] "Save project as template" and "Zip project" are not shown after a project has been saved
    [SB-4822] SB6 crashes if the filter type is changed in the FIR filter while the "order-value" is too small

  • Version 6.4.19 of 22nd October 2020 - ASCII Import/Export improved, single calulation valuesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-1005] Allow mathematical calculation also on single result values from the info screen
    [SB-3861] ASCII import frequency domain signals in Volt scale
    [SB-4181] Allow order of channels in analog/FFT/Histogram/XY display to be changed to control order of painting
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2252] Failure on Y axis in FFT ASCII export
    [SB-3483] Digital bits from analog card are not replayed in defined order
    [SB-3596] ASCII import with too big values not correctly handled
    [SB-3860] ASCII Import of frequency domain signals: samplerate can not be changed
    [SB-4115] M4i.77xx: pre-trigger size for segmented modes is 8kS, independent of active channels
    [SB-4503] ASCII import does not work for more than 16 channels
    [SB-4504] Time position of FIR filtered signal does not match position of original if taken from split file
    [SB-4771] Cycling though the stoplevels with the mousewheel allows to set a weird level
    [SB-4774] Sample numbers for cursor-based calculations on channel from split file are wrong
    [SB-4775] function generator: rand() returns same sequence for multiple calculations
    [SB-4776] Function generator calculation not restored from project
    [SB-4777] Starting DA card twice might disable all channels in EasyGenerator window
    [SB-4778] Crash when using harmonics cursors with cursor B
    [SB-4779] FineClock for 22xx is always enabled
    [SB-4780] After switching to FIFO Multi the setup fields for ABA visible while the message box "enable timestamps?" is visible
    [SB-4782] Exporting slow ABA data to ASCII seems to add fast data too
    [SB-4786] Timestamp position is wrong in ABA mode on M2p.5916

  • Version 6.4.18 of 28th August 2020 - Added 4/2/1 GS/s mode for 22xx seriesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4767] Allow setup of special clock 4/2/1 GS/s for 22xx
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-4717] Stacking dock windows does not mark project as changed
    [SB-4762] Import of Pure Binary and WAVE can create nonsense channels
    [SB-4763] Race condition if multiple displays and/or calculations access same interpolated data
    [SB-4764] EasyGenerator: wrong signal on second card in sync group
    [SB-4766] Split file settings ignored if new project is created by opening "Project Settings" dialog while using "unknown" project
    [SB-4768] Multi license on locked card not usable by other cards

  • Version 6.4.17 of 5th August 2020 - Improvements on single value calculations; support for M4i.23xxOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2289] Calculation function extended to generate single result values
    [SB-4754] Support for M4i.23xx
    [SB-1025] Allow f-axis in FFT display to be changed to logarithmical scale
    [SB-1667] Allow different source files for analog channels and corresponding digital bits
    [SB-4706] Use custom widget for auto trigger timeout
    [SB-4739] Show an indicator that F5 has been detected on splash screen
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-4631] Project save doesn't respect changed Plugin-signal colour change.
    [SB-4723] "Output conversion failed" error depending on value of file handles
    [SB-4724] Wrong signal on X2 of M4i.6631
    [SB-4728] The button "Copy settings to other channels" leads to red crossed connection sockets for the other channels in the window of the Easy Generator/SB6.
    [SB-4729] EasyGenerator: copy settings to channels disables tabs
    [SB-4730] New position of comment anchor not visible if data points are drawn and data line width had been increased
    [SB-4740] Digital output on X2 wrong for M4i.6631
    [SB-4741] Starting a second instance of SBench6 causes error if "Hide device start manager" is set
    [SB-4747] If a config file of the 66er is loaded with a 65er in the Easygenerator, SB6 crashes directly. Maybe you can issue a message like "inappropriate config file" instead.
    [SB-4749] M4i.6620-x8 digital output produces "Output data conversion failed" error
    [SB-4750] Digital output on 6620 causes "output conversion error"
    [SB-4753] Multiple ways to generate errors when setting input offset
    [SB-4755] Error on export of short MULTI signals when no timestamps had been acquired
    [SB-4757] Calculation syntax error at RECT with a constant in formula
    [SB-4759] Screenshot for displays does not respect "Hide Y scale" setting

  • Version 6.4.16 of 28th Mai 2020 - Improvement on AWG channels and outputsOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-3724] Add support for M4i, M4x, generatorNETBOX 66xx digital output feature
    [SB-4643] Add support for M4i Digitaloption
    [SB-1222] Possibility to dock out display windows from MDI area
    [SB-2788] Replay boards: allow replay of more than one calculated signal at a time
    [SB-3585] Show locked cards in list to avoid confusions
    [SB-3643] Allow replay of more than only one identical calculated function for all channels
    [SB-4175] Allow replay signals from different inported files (or caclulated signals) at one card.
    [SB-4688] Show "Keep in loop" also if rand() is part of function
    [SB-4696] Calculations allow selection of source channels, that are not active/valid.
    [SB-4698] Make header of Channel and Calculation dialogs identically amongst them
    [SB-4701] Show demo Netbox as Netbox in device selection dialog
    [SB-4711] Digital outputs from EasyGenerator should have lower frequency
    [SB-4714] Show icons on channel tabs in EasyGenerator to show enabled/disabled state at a glance
    [SB-4719] Use correct register to enable digital outputs on M2i.60xx
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-3598] ASCII unicode file import doesn't work
    [SB-4021] 44xx sync and enabled "Auto Trig": no automatic trigger if real trigger signal is missing
    [SB-4681] Preview marker is wrong if preview display gets resized
    [SB-4683] Missing A-Channels at "Select channels" dialog from displays
    [SB-4690] Zero line too short if more than one Y scale is drawn
    [SB-4694] Cancelling channel color selection dialog changes channel color to black
    [SB-4697] No tooltip for "description button" in Setup DI channel dialog and no display of added description in tooltip of the channel in channel dialog
    [SB-4702] Demo data does not change with each acquisition on linux
    [SB-4705] Acqusition of XIO lines with timestamps does not include lines from digital option
    [SB-4707] Moving Cursor B to next rising edge does not work via JumpToLocation dialog
    [SB-4712] EasyGenerator: digital bits do not handle block transition correctly
    [SB-4713] Setup of EasyGenerator does not store state of "Enable digital bits" button
    [SB-4716] Easy Generator does not respect AO channel names
    [SB-4718] Locked remote cards are not shown in card selection dialog
    [SB-4721] Loading project with FuncGen that uses values from display causes "Could not restore calculation" error
    [SB-4722] Creating FIR calculation on device channel without data crashes

  • Version 6.4.15 of 19th March 2020 - Timestamps and single acquisitionsBug-fixesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4661] Read out software license flag for plugin interface
    [SB-2581] Timestamp also shown at standard mode acquisition
    [SB-4594] Avoid completely losing files when removing imported channels
    [SB-4603] Remove zoom limitation
    [SB-4666] Spread Display: increase offset-limit
    [SB-4667] Spread Display: add "show full X signal" from analog display
    [SB-4669] Spread display setup: set division size in custom units
    [SB-4671] Show "Disabled" instead of "0 s" for Timestamp RefClk timeout
    [SB-4676] Do not show "BaseXIO" with M4i cards and higher
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-4138] Problem using Standard Single mode with activated timestamp mode
    [SB-4638] Using the channel enable checkbox in the Easy Generator on a 65er generator card causes SB6 to crash.
    [SB-4649] Changing to fifo mode does not automatically change file to "temporary on disk"
    [SB-4659] crash when deleting calculation
    [SB-4663] Missing parameter for proposed cpio commands
    [SB-4664] Invalid file handle after complete big data transfer from standard-recording data
    [SB-4672] Timestamp dialog: HTML help describes only requirements for RefClk of M2i/M3i
    [SB-4673] Displayed RAW value of timestamps is wrong if TSRefClk is used
    [SB-4674] Waiting for first TS reference clock edge does not work on first acquisition
    [SB-4675] Every second Fifo acquisition aborts immediately

  • Version 6.4.14 of 24th February 2020 - Bug-fixes for new featuresOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-3740] No optical feedback which recording mode are started (single or loop).
    [SB-4647] Hide Channel Input Preview window at program start
    [SB-4654] Status line: count trigger-wait time
    [SB-4656] EasyGenerator: channel names with leading zeroes for better sorting
    [SB-4657] Remove outdated year from copyright
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-4641] SBench6 hangs if timestamps are enabled in STD_SINGLE mode with synced M4i.44
    [SB-4645] Adding a channel from a second file to display while preview calculation is running might crash SBench6
    [SB-4646] BarChart mode does not start with 22xx
    [SB-4648] BarChart mode causes error with M2p.59 + Starhub
    [SB-4651] FIFO Single Monitor mode with democards: transfer does not stop.
    [SB-4652] FIFO single monitor with A channels in display might crash with synced cards

  • Version 6.4.13 of 30th January 2020 - Plug-in interface added, Input channel preview addedOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4623] New plugin interface for own calculations
    [SB-4624] New input channel preview windows (Barchart display)
    [SB-1982] Filter dialog shows frequency response as preview
    [SB-2326] Changing custom unit ratio always reverts the custom unit itself to Volt (default)
    [SB-4239] Change default button in "Internal Settings" dialog from "Default" to "OK"
    [SB-4557] Timestamp list: add length (time and sample) for gate-blocks
    [SB-4601] Respect limited number of digital inputs in Netbox with Dig-BNC Option
    [SB-4629] Implement extended selection mode in channel selection dialog for calculations
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-1339] Language switch works only partially
    [SB-3105] After first recording with activated timestamps, the start-buttons stays grey
    [SB-3458] Crash when starting loop acquisition while calculations are still in progress
    [SB-3708] Full-Fit Zoom buttons do not show negative full-scale values
    [SB-4593] Crash after deleting a digital bus if one of the bus' channels has been deleted before
    [SB-4598] Disabling one card out of three causes Multi pre trigger combobox to use wrong values
    [SB-4599] Dragging a channel name from a display and dropping it in the same display removes channel from display
    [SB-4600] M2p.5968 with DigFX2 option crashes at start
    [SB-4602] Last scale not drawn if more than 4 channels with custom units are in display
    [SB-4604] M2p-dig16: engine error after enabling all trigger outputs by double clicking column header
    [SB-4607] Digital to analog conversion crashes
    [SB-4608] Channels are misaligned after A2D conversion
    [SB-4610] "Processing data update" flickers when zoom cursor is active
    [SB-4611] Digital to analog conversion generates weird results if calc is started on bus and user picks bits in calculation dialog
    [SB-4612] Length info in export dialog not updated if dialog is started without channels
    [SB-4613] Setup dialogs for FFT, FIR, FuncGen are too large for screen resolution of 1024x768
    [SB-4614] Changing width of display in report template editor changes size and position
    [SB-4616] Tooltip for digital channels of M2p with Dig16-Option is wrong
    [SB-4617] Disabling half the digital inputs does not work with mouse wheel, only with context menu
    [SB-4618] Cannot access elements from Signal Info calculation in formula
    [SB-4619] FuncGen calculation that uses cursor values is not updated if those cursors are moved
    [SB-4628] Elapsed time in status bar wraps around after 24 hours
    [SB-4630] Program crash at mixing in/out direction of two snyced 70xx boards
    [SB-4633] Channel Preview with demo card: strange values: "nan"
    [SB-4636] Crash during looped acquisition after loading a setup with files and autostore
    [SB-4640] SBench6 hangs during looped acquisition with synced M4i

  • Version 6.4.12 of 22nd November 2019 - Small improvements, bug fixesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4055] Add "Show report template name" entries for calculated channels
    [SB-4137] Do not allow signal average calculation on GATE signals
    [SB-4236] Dock display window to left/right side of display area if dragged by mouse
    [SB-4543] Support for SPCM_FEAT_DIG16_*
    [SB-4573] Generating signals with very low frequencies with the Easy Generator
    [SB-4585] Also disable To/From/Length labels in export dialog when "Complete signal" is selected
    [SB-4587] Increase size of Internal Settings dialog
    [SB-4590] Special card icon for cards in Netbox
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2815] Programm crash at formula generator.
    [SB-3752] Error in processing Job: Invalid waveform (0x11000019) FFT @ M2i.4961
    [SB-3918] Error calculating FFT of an overdriven signal
    [SB-4547] Using a non-existing directory for calculation sets CalcSignalDirectory
    [SB-4574] No waveform displayed for channels from .sb5 file
    [SB-4575] Calculation on EasyGenerator channels not updated if channel is recalculated
    [SB-4576] Reducing number of harmonics crashes SBench6
    [SB-4577] Histogram display does not respect cursor line width setting
    [SB-4578] Screenshot of spread display does not add line breaks to channel names
    [SB-4579] Reference copies not loaded by project if channel got renamed before
    [SB-4592] Availability of "Cursor" calculation area takes displays into account that are not valid as cursor source
    [SB-4595] "Cache full" error at card start after loading setup with lots of large calculations
    [SB-4596] Offset value using Mousewheel not correctly saturated at 0% and hence creating driver error
    [SB-4597] Marker rectangle visible after maximizing display window by double click

  • Version 6.4.11 of 15th October 2019 - Support of M2p.591x series, new settings, bug fixesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4544] Allow 400 MS/s and dividions of it with synced 445x
    [SB-4550] FFT-PSD calculation in dBm
    [SB-4555] Timestamp list: don't fold after each (FiFo) recording
    [SB-4566] Access to SPC_DIGITALBWFILTER via internal settings dialog
    [SB-4569] Use SPC_PLL_ISLOCKED to check PLL status during run
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-1678] Single Shot recordings updates of "Info dialog" flicker and move scrollbar
    [SB-1980] Child window order and size behavior after main window resizing unified
    [SB-2226] Cannot enable trigger output if source is selected as input on 7xxx
    [SB-3378] Zooming far into digital bus does not paint signal anymore
    [SB-3683] Digital calculation top-node has no context menu and changes on "Calculation" top-node affects only analog nodes
    [SB-3856] Deleting a FFT may lead to infinite loop
    [SB-4031] Prg crash at project open with changed hardware
    [SB-4309] synced cards: Trigger source column not displayed after start although enabled
    [SB-4530] Changing samplerate changes output samples to minimum when these are defined in time not samples
    [SB-4536] Using an analog 32bit signal for replay causes file conversion error
    [SB-4537] Trigger sources not shown in trigger dialog after device name was renamed to custom name
    [SB-4538] Crash clicking right mouse button on trigger setup dialog
    [SB-4539] Signal Generation: Crash setting Memsize in FIFO mode to very large values
    [SB-4542] Wrong maximum number of segments in Standard Average and FIFO Average modes
    [SB-4545] Crash if directory for calculated signal does not exist
    [SB-4548] Possible to change input range with mouse wheel when SB6 is streaming in FIFO mode
    [SB-4549] Crash when deleting PSD calculation
    [SB-4551] Cycle measurement with only a 1 lsb signal doesn't work
    [SB-4556] FiFo-Gate recording: "Number of Gates" value has no impact and is limited to 100
    [SB-4559] Trigger with pulswidth: list-input field switch from sample to time at input activation
    [SB-4561] Wrong tooltip text for trigger checkbox "window for inner/outer signals"
    [SB-4562] Using function generator calculation to reduce resolution of a signal creates wrong results
    [SB-4563] Channel header in ASCII file might not show enough digits for custom unit
    [SB-4564] Crash after deleting calculation while running in a loop
    [SB-4570] Spelling errors in description of sync-related engine errors
    [SB-4572] Trigger settings matrix: mouse-scrolling not everywhere possible

  • Version 6.4.10 of 11th July 2019 - Support of M2p.65xx series, temperature monitoringOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4334] Support for 65xx series added
    [SB-4406] Avoid absolute paths in project file after importing a file into a project, for calculated data, Logfile locations and others
    [SB-4473] Spread-Display: linebreak between ch-name and scale for smaller border
    [SB-4502] Correct for gate-end alignment when determing gate length to acount for additional samples of SPCM cards
    [SB-4505] Start as viewer: show an analog display as default one
    [SB-4507] Improve error handling to cope with ERR_TEMPERATURE
    [SB-4508] Create shortcuts in start menu and on desktop without version information
    [SB-4511] Show position for Min and Max of Frequency calculation
    [SB-4512] Zoom to interval from calculation result
    [SB-4513] Change cursor when hovering over x and y scales to indicate that visible area can be changed
    [SB-4516] Show calculation icons in context menu of file channel
    [SB-4518] Make user settings dialog a few pixels higher to avoid Y-scrollbar in DisplaySettings/Common tab
    [SB-4520] Show file's license in channel info dialog
    [SB-4521] Paint markers for locked cursors in cursor colors
    [SB-4531] Adding tooltip: time for one divison
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2821] Big data and deep zoomed in, moving rectangle in preview area destroyes zoom-level.
    [SB-3966] Active termination on ExtClk 0 input creates engine error when switching to ExtClk 1
    [SB-4004] Synchronize-display and analog data from one middle split file: conversion as digital data produce wrong time phase
    [SB-4166] Aborting calculation setup dialog started by "Duplicate calculation" creates calculation result
    [SB-4218] Wrong position of trigger-lines at screen-shot dialog and picture when history mode is enabled
    [SB-4227] Loading setup with acquired digital channel that is converted to analog freezes SBench
    [SB-4490] Card order was wrong when a two-card Netbox and a now turned-off one-card Netbox had been discovered
    [SB-4493] Field for trigger pulse width in sample mode is too small
    [SB-4497] Importing ASCII file with header and comma as column divider and comma as decimal separator creates wrongly named channels
    [SB-4506] Wrong card might be used for timestamp setup if two sync groups are in system
    [SB-4509] Fine clock not available if starhub routing is faulty
    [SB-4515] Context menu in channel dialog allows import of all file types in Base license
    [SB-4523] Default path for calculated files is outside project directory
    [SB-4525] Analog to digital conversion does not store changed color of bus and signals, and changed name of bit signals
    [SB-4526] A deleted calculation reappears after re-loading the project
    [SB-4529] Switching paths in "Setup AI channels" dialog duplicates list of IR
    [SB-4532] Mixing cards with different number of channels creates wrongly named channels and display errors
    [SB-3816] FiFo recording: change x-achsis span at recording not possible

  • Version 6.4.9 of 8th May 2019 - Small improvements and bug fixesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4289] Add Support for XIO status output of "all the Star-Hub connected cards are armed"
    [SB-4317] Avoid showing device selection dialog after user loaded a project and selected "use democards"
    [SB-4458] Double-Click on individual clock or mode setting does position cursor after SI unit, so that one cannot directly change the value
    [SB-4466] Show filter frequency instead of "No filter"
    [SB-4470] Do not create conv file during replay
    [SB-4478] Disable project settings dialog while acquisition is running
    [SB-4483] Tooltip for time scale to show time as hours:minutes:seconds
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-3816] FiFo recording: change x-achsis span at recording not possible
    [SB-4422] Starting SBench in Viewer Mode by pressing F1 in Splash-Screen still locks all cards
    [SB-4457] sb6convert: sometimes crash while converting to Matlab format
    [SB-4461] Crash after changing internal settings in Viewer mode
    [SB-4464] Channel with MaxADC = max(int32) is not displayed correctly
    [SB-4467] Replay of data from file with single card on synced cards outputs wrong data
    [SB-4469] Frequency calculation can be wrong on fast changing signals
    [SB-4471] Selected channel not painted on top in streaming display mode
    [SB-4474] Disabling all channels of first card in sync group causes error when software trigger is used
    [SB-4476] Maximum calculation fails if only one sample is visible
    [SB-4477] Changing "Keep in loop" for a calculated function does not update icon in channel list
    [SB-4479] Calculated channel appears without a calculation being started
    [SB-4480] Project navigator shows timestamp files when Pure Binary is used as file format
    [SB-4481] Num cycle calculation found no period
    [SB-4482] Time scale is wrong for long signals

  • Version 6.4.8 of 28th February 2019 - PSD as new calculation, small improvements and bug fixesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-71] New calculation: PSD (Power Spectrum Density)
    [SB-3651] Add support for EXTCLK1 clock mode if card supports it
    [SB-3809] Allow recording canceling after an overrun at reading the rest sample from board
    [SB-3965] Add functionality of single-ended 77xx cards to X0, X1 table in trigger dialog
    [SB-4247] Make trigger line and label more visible in analog display
    [SB-4269] Improve feedback for big loop-recordings between data transfer and display painting
    [SB-4344] Hide unsupported features in channel settings dialog instead of disabling them
    [SB-4364] Advanced Output Dialog: Display "Time when Overrun occurs" and the Word "Overrun!" only once
    [SB-4379] Clarify the pre and post are pre segment in MULTI modes
    [SB-4384] Add "open directory in explorer" button to file name tool bar
    [SB-4386] Show file path in toolbar with system-specific path dividers
    [SB-4392] Show filename of imported file in "Basic file setup" dialog
    [SB-4397] Use different waveforms for each channel in Easy Generator as default
    [SB-4416] Align position of first read block to MaxBlockSize to improve cache usage
    [SB-4426] Avoid "save current project?" dialog when user loads project via Project Welcome Dialog
    [SB-4429] Show SB6 version in Card Selection dialog when no card has been found
    [SB-4443] sb6convert: print error if unknown format argument is found
    [SB-4450] Add parameter for sb6convert to hide progress bar
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-3175] Crash at displaying a lot of imported files.
    [SB-3425] Displays are too large after tile with specific project loading
    [SB-3429] Second Display Window can not be focused
    [SB-4058] Error in Digital Display: Block not found in cache/file (0x0003000c) while switch on/off/on digital channels in Loop-Mode.
    [SB-4199] Start of Easy Generator with base frequency below 50 kHz crashes SB6 (32 bit)
    [SB-4220] Suse Linux: Start menü link to SB6 documentation reports "assistant not found"
    [SB-4226] cursor position in FFT displays not correctly saved / restored in project
    [SB-4272] Randomly crash at enabled interpolation and frequency-calculation.
    [SB-4273] Crash at open Function Generator at card node.
    [SB-4316] Strange unit in analog display after zooming in a lot
    [SB-4322] Editing a cell in trigger table without double clicking writes new value to wrong cell
    [SB-4324] Invalid pre-trigger value if segment size is changed to large value
    [SB-4371] Change Clock mode in loop to "External Reference Clock" does not always displays RefClock field
    [SB-4373] No import of single split file possible if timestamp file existed and is missing
    [SB-4374] Stop of FIFO acquisition with no available timestamps crashes SBench
    [SB-4376] Possible crash when a project is opened with demo cards instead of real card
    [SB-4378] Value for Pulsewidth in Trigger Dialogs table does not have the unit "S" for samples.
    [SB-4380] Possible to lock segment and pre in Boxcar modes
    [SB-4381] Deleting certain calculations after project load can crash Sbench6 at next acquisition start
    [SB-4383] Possible to enable Auto trigger timeout when Software trigger mode is enabled
    [SB-4387] Matlab export with smaller length than maximum does not work correctly
    [SB-4388] Crash when deleting last EasyGenerated Channel
    [SB-4389] Changing data line width from default '1' to any larger value can corrupt display depending on signal type
    [SB-4390] Switching between different "Values" in ASCII Import each time increments number of channels
    [SB-4391] Selecting more than 16 Analog channels in ACSII import crashes SBench
    [SB-4395] Output level after start is not MinOutput as intended
    [SB-4398] "Invert" button for "Level" Waveform in Easy Generator has no effect
    [SB-4400] EasyGenerator: generating negative levels creates zero line
    [SB-4401] M2p: setup of clock output with synced cards is not consistent
    [SB-4405] Default path for unzipping sb6prz project is wrong if filename contains dots
    [SB-4411] Displayed frequency of clock output is wrong when user changes clock while card is running
    [SB-4412] Re-enabling clock output on M2p might not work depending on current mode
    [SB-4413] "ramp" example function generates wrong signal
    [SB-4415] Preview displays asks for "Preview data calculation with file size 0 kB" for channels from ASCII files
    [SB-4417] Dialog asking for "save current project" not shown, when opening another project
    [SB-4419] Strange samplerate after import of SB5 file
    [SB-4423] Individual mode settings not possible for Multiple replay
    [SB-4425] Individual Segment SIze in Multiple Replay gets reverted to non-individual setting, but GUI still shows individual values
    [SB-4427] Creating calculation on imported channel may not create result nodes in Info Dialog
    [SB-4432] Resizing SB6 window does not re-tile subwindows
    [SB-4433] "Channel to front" does not work in loop
    [SB-4437] Wrong external reference clock range in label
    [SB-4438] Repetition rate of looped REP_STD_SINGLE runs depends on length
    [SB-4440] FIR on 32bit data causes crash
    [SB-4441] Card node does not show if channels have custom unit
    [SB-4442] Converting to matlab format using sb6convert hangs in endless loop
    [SB-4444] SB6 Crashes when saving projects >with< data. (Sync M2i)
    [SB-4445] Rarely existing calculations of a setup are not loaded (no input signals available)
    [SB-4447] Engine mixes legacy interface for clock output with X-line based interface
    [SB-4448] Waiting for reference clock edge does not work
    [SB-4449] Error during calibration is not displayed when "All cards" are calibrated, e.g in Netbox
    [SB-4451] MI/MC/MX 72xx is incorrectly mentioned as supported card
    [SB-4452] Translation files not found if started by desktop link
    [SB-4454] Editing multiple calculations at once only updates result of the first one

  • Version 6.4.7 of 21st November 2018 - Many small improvements and bug fixes to SBench 6 and SB6ConvertOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-3609] Program start without a card (for file analyses only)
    [SB-4201] Allow Clock Spinbox (and others) to enter both decimal delimiters: the international '.' and german ',' to be used when typing in a value.
    [SB-4283] Rise time/fall time calculation should work without a complete cycle
    [SB-4319] Replace "Term" checkbox in clock dialog with combobox that shows the termination values
    [SB-4325] Add progress bar to sb6convert tool
    [SB-4329] sb6convert: show remaining time
    [SB-4337] New XIO output mode static high or low level
    [SB-4355] Individually adjustable clock frequencies for master and slave card in sync mode at M2p performs confusion with intuitive operation.
    [SB-4357] Increase height of device row in clock dialog to fit "M2p"
    [SB-4365] Also activate accelleration of spinboxes for Loop parameter
    [SB-4367] Do not show project navigator window again after acquisition if user closed it manually
    [SB-4368] Show some more information if loading project failed due to card or feature mismatch
    [SB-4369] Show full path also for default project
    [SB-4370] Show additional information, that project storage location also is data storage location
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-4245] "Dim background channels" option in analog display is disabled again at every recording start
    [SB-4259] Spread available space in individual setup table evenly between columns
    [SB-4306] Wrong analog display painting (x-achsis) at sync with different samplerates or different memory settings
    [SB-4308] Changing trigger mode in dialog table to a re-arm mode can create not allowed level combination
    [SB-4312] Crash when enabling BaseXIO timestamp acquisition
    [SB-4321] 8bit mode checkbox only visible while acquisition loop is running
    [SB-4328] Converting a file with multiple cards and different lengths per card crashes sb6convert
    [SB-4331] Crash in FIFO Single replay mode
    [SB-4332] Wrap around does not always work
    [SB-4333] FFT + phase + PSD with 2MS crashes
    [SB-4335] Calculating preview data on split files can crash SBench6
    [SB-4336] "Invalid file handle" after stopping FIFO replay
    [SB-4338] M4i Multi Purpose X2 line not available in trigger dialog
    [SB-4340] Loop Parameter for Multiple Replay not properly loaded from setup
    [SB-4342] Preview data calculation may use up all available RAM and crash
    [SB-4343] Pressing red X (abort) does not abort the read-out of remaining data
    [SB-4345] Crash in preview display if segment size is larger than available number of samples
    [SB-4349] Disabling differential output mode in EasyGenerator does not change all channels
    [SB-4350] Enabling differential output in Output Channels dialog does not disable the odd numbered channels
    [SB-4351] Matlab export for digital cards (M4i.77xx) does not work correctly
    [SB-4353] Moving only one side of the preview rectangle moves complete view in display
    [SB-4354] Report template names of cursors are off by one line
    [SB-4356] Card does not trigger if X1-X3 are used as trigger input
    [SB-4358] Position of vertical line of Y axis depends on zoomlevel and visible area
    [SB-4359] Segmented Multi/ABA spinboxes allow sum of pre+post to be larger than segmentsize
    [SB-4360] Stopping a FIFO acquisition waits forever until aborted with red X
    [SB-4361] Loop Parameter for Fifo Multi Record not properly loaded from setup
    [SB-4362] Possible crash in "Cycle Fall Time" calculation

  • Version 6.4.6 of 11th September 2018 - M2p Star-Hub support includedOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2387] Viewer only as additional start-up option
    [SB-3269] Abort moving of trigger level or channel's zero line in display if ESC pressed
    [SB-4212] Display stamps in timestamp table as "not real" when timestamps acquisition is not turned on
    [SB-4290] Start with the last used device if hide Start Manager is checked and if there are multiple devices available
    [SB-4291] SPC_TSXIOACQ_ENABLE mode: show XIO input values at timestamp table too
    [SB-4299] Advanced Control Dialog: Values of disabled read accesses should be kept as is and greyed out instead of being cleared
    Fixed Bugs

    [SB-4292] Some samplerates like 1.013kHz are truncated instead of rounded
    [SB-4293] External trigger sources for M2i-based Netbox are wrong
    [SB-4301] Changing parameters in mode dialog while recording in loop incorrectly displays 8bit Option for M2p.59xx cards
    [SB-4311] STARTDATE and STARTTIME are only filled if timestamp setup changed
    [SB-4315] Trigger source indicators for channel triggers in timestamp incorrectly include digital channels when activated

  • Version 6.4.5 of 6th August 2018 - Small improvements and bug fixesOpen or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4242] sb6convert tool: add parameters for timestamps to Matlab export
    [SB-4249] Unfold all choices of the mode list box upon click to show all modes at once and avoid scrollbar
    [SB-4266] New engine setting to switch off preview data calculation in standard mode
    [SB-4271] M2p: missing card context menu to enable identification LED toggling
    [SB-4287] Do not show "Not enough timestamps" message

    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2431] Display update rate in streaming mode slow when using digitizerNETBOX
    [SB-4235] Mode for wrong trigger input set when using X1 as trigger input
    [SB-4238] Import dialog with dropped file blocks Explorer
    [SB-4240] SB6convert: Tool crashes if not all format parameters are set
    [SB-4244] Wrong loops value written to driver for "continuous" FIFO average
    [SB-4246] Any export with active timestamps not working properly and/or locking up
    [SB-4248] Different pages in mode dialog (different modes) incorrectly share some values when being switched
    [SB-4262] 8bit mode checkbox was falsly available on all cards and not only 44xx cards
    [SB-4267] Changing preview calculation settings in User Settings dialog only changes defaults for new projects
    [SB-4270] Pure binary file with splitting hangs at first split
    [SB-4279] Digital display does not show data under linux

  • Version 6.4.4 of 4th June 2018 - Function Generator supports user functions and syntax highlighing.Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2291] Store config and data together as project file. After load exact view with all data and calculations as before
    [SB-4214] Implement Trigger Holdoff for M2p cards
    [SB-4223] Optional 8bit reduced sample resolution for reduced bus transfer throughput for 44xx
    [SB-1893] User defined functions in Function Generator
    [SB-4063] Show calculations that do not require input data in context menu for empty area
    [SB-4065] Show "Export" sub-menu also on file node in channel dialog
    [SB-4203] Make default size of "Function Generator" dialog to fit all elements
    [SB-4204] Add syntax highlighting to Function Generator
    [SB-4205] Export also timestamp values using Matlab export function

    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-1120] After overrun on one card in sync the other cards don't stop
    [SB-2053] MICX: External clock range for 1 active channel corrected.
    [SB-3391] Changing channel "selection" incorrectly hides locked cursor "jump-to" buttons
    [SB-3871] Tooltips for digital bits in channel dialog show wrong connector on M2i.4960 and 4961
    [SB-4192] Maximum for MULTI/ABA/Gate/FIFO pretrigger on M2p does not yet grow with less active channels
    [SB-4194] Incorrect scaling of channels of synced cards after issuing extra reset using external clock
    [SB-4195] Pressing enter in Samplerate field for clock slave card does not update divider column
    [SB-4196] Program crash at MR recording.
    [SB-4197] Changing file split settings after project has been created has no effect
    [SB-4209] Cannot output trigger to PXI lines greater than PXI0
    [SB-4210] Pulsewidth value in trigger dialogs not setable with M2p
    [SB-4211] Using segment navigation with active history mode does not properly clear display first
    [SB-4219] RPM uses wrong icon
    [SB-4221] Trigger levels in Screenshot do not respect Black/White setting
    [SB-4222] Trigger levels that are outside of currently visible area are painted at top of display
    [SB-4224] "Store data to temporary file" does not store in project directory
    [SB-4225] Imported FFT signal in Volt has wrong scale.
    [SB-4228] Entering "Left border" value that is larger than current "Right border" causes strange behaviour in ZoomTo dialog

  • Version 6.4.3 of 26th April 2018 - Support of M2p.59xx Series.Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4086] Support for M2p.59xx Series
    [SB-1134] Easy remote support by adding link to Spectrum website
    [SB-2339] Make SB6 a little bit more in-house user friendly concerning replay and import file formats
    [SB-2459] Drg'n'Drop sb6dat file to SB6.exe link not possible.
    [SB-2834] Stop acquisition/replay on suspend and reset card after resume on windows
    [SB-2835] Loop button should not be available in continuous replay mode
    [SB-2856] Allow any file endings for import files.
    [SB-3078] "Duplicate active display" should show visible area of source display
    [SB-3117] Close (dynamicly loaded) Spectrum.dll, if not (no MICx boards) used.
    [SB-3554] Get software license from locked card
    [SB-3814] Show active special clock mode of 46xx in clock dialog
    [SB-3932] Disable Project Location input field in "Save Project" Dialog or make it editable
    [SB-3937] Overlay for icons of calculated channels to show "Keep in loop" state
    [SB-3940] Hide preview display at start with digital input card
    [SB-3959] Streaming: Average transfer speed caluclated including waiting time for trigger
    [SB-3975] Allow import of .sb6dat file that is opened by another instance
    [SB-3977] M4i Sync: better error message text if FW versions not identical
    [SB-3992] Do not show "Filter" combobox in Easy Generator if card does not have filters
    [SB-4001] Signal export of current view: choose the only available one as default
    [SB-4010] reference signal has "keep in loop" context menu entry
    [SB-4013] Change icon background from white to transparent
    [SB-4078] Select value of Project Property field if value is still default
    [SB-4093] Layout "Set visible area" dialog vertically if used for Y axis
    [SB-4094] Make supporting/online links more easily acessible
    [SB-4108] Show filename in "Delete file from disk" dialog
    [SB-4142] Remove space between elements in Output Mode dialog
    [SB-4144] Import of multiple-recording binaray and ASCII files.
    [SB-4146] Strange error message at binary import with existing 0 byte header file.
    [SB-4150] Add Output Type and Stop Level selection to Easy Generator
    [SB-4169] Correct voltages for M2i.6xxx with 12V amplifier
    [SB-4174] Allow software trigger also with segmented replay modes on M4i/M4x.66xx
    [SB-4191] Access to Project Description from report

    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2594] Trigger levels shown in display are only updated, if signal is valid
    [SB-3190] Moved channel comment disappears if zoom level is too high
    [SB-3372] Offset setting visible for odd channels in diff mode
    [SB-3490] Opening write protected sb6dat file not working
    [SB-3508] Wrong painting of 8 bit calculation at full-fit (zoom in is ok)
    [SB-3607] Version check under linux tries to download windows installer
    [SB-3777] No access to card with remote-server if selected manually
    [SB-3835] Y Scales in FFT display not dimmed when channel is selected
    [SB-3836] Y Scales change order depending on selected channel
    [SB-3858] Digital inputs on M3i.32xx are not displayed correctly
    [SB-3885] "No trigger select ..." message shown in standard mode when average mode was selected before
    [SB-3931] Calculated channels appear when loading a project with synchronized cards
    [SB-3933] SBench hangs after overrun with two synced cards
    [SB-3958] Length of FIFO acquisition not shown correctly in project navigator when more than one acquisition done
    [SB-3962] Streaming Display: signal area wrong after abort of disdplay calculation
    [SB-3980] A lof of false values at function generator, calculating difference of two signals.
    [SB-4097] Function generator calculates wrong signal from noise
    [SB-4129] Calculation dialogs: click into a typeable field changes button focus
    [SB-4141] Possible to use MICX.6xxx
    [SB-4148] Function generator on Easy Generator signal can create wrong results
    [SB-4151] Termination of channels for MICX.70 shows 0 Ohm
    [SB-4155] SSL DLLs not uninstalled
    [SB-4156] SSL DLLs missing from CC installation if installed by SBench6 installer
    [SB-4157] Context menu for 77x0 inputs shows wrong termination value
    [SB-4158] SB6 Installer: Wrong default path for 32bit on 64bit system
    [SB-4161] EasyGenerator cannot generate sine amplitudes < 80 mV on 66xx
    [SB-4163] Loading a project with two cards and .bin data crashes SBench
    [SB-4164] An error during storing of calibration values may get eaten and cause strange effects afterwards
    [SB-4167] FFT calculations are displayed in Project Navigator after saving and reloading project
    [SB-4170] Pre dependencies might not be updated correctly
    [SB-4171] Changing "Keep in Loop" of a FuncGen does not mark project changed
    [SB-4172] Loading project with histogram display and without data crashes
    [SB-4178] Setup of EasyGenerator not restored from project if EasyGenerator not visible
    [SB-4179] Corrupted signal from EasyGenerator after old setup has been loaded
    [SB-4183] Disabling Diff or DoubleOut mode in EasyGenerator does not set correct mode on next start
    [SB-4184] Switching timestamps off during acquisition loop might cause crash
    [SB-4185] Last sample in last segment not painted in Multi acquisition without timestamps
    [SB-4187] Context menu in Project Navigator does not appear

  • Version 6.4.2 - Internal Release onlyOpen or Close
  • Version 6.4.1 of 12th December 2017Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-4088] Automatically add hardware infos to support email
    [SB-4090] Default width of trigger source column in timestamp table dialog too small
    [SB-4091] Toolbar slider in displays are a little too small
    [SB-4111] Add "open in text editor" for ASCII import files from context menu
    [SB-4120] Adopt to new Boxcar User interface
    [SB-4128] Use https for version info file
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-4089] Wrong timestamp format for M4x under certain conditions
    [SB-4095] Exporting histogram to ASCII creates file with only zeroes
    [SB-4098] Exporting long calculation causes crash
    [SB-4099] Heap corruption at closing SB with digital display.
    [SB-4103] MX.70xx: External 110 Ohm trigger termination does not work correctly
    [SB-4109] Exporting analog and digital channels from M4i.4450 messes up digital data
    [SB-4114] Wrong signalpainting at the end on a few zoom steps.
    [SB-4119] Max. pretrigger value for boxcar mode can be set too large
    [SB-4121] Value "No Of Averages" for Boxcar Mode not stored in setup
    [SB-4127] Linux RPMs/DEBs do not contain chinese language package

  • Version 6.4 of 22nd August 2017Open or Close

    New version 6.4
    Version 6.4 saw some mayor internal software structure changes. The development moved to a newer compiler version and is now using the latest Qt GUI library. Therefore some slight changes in the look and feel of the GUI may appear.

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-1703] Change output mode dialogue according to new input mode dialogue
    [SB-1873] Scope Display: Different Y- Axis in one display can be scaled independently
    [SB-3709] Default value in Mode dialog for "Loop" field using "Std. Continuous Replay" should be "Cont." and not 1
    [SB-3927] Remove dependency on spcm driver library from sb6convert
    [SB-3936] Add human-friedly display of channel length to channel info dialog
    [SB-3955] Somehow connect Timestamp Table Dialog with trigger source info checkbox in Timestamp Setup Dialog
    [SB-3972] Info dialog combines multiple SI pre-fixes
    [SB-3986] Special streaming file format added that supports using synchrnoized cards with differing channel amount settings
    [SB-4003] Screenshot: order of signale names identical to painted signals
    [SB-4007] Support of streaming monitor mode (FIFO Single with additional slow A data)
    [SB-4014] Show generation date/time in SBench6 engine log
    [SB-4034] Re-create internal file state when importing pure binary file from sync acquisition
    [SB-4043] Deleting FFT channel should not cause a repaint in digital displays
    [SB-4052] Decrease border size of default templates
    [SB-4054] Show template name that will be used by "Generate Quick Report" action
    [SB-4057] Mark X0 as TS RefClk input in trigger dialog if timestamp RefClk is used
    [SB-4060] Add date and time of acquisition with TS RefClk to binary header file
    [SB-4069] Show exact sample number when cursor is locked
    [SB-4082] Also show original values in channel info dialog
    [SB-4085] Switch to store to file if split file is selected
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2547] Wrong error text at sync with unlocked PLL.
    [SB-2821] Big data and deep zoomed in, moving rectangle in preview area destroyes zoom-level
    [SB-2849] Replay boards: data size of more than 32 MB from smaller file hangs
    [SB-3502] Selected channel not drawn on top
    [SB-3677] Default template can create too small text areas
    [SB-3815] Program crash at FiFO mode: increase "memsize" value
    [SB-3823] Changing memsize in FIFO mode causes crash on M4i.2234 with one channel enabled
    [SB-3841] Overrun error instead of "Disk full"
    [SB-3911] Deletion of FFT reference copy not stored in project file
    [SB-3917] Calculations on reference channels are not restored on project reload
    [SB-3919] Possible to create Zoom Area Bookmark without name
    [SB-3953] Loops can be >1 for M4i.66 in STD_REP_MULTI mode
    [SB-3954] "Currently set file format" icon not directly displayed after SBench start
    [SB-3973] Second instance uses same default file name in FIFO mode
    [SB-3974] Hotkey for Rectangle Zoom enables unavailable zoom mode in Spread Display
    [SB-3976] Memsize widget in REC_FIFO_SINGLE mode shows "Continuous" in samples view and "12.8 ns" in time view
    [SB-3983] Cannot click on text to toggle option in some cases in Save Settings dialog
    [SB-3985] "Start Spectrum Control Center" from welcome dialog failed
    [SB-3991] Program crash at 22xx recording start with VS2015
    [SB-3994] Changing "Count" value of software averaging function crashes Sbench6 when closing dialog
    [SB-3996] Crash when replaying imported data with M4i.66xx
    [SB-3997] Missing fields in Output Mode dialog when loading project with multiple recording
    [SB-3998] Toggeling between Samples/time resets "Std Single Replay" Memsize to 32 samples in output mode dialog
    [SB-4005] EasyGenerator crashes with certain setups
    [SB-4006] Crash in FFT if data write fails
    [SB-4009] program crash: recording start with PSD FFT and erased FFT signals
    [SB-4012] Changing ABA divider does not mark project as changed
    [SB-4015] Y scale is wrong if stream is started a second time after zooming
    [SB-4016] Distorted X axis during second stream
    [SB-4017] Moving average does not calculate correct signal length if "Current View" or "Between Cursors" are used as base
    [SB-4024] Wrong FFT phase values calculated?
    [SB-4025] Wrong cursor unit at FFT phase signal (V instead °).
    [SB-4026] Clock table entry for slave cards not filled at startup
    [SB-4027] Singleshot and Loop entries in Hardware menu not disabled if started without card
    [SB-4028] Inconsistent behaviour when subwindows are closed
    [SB-4035] Maximum SR wrong on MI.7011
    [SB-4036] Crash at transfer-end with NETBOX and huge MR-segments and enabled TS
    [SB-4037] Wrong position of trigger-lines at MR with trigger-delay.
    [SB-4038] Window title not translated directly after language change
    [SB-4040] Segment lines do not move when scrollbar is moved
    [SB-4041] Storing ABA acquisition on SB6 close loses data
    [SB-4044] Storing project with synchronized displays causes crash
    [SB-4045] 22xx synced: recording start generate error
    [SB-4046] Dividing line between channels in X-Y display channel list not shown
    [SB-4050] Names of digital channels from A2D conversion are not correctly resolved added to default report template
    [SB-4051] 77x0 threshold setting missing from reports
    [SB-4064] "Continuous" FIFO replay mode is shown as zero seconds in time mode
    [SB-4068] State of "Split file" setup widgets is wrong after loading project
    [SB-4070] Files from "split" acquisition all appear in Project Navigator
    [SB-4072] Info dialog shows old values for "tracking" cursor B
    [SB-4073] Difference between two cursors locked on phase signal is not zero
    [SB-4074] Channels and painted signal in digital display do not match directly after start
    [SB-4075] Text for Trigger Level is blocked by scrollbar
    [SB-4079] Possible endless loop when reading timestamps
    [SB-4083] Locked cursors ignore spread mode

  • Version 6.3.5 of 26th April 2017Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-3904] Add support for new boxcar average mode for M4i.44xx cards and digitizerNETBOXes
    [SB-3188] Display properties should be used as "Item" default inside Template Editor
    [SB-3770] Zoom only selected axis in synchronized displays
    [SB-3811] FIR filters correction for insertion loss
    [SB-3878] Add "Do not show again" checkbox for warning at internal settings
    [SB-3922] Disable Remove button in channel export dialog when no channel is selected
    [SB-3923] Disable "Precision" entry in ASCII export if signed int or hex is selected
    [SB-3925] Add precision option for ASCII export to SB6Convert
    [SB-3926] Add export options for MATLAB export to SB6Convert
    [SB-3935] Add always used software type (32bit or 64bit) at all locations where version and build information is shown
    [SB-3938] Last column of channel dialog gets uglily re-sized whilst trigger dialog looks nice.
    [SB-3942] Show file size in MB, GB, TB depending on file size when asking for preview data calculation
    [SB-3944] Add export type to dialog-title
    [SB-3960] Streaming: also show acquisition time
    [SB-3963] Gray out calculation category itself as well if none of its calculations is available for selected source

    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2637] Input offset setting in context menu limited to +/-100%
    [SB-3508] Wrong painting of 8 bit calculation at full-fit (zoom in is ok)
    [SB-3622] Open demo sync compounds mismatch
    [SB-3700] Input Offset can not be set if maximum offset is 0% (and minimum offset is -100%)
    [SB-3855] HTML documentation missing for ASCII import window
    [SB-3864] SB6 crashes when user opens channel setup dialog while card is waiting for trigger
    [SB-3896] ASCII and WAVE Imports do not have online help files
    [SB-3902] Record times values in mode dialog do not respect selected external clock frequency
    [SB-3913] project file name is cut-off at first dot in name
    [SB-3920] Display comments do not respect comment line width
    [SB-3924] Table in clock dialog not translated after language change
    [SB-3928] Importing ASCII file with empty column at end causes crash
    [SB-3929] Some parts of context menu not translated after language change
    [SB-3930] Title of preview window not immediately updated at disconnecting/reconnecting synced display
    [SB-3934] SBench help does not work with 64bit installations
    [SB-3943] Moving x scrollbar of analog display does not mark project changed
    [SB-3945] Wrong painting in "step + Points" mode at last sample.
    [SB-3947] Program crash at opening attached project.
    [SB-3949] ASCII export does not write file for TS if path contains more than one dot
    [SB-3951] Text for SB6_ERR_NOSUPPORT does not contain M4x cards or Netboxes
    [SB-3967] Lvl0 and Lvl1 editable for PXI lines in trigger dialog
    [SB-3968] Doubleklick on X0/X1 Threshold value clears field from default 1500 mV to 0 mV and prevents further changes
    [SB-3969] Threshold value for trigger input not stored in setup file
    [SB-3970] Quite a low claimed termination value for X0/X1

  • Version 6.3.4 of 15th March 2017Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2662] Avoid reset of history buffer when switching between displays
    [SB-3880] Overwriting old project with "Project save as" does not completely clear old content
    [SB-3892] Use M2CMD_DATA_SGFLUSH when necessary
    [SB-3894] Improve Matlab export
    [SB-3897] Help for MATLAB export updated
    [SB-3906] Second pass for dynparam to calculate fundamental when user imported frequency signal directly
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-3873] M4i.66xx with 4 active channels: Replay of channel1 and channel2 are swapped
    [SB-3874] Store default value of preview calculation settings in user file
    [SB-3881] Importing file with 16 or more comments in one channel causes infinite loop
    [SB-3887] Multiple Calculations lead to "Processing Data Update" lock
    [SB-3888] "Duplicate Calculation" does not copy "Manual Setup" section in Function Generator
    [SB-3895] SPC_REC_FIFO_AVERAGE_16BIT not handled after selection
    [SB-3898] Import WAV file with digital channels crashes
    [SB-3900] Screenshot causes duplicated Y axis
    [SB-3905] Software trigger not available in MULTI mode for M4x
    [SB-3908] Dynamic parameters does not use all harmonics for THD calculation
    [SB-3912] Starting recording after activating Boxcar mode and without changing "Averages" spinbox once generates engine error
    [SB-3916] Import files not found error when loading project with imported files

  • Version 6.3.3 of 19th January 2017Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-3176] Allow higher sine frequencies in easy generator
    [SB-3833] Show "Recent imports" also in context menu in channel dialog
    [SB-3850] Add "invert" button to channels in Easy Generator
    [SB-3851] Add button to copy channel settings to other channels in Easy Generator
    [SB-3863] Add data update note within displays
    [SB-3868] Easygenerator: Possibility to add additional samples for rising/falling edges of rectangle signal to avoid signal overshoot
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-3838] "Hide Y scale" button hides only text but not the whole scale area
    [SB-3840] Wrong path displayed (but not used) in project file name setting
    [SB-3845] Help documentation: function-generator: wrong rect explanation
    [SB-3857] 64bit SB6 does not load spectrum64.dll
    [SB-3859] Change view-rectangle in preview-window with big data: display grid updates already with old data
    [SB-3862] Project Location is not correct in Project Settings dialog
    [SB-3867] File import of same file causes crash
    [SB-3870] Export entries in Input Channel dialog do not have icons

  • Version 6.3.2 of 12th December 2016Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-3493] Installer for 64 Bit Windows SBench 6 added
    [SB-3825] Zipped project file unzip dialog has project name as preselection
    [SB-3828] Open a project selects matching product if there's more than one installed
    [SB-3830] Do not show "Jump to position in display" when there's no display available
    [SB-3832] Scroll Y axis in display while slider in scrollbar is moved
    [SB-3843] copy of calculated signal
    [SB-3847] Add tooltips also for "Setup AO channel" dialog
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2618] A and B samples (ABA mode) with identical X and Y position do not have same display position
    [SB-3567] Wrong position of A-data (sub-sample difference).
    [SB-3629] FFT calculation with overdriven signal produce warning, but start buttons stays greyed
    [SB-3689] Crash at changing signal source of FFT calculation.
    [SB-3745] Calculation of FFT amplitude and phase: amplitude not working after phase was deleted
    [SB-3776] Opening project with MC card shows card mismatch message
    [SB-3826] Export with Current View is just ignored if not selecting a display window: no error message
    [SB-3827] Preview display is not matching real display
    [SB-3829] Error Message + Crash if changing project data file while acquisition is waiting for trigger event
    [SB-3837] Displaying imported FFT signal from ASCII file creates X scale without values
    [SB-3848] Removing output channel data assignment via drag&drop for a single channel not possible

  • Version 6.3.1 of 22th November 2016Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2733] FIR filters correction for delay
    [SB-2768] Possibility to identify cards with the blinking LED.
    [SB-3747] Progress of long calculation: start delayed and no progress-bar
    [SB-3761] Cursor value at right side of display not completely visible
    [SB-3762] New "size as screen" button at screenshot dialog.
    [SB-3763] Improved readability of cursor values in display
    [SB-3787] Show "busy" cursor during card selection
    [SB-3792] Add information to start dialog to open Control Center not only for demo cards but also for NETBOX discovery
    [SB-3797] Make button positions in shortcut dialog constant on window resize
    [SB-3798] In Welcome dialog allow user to open project location in file manager
    [SB-3799] Show locked status of project in Welcome dialog
    [SB-3802] Show conversion progress also on digital bus
    [SB-3804] Show progress of calculations as progress bar
    [SB-3813] 46xx: set SPC_SPECIALCLOCK if clock is below special clock max value
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2324] Y Axis scaling not consistent
    [SB-2705] Digital device channels that are subordinated to bus cannot be disabled using card node
    [SB-3449] Digital Display: Adding a bus of already visible bits of it, results in empty bus.
    [SB-3459] Loading attached setup and starting looped acquisition starts calculation jobs without progress indication
    [SB-3649] "Save project?" dialog appears in upper left corner
    [SB-3668] Program crash: FFT and FiFo with immediatly overrun
    [SB-3744] Function Generator formular not in loop: no start over kontext-menu possible
    [SB-3756] F1 does not show help in project navigator
    [SB-3757] Import file dialog: "restore last setup" ignores "channel sorting" entry
    [SB-3765] Missing "clock not locked" error at 66xx with not connected external reference signal
    [SB-3767] Easy Generator with two cards does not set loops to Continuous
    [SB-3769] Setting amplitude zoomlevel using dialog may crash
    [SB-3771] Using zero as notify size for replay stops DMA after first complete transfer
    [SB-3773] Replay large file may cause crash if ConvOutputToDisk is enabled
    [SB-3779] Autostore with limited number of files looks strange in Project Navigator
    [SB-3781] SB6Engine Error 0x0001000a produces cryptical error text
    [SB-3783] Zoom level of synced displays not restored after project load
    [SB-3785] Autoupdate: wrong behaviour on PC without network connections
    [SB-3788] Aborting standard replay while data is being transfered locks SB6 on next start
    [SB-3791] Right-click on card item when all digital channels are subordinated to bus causes crash
    [SB-3795] Synced cards created after SB6 start using CC do not appear in card list
    [SB-3801] Changing Memsize from a few kS to exactly 4MS with digital conversion active generates overrun
    [SB-3803] Segments are wrong in gated sampling mode on M4i cards
    [SB-3805] Disabled trigger-line is not removed at preview-display.
    [SB-3806] Value node in timestamp table is always collapsed again with every new acquisition
    [SB-3817] Memory allocation error in FIR calculation
    [SB-3818] opening sb6prj file not working when neither hardware nor demo card installed
    [SB-3819] Signal concatanation with channels from attached file causes crash
    [SB-3822] Initial filling of DMA memory for output cards may be incomplete

  • Version 6.3.0 of 26th September 2016Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-3194] Add projects
    [SB-3751] Add support for "System Clock" output on Multi Purpose I/O lines for M4i/M4x 22xx, 44xx and 66xx cards and NETBOX products
    [SB-3313] Update help for user settings dialog
    [SB-3675] Define more defaults for configs to allow InSpec to generate minimal SBench6 setup file[SB-2492] Loading setup with individual sync settings with just one card prhibits nomal mode dialog
    [SB-2982] Erase old visible signals-painting not at start of new signal preparation, instead directly in front of new signal painting
    [SB-3437] Add possibility to manually clear history while keeping last recording
    [SB-3616] Move or add "check for updates at startup" checkbox to Sbench User "Start & Exit settings" instead of update dialog itself
    [SB-3658] Ch names add pre zero for better sorting
    [SB-3664] Do not show time position of averaged values to avoid confusion, as this information is not useful in this case
    [SB-3665] Add indicator for to-be-averaged calculation results in advance
    [SB-3666] Show maximum number of averages for single value calculations
    [SB-3698] Conversion to analog from digital bus possible too.
    [SB-3701] 77xx: remove "Exrange ..." text
    [SB-3713] Function generator: make editor field bigger
    [SB-3714] Analog display: possibility to enable step painting
    [SB-3729] Mention Fine Clock Granularity in on-line Help
    [SB-3730] Update outdated screen shots in on-line help
    [SB-3731] Home button of on-line help displays QT assistant page instead of "Welcome to Sbench6" page
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2752] Disabling all channels on first card out of three causes engine sync error
    [SB-2794] Reference copy has "Calculation settings" context menu entry
    [SB-3520] Crash at erasing calculation node.
    [SB-3660] Cannot set visible range of Y scale if huge custom scaling is used
    [SB-3661] FFT windows signal DragnDrop: copy is moving
    [SB-3667] FFT Zero padding cannot be disabled afterwards
    [SB-3670] Adding table with display infos to report causes report error
    [SB-3690] Wrong Full Area Zoom for imported FFT signals
    [SB-3702] Digital-calculations: increase memsize crash program
    [SB-3706] Harmonics calculation can be wrong depending on fundamental position
    [SB-3710] Changing channels in Digital Calculation does not recalculate signal
    [SB-3711] Digital calculation wrong when using same channel for both sources
    [SB-3717] Output Marker (for Replay cards) not offered for X0, X1, X2 lines
    [SB-3721] Continuous output marker missing from X0, X1, X2
    [SB-3725] At long calculation is a second calc-start on kontext-menu possible
    [SB-3739] Auto-trigger at loop-recording: value change is not recognized
    [SB-3741] Enable history-mode and use '+' / '-' toolbar-buttons produce wrong display painting

  • Version 6.2.17 of 22th August 2016Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-3579] Possibility to switch between sine, rectangle and triangle waveform if software acquisition demo cards are used
    [SB-3613] Add support for M4x PXI Trigger feature
    [SB-519] Auto-update or check for newer version via internet
    [SB-2863] Starting with start button in toolbar should update EasyGenerator window
    [SB-3310] Show correct drop indicator in output channel list
    [SB-3557] Make width of columns as default generally as wide as the contained text
    [SB-3575] Make netbox master card the default clock master
    [SB-3589] Display frontpanel names of M2i card based digitizerNETBOX trigger inputs in SBench6 trigger dialog
    [SB-3592] Check "50Ohm" checkbox in channel setup dialog for cards with fixed termination
    [SB-3593] Increase performance of acquisitions with lots of segments
    [SB-3599] Give more information about acquisition time conditions
    [SB-3632] Use OS conform path seperators at Zip-Project dialog.
    [SB-3645] Add +/- to function generator amplitude to indicate bipolar nature of generated signal
    [SB-3648] Allow right-click in empty area in "Input channel" dialog to open contextmenu for importing data
    [SB-3655] Make data order accessible on import
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2492] Loading setup with individual sync settings with just one card prhibits nomal mode dialog
    [SB-2740] FFT ASCII import does not respect frequency offset
    [SB-2918] M4i.44 Answer to Fine Clock Warning not stored in config file -> Every time asked again when loading config file
    [SB-3431] Wrong grouping of synchronized cards
    [SB-3563] Wrong resolution handling at analog multiplication of 8 bit signals.
    [SB-3565] Multiplying channel with itself causes crash
    [SB-3568] Keyboard shortcuts not working when focus is on object in Timestamp table dialog
    [SB-3569] Start in EasyGenerator does not lock normal start button
    [SB-3570] Adding <text> element to XML template can cause crash
    [SB-3572] Export dialog does not store display for cursors
    [SB-3576] Moving tracked (but unlocked) cursors switch second cursor-line to opposite difference.
    [SB-3580] Hiding XY-Display node in Info dialog does not work
    [SB-3581] Settings for XY-Display entry not restored from setup
    [SB-3583] Calculation results in info dialog are not created if settings mode is active
    [SB-3586] Loading setup with Moving Average calculation may cause crash
    [SB-3587] Start buttons greyed out after loading setup
    [SB-3595] Number of segments may be reset after acquisition
    [SB-3601] MovingAverage calculates wrong peak at nearly end of area
    [SB-3602] Starting acqusition multiple calculations on one source channel may crash
    [SB-3603] Loading setup with Moving Average calculation may block further acquisitions
    [SB-3620] Minimizing/Restoring SBench Window often crashes Application
    [SB-3625] Connector tooltip is wrong for cards in Netbox
    [SB-3626] Answer to "check for updates at startup" dialog not always stored and repeatedly asking
    [SB-3634] Closing Function-Generator dialog change signal name
    [SB-3635] Channel comment is on wrong channel after export and re-import
    [SB-3638] Function generator: disabled "manual setup" is at next dialog opening automaticly enabled

  • Version 6.2.16 of 12th May 2016Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2282] measurement of "num cycles": only up to 100 possible
    [SB-2292] Keep display contents of certain zoom levels to speed up refresh
    [SB-2701] Start import on drag-and-drop for all supported file types
    [SB-3173] Improve error message if output conversion file could not be created
    [SB-3384] Use standard voltage input widget in Spread display channel setup dialog
    [SB-3395] Allow replay from files in write-protected folders
    [SB-3410] Use same charactor for inversion in signal calculation dialog
    [SB-3430] FFT: calculate phase too
    [SB-3450] Convert to digital: choose the "add to display" format
    [SB-3463] Store collapsed/uncollapsed status of channels nodes
    [SB-3473] Big single calculation result-values: show complete value
    [SB-3479] Use different names for analog and digital channels in ASCII file
    [SB-3486] Histogramm cursor: show x-axis value too
    [SB-3498] Allow setup of 2nd, 3rd, 4th 8bit group in 77xx
    [SB-3514] Increase throughput of timestamp data transfer
    [SB-3515] Increase throughput of slow ABA data transfer
    [SB-3517] User can switch between "Add bus to display" and "Add channels" in Analog to digital conversion
    [SB-3529] Store collapsed/uncollapsed status of imported channel nodes as well
    [SB-3530] Autostore name with data and time better readability
    [SB-3532] Signalexport: file-name with none characters result in "invalid file handle"
    [SB-3534] Add "show sample & points" display mode also for digital display
    [SB-3560] EasyGenerator: Speed up calculation of small frequency signals for 66xx
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2647] Show full signal on FFT signal can cause crash
    [SB-3019] Segment lines at end of digital segment are wrong
    [SB-3175] Crash at displaying a lot of imported files.
    [SB-3371] Crash when opening demo synchronized cards
    [SB-3399] Formula with bit operation at 8 bit signals: MSb and LSb problems
    [SB-3441] Wrong cursor units after source signal change in FFT window.
    [SB-3446] FFT-based function generator channel is restored as time-based channel
    [SB-3448] Digital Display: a few bits not painted and other to high
    [SB-3464] Race condition with many calculations may cause crash
    [SB-3467] "Invalid data pointer" error using ABA mode with a channel in display
    [SB-3471] Streaming display of A-channel in ABA mode has "gaps" in which display is not properly painted
    [SB-3474] M4i.22xx Input Path shown wrong in Setup AI channel
    [SB-3477] Addition of two averaged signals creates wrong results
    [SB-3480] Digital channels from ASCII file with analog and digital channels are not displayed correctly
    [SB-3482] Data output conversion failed for file with digital channels
    [SB-3485] Mark High level signals not working properly, when signal ends with high-level
    [SB-3487] Crash deleting imported data with digital channels
    [SB-3491] Crash importing .bin file with analog and digital channels
    [SB-3494] Importing FFT ASCII file with internal header without index column causes crash
    [SB-3496] Tooltip for maximum cache file size is negative if cache size is too large
    [SB-3497] Standard zoom of digital display does not adjust to signal length at first acquisition
    [SB-3500] Removing/adding channels to display does not clear BestFit cache entry
    [SB-3503] Dragging 32 channels to spread display causes crash
    [SB-3512] ASCII import with auto-length and "skip lines" no function
    [SB-3518] Crash when deleting imported ASCII channels
    [SB-3519] Possible random data when using ASCII import
    [SB-3521] Race condition when dragging multiple analog channels into digital display
    [SB-3522] No clock delay using external reference clock
    [SB-3524] Cannot setup clock delay with current driver
    [SB-3533] Signal-export not at all places disabled at recording.
    [SB-3537] Loading project with locked cursors in digital display might crash
    [SB-3542] Cannot set negative levels in easy generator
    [SB-3544] Unnecessary data remuxing during digital output
    [SB-3545] Digital board: program crash at draging 16 bit imported data to output channels.
    [SB-3546] Fifo-Replay: end samples missing at filesize not a multiple of notifysize
    [SB-3549] FiFo Recording: Choosen memsize value changed at recording end to continouse
    [SB-3550] Memory leak in digital calculation
    [SB-3551] Enabling trigger output disables digital inputs
    [SB-3556] The waveform of the trigger output from X0 is not as expected. (M4i.6631-x8)
    [SB-3558] Multi+Timestamps into WAVE format with active preview calculation freezes SBench
    [SB-3559] EasyGenerator with two cards does not start output
    [SB-3561] EasyGenerator: Wrong memsize after switching frequencies

  • Version 6.2.15 of 4th February 2016Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-1971] Spread Display improvements
    [SB-2385] Mark non-netbox remote cards in card selection dialog
    [SB-2972] Missing trigger parameters added to detailed trigger dialog
    [SB-3216] Display digital bus values in current view also in case there is no change in value
    [SB-3240] Add highlighting to position marker of comment
    [SB-3326] Use different icons for different imported file formats
    [SB-3327] Improve replay streaming speed for binary and wave files
    [SB-3354] Preview Progress with smaller increment for large data files
    [SB-3367] Add separate Icon for distinguishing a demo node (card/sync/netbox) from a real-card node
    [SB-3379] Allow arbitrary sorting of DI channels for bus combining
    [SB-3387] Implement shortcuts at close dialog "overwrite config file".
    [SB-3389] Allow use of "Delete" Key, to remove selected signal(s) from display
    [SB-3390] Show also Bus number format in Channel dialog
    [SB-3411] Description for display comments relate to non-movable comments and is outdated by now
    [SB-3424] Show indicator that loop is still running
    Fixed Bugs
    [[SB-1619] Crash when starting SB with two Sync-Groups and first is already locked
    [SB-1948] Activating/deactivating digital channels changes display focus even with no auto add/remove channel settings
    [SB-2180] History mode unintentionally cleared in U(t) display after certain sample-rate changes
    [SB-2692] Digital display corrupted when loading setup with history mode enabled
    [SB-2736] Restored calculation that is not "in loop" does not create meaningful output
    [SB-2937] Sometimes crash in export functions
    [SB-2946] Memsize, Pre and Post not adjusted if number of channels is increased
    [SB-3006] Filter calculation results with overrange are not clipped.
    [SB-3267] Synced Spread display behaves strange when zooming other displays
    [SB-3325] Adding calculation to existing project may cause crash
    [SB-3341] Possible crash during export
    [SB-3360] Replay underrun is displayed at next start
    [SB-3364] Painting is wrong when resizing a digital display with enabled history mode
    [SB-3365] Setup dialog for imported channel says "Setup calculated channel"
    [SB-3368] Creating min and max calculation on same channels causes crash
    [SB-3376] Double update when zooming out to full fit
    [SB-3386] ASCII file with included channel header is not correctly imported on german locales
    [SB-3388] Pattern trigger not correctly restored from config file
    [SB-3393] Custom unit can be enabled without a unit
    [SB-3394] Status of "Access driver before start" button of "Advanced Settings" dialog not stored in project
    [SB-3398] Crash at wrong formel parentheses
    [SB-3401] Changing settings in formula generator does not update calculated signal
    [SB-3412] Display comments not movable in digital display
    [SB-3413] Out of Memory error with 16k Histogram and many warnings of non-restorable signals when re-opening that saved pjoject
    [SB-3416] Pattern settings not (always) properly written to driver
    [SB-3418] Cannot manually restart calculations that are not "in loop"

  • Version 6.2.14 of 3rd December 2015Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2140] Add function and toolbar icon to draw offset line per channel in spread display
    [SB-1736] Pre-select clicked digital channel when adding comment
    [SB-1801] Add zero line for each channel in spread display
    [SB-1970] Easy Generator: better keyboard and mouse handling
    [SB-2914] Unlock "Define zoom area on/off" mode at "Lock Cursor ..." operation.
    [SB-2919] Possibility to reset all those "Do not ask again" settings
    [SB-3023] Save/Restore layout of windows instead of new ordering when doing tile/cascade windows
    [SB-3152] Always show scrollbars in displays
    [SB-3169] Reports - x value of calculations accessible
    [SB-3181] Draw visible dock window separators
    [SB-3182] Allow digital to analog conversion with up to 32 bits
    [SB-3235] Add waveform examples page to TOC of help
    [SB-3236] Show "keep calculation in loop" in function generator only under certain conditions to avoid confusion
    [SB-3238] Increase speed when reading from files
    [SB-3241] Allow drag-and-drop of report templates into template editor
    [SB-3250] Show trigger levels in screenshot
    [SB-3251] Show trigger levels in report
    [SB-3252] Change zero level offset of channel in spread display by grabbing zero level line
    [SB-3291] Make line width of comments user-definable
    [SB-3314] Prepend name of remote card that is not part of a netbox with "Remote"
    [SB-3322] Easy Generator - Sawtooth signal in both directions, like Sawtooth right / Sawtooth left
    [SB-3324] Show currently selected report template or new template on first start
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-286] Best Fit Zoom in FFT display crashes SBench, if FFT input data consists only of zeros
    [SB-2848] Changing Display Settings in User settings dialog is not saved in User file
    [SB-2871] Start button disabled if attached setup file is loaded after acquisition
    [SB-3010] EasyGenerator crashes if started with disabled last channel
    [SB-3085] Crash at closing when running M4i.66xx in a loop
    [SB-3110] Duplicating digital display causes crash
    [SB-3183] Changing channel color resets its V/div setting in spread display
    [SB-3185] Screenshot and print window vertical size can not properly be re-sized
    [SB-3187] Copy as reference on demo card channels creates engine error when already having a reference copy in another SBench instance
    [SB-3189] Move a comment to itself can trigger "Merge comment" dialog
    [SB-3193] Some user settings cause problems using the tile displays function
    [SB-3231] Increase maximum function generator sample frequency to more than 1 GHz
    [SB-3234] Help page for moving average calculation creates "page not found" error
    [SB-3242] CLOCKSECTION NOT LOCKED error not displayed
    [SB-3243] Dragging a file node to card in sync group adds channels to other card
    [SB-3244] Clicking cancel in card selection dialog causes crash
    [SB-3248] BLOCKNOTFOUND when streaming to binary with active display
    [SB-3253] Screenshot does not respect reordered channels
    [SB-3255] Importing WAVE file with 16 16bit channels creates digital channels
    [SB-3261] Import channels from multiple import files have all the same default color order
    [SB-3264] M4i.66xx: Error "Clock section not locked" not written to user interface
    [SB-3275] Creating multiple FFTs might cause crash
    [SB-3307] Disabled scrollbars in digital display look like zoomed
    [SB-3309] Dragging analog channel to digital output channels causes crash
    [SB-3312] Problem with EasyGenerator - phase shift works wrong at square / ramp signals. (Sinus ok)
    [SB-3315] Format for binary data for digital channels in ASCII file is wrong
    [SB-3320] "libpng warning: Incorrect bKGD chunk length" at SB start

  • Version 6.2.13 of 22nd September 2015Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-69] Extended Report Functions
    [SB-2892] Highlight current display in info dialog
    [SB-2963] Improve signal quality of Easy Generator
    [SB-2979] Only supported columns shown in trigger dialog
    [SB-2998] Add the examples part of application note "Creating AWG Waveforms in SBench 6" to formular editor HTML help
    [SB-3022] Set Min/Max to a default value for binary import
    [SB-3079] SB start window or error message boxes are hidden in the background.
    [SB-3084] Tear names of trigger-level lines.
    [SB-3092] Show taskbar entry for card selection dialog
    [SB-3101] Increase streaming speed
    [SB-3108] Allow ASCII import to skip columns
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2286] Copy FFT signal as reference creates second Y scale
    [SB-2444] Unify (and enhance) decimal precision of displayed sampling rates and avoid rounding errors
    [SB-2753] Clicking "sample draw mode" button in looped acquisition stops hardware every time
    [SB-2816] Calculated signals show useless tool tip
    [SB-2844] ASCII import: file with empty lines at the end leads to crash
    [SB-2878] Possible to create empty pretrigger setting
    [SB-2901] Typing invalid sample rate creates infinite error loop
    [SB-2903] Changing custom unit of channel does not change custom unit of calculated channels
    [SB-2920] Deleting calculated digital channels does not remove them from output assignment
    [SB-2925] Closing EasyGenerator dialog stops replay and shows wrong status on re-open
    [SB-2929] Export menu of averaged channel greyed out
    [SB-2936] Some cycle based calculations are meaningless for digital signals
    [SB-2938] SB6 config-file as command-line parameter to automatic choose a board works only if this file is in the setup folder
    [SB-2939] External clock with divider creates error for small frequencies
    [SB-2952] Start/stop on replay invalidates FFT calculation. Deleting that, crashes SBench
    [SB-2953] Starting EasyGenerator with synchronized replay cards generates runtime error and crashes SBench
    [SB-2973] Trigger table allows/shows invalid level setup and is inconsistent with dialog settings
    [SB-2977] Formula Interpreter shows false error when having minus in front of opening paranthesis
    [SB-3000] Sample draw mode icon missing from FFT toolbar
    [SB-3011] EasyGenerator crashes if requested signal frequency is low
    [SB-3012] EasyGenerator's signal are not directly updated in display
    [SB-3015] Reset command not sent to card if card is picked out of sync group
    [SB-3017] Internal errors not handeled correctly if digital display is active
    [SB-3028] Matlab export with digital channels only creates empty file
    [SB-3061] Num cycles calculation at "current view" doesn't work.
    [SB-3083] Error message-box with hieroglyphics text.
    [SB-3086] Name of trigger level 1 is wrong during move
    [SB-3089] Mark High Level in digital display painted out of valid data area
    [SB-3090] M4i sync replay doesn't work (generates driver error at start).
    [SB-3094] No documentation for default template generator dialog
    [SB-3096] Scale is wrong for undivided multi average signal
    [SB-3097] Creating multiple "Multi Average" calculations at once creates channels with same name
    [SB-3098] EasyGenerator connected multiple times
    [SB-3099] Calibration of all cards finishes immediately after start of second card
    [SB-3100] Cannot save setup after resizing the main window
    [SB-3102] Segment navigation buttons not shown if segmented bus is selected
    [SB-3104] M4i sync replay: programm jammed rarely after SR change
    [SB-3106] ASCII Import: Setting "Skip lines" to non-zero value causes spikes at end of signal
    [SB-3107] Importing ASCII file with comma as column separator creates zero data
    [SB-3112] Program crash at closing with running recording loop.
    [SB-3144] Generating report with FFT and dynamic params calculation -> calculation results not found and error message generated
    [SB-3149] Crash when entering character after using macro toolbox
    [SB-3174] Loading config for 70xx causes crash
    [SB-3177] Assigning single channel from ASCII file to all output channels causes crash

  • Version 6.2.12 of 3rd August 2015Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2922] Show icon for invalid drop if dragged channels do not match card
    [SB-2923] Show unit for output level and offset in DO channel setup dialog
    [SB-2924] Increase step size of digital output level using mouse wheel
    [SB-2980] Add support for extended averaging feature of 22xx
    [SB-2987] Also dim channel comments if "Dim background channels" is enabled
    [SB-3009] Reworked SBench 6 Info dialogue if no hardware is present to avoid confusion
    [SB-3013] Different colors for EasyGenerator signals
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2913] Loading Easy Generator twice causes crash
    [SB-2916] Starting FFT on disabled channel crashes SBench 6
    [SB-2921] Assigning analog channel to 7210 output channels causes crash
    [SB-2926] SB6: EasyGenerator use previous configured loop-value.
    [SB-2927] In black and white mode cursors of digital display are colored in screenshot
    [SB-2928] Software averaging on hardware averaged signal may create wrong data
    [SB-2930] Loop after singleshot with autostore creates "file opened by other process" error
    [SB-2935] Starting digital calculation without selecting two channels causes crash
    [SB-2942] Screenshot of digital display is wrong
    [SB-2943] Clock granularity of hardware is dramatically reduced by clock spin box rounding
    [SB-2944] Channel names with spaces get truncated after export and re-import of pure binary file
    [SB-2945] SFDR calculations do not deliver results when added separately and crash SBench on deletion
    [SB-2947] Setup load uses "Standard Multi" pretrigger value for "Standard Average" pretrigger
    [SB-2949] Num Averages field value only updated after pressing enter
    [SB-2950] Crash in function generator when using non-valid entries for "if" function
    [SB-2951] Start of average calculation after reset transfers no data and crashes SBench on stop command
    [SB-2955] Changing name of a formular generated signal not propagated to all channells using it
    [SB-2960] Drag&Drop of replay data on card node only possible on first card
    [SB-2967] High level markers of digital display are wrong in report editor dialog
    [SB-2988] Creating comment on short channels causes crash
    [SB-3001] Crash at ASCII import.
    [SB-3005] Config file (with FIR filter) load crashes.
    [SB-3014] EasyGenerator allows 3V amplitude for 66xx
    [SB-3018] Importing split file with digital data causes crash
    [SB-3021] Immediate crash on binary import of MATLAB generated binary file
    [SB-3024] Some combinations of synced cards could not be started

  • Version 6.2.11 of 4th June 2015Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements

    [SB-0000] Support of M4i.66xx AWG series
    [SB-1496] Data transfer engine reads next block from disk in advance
    [SB-2679] Allow software trigger for M4i cards with multiple-recording based modes
    [SB-2709] Stop showing "Opening TCPIP..." message after timeout
    [SB-2774] Binary import dialog: using last configured values
    [SB-2782] Function Generator: having access of the actual values of Sampling rate, Memsize, ...
    [SB-2789] Show channel trigger levels same way as analog display
    [SB-2791] Drag a calculated signal to the board-name, assigns this signal to all channels of this board.
    [SB-2811] Set Output Enable for all enabled channels of an M4i.66xx card as default
    [SB-2812] User-definable font size for X and Y axis
    [SB-2822] Rename "Output" and "Output Enable" columns
    [SB-2827] User definable grid sizes
    [SB-2829] Replay cards: take loop value change into account at runtime
    [SB-2840] ASCII export with hex values: adding leading zeros
    [SB-2865] Generate a warning if channel for matlab export contains non-ASCII names
    [SB-2876] Hide unused High/Low level settings in Frequency calculation
    [SB-2885] Unify custom unit setup
    [SB-2904] Add Tera and Peta prefixes to y scale of displays
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2317] Starting single-acquisition after setup load with import does not show data in display
    [SB-2373] Frequency calculations reports error if signal amplitude is too small
    [SB-2388] Cache empty error after loading and running a setup with imported signals and FFT
    [SB-2461] Output frequency in clock dialog only displayed after change of sample rate
    [SB-2606] Crash when changing trigger level in loop
    [SB-2677] Connector tooltip wrong on two-channel-M4i
    [SB-2759] "Error in Preview Display - SB6Eng: cache is full/empty 0x00030009" @ MX.4963
    [SB-2767] Wrong data muxing for EasyGenerator and 66xx
    [SB-2769] Reference copy of FFT signal has wrong frequency range
    [SB-2770] M2i and M4i with Star-Hub cause crash after M4i has been selected at start
    [SB-2771] Exporting all channels from 5x4652 sync group to sb6dat causes crash
    [SB-2772] Exporting all channels from 5x4652 sync group to sb5 format causes crash
    [SB-2773] Crash at binary-import with empty dialog-fields.
    [SB-2775] Wrap around in signal multiplication
    [SB-2776] Wrap around in signal multiplication if source channel has custom unit
    [SB-2777] Groupbox for timebased or frequency based channels not checked at import
    [SB-2779] Enabling diff mode by setup dialog causes crash
    [SB-2780] Samplerate errors when using 66xx with easy generator
    [SB-2783] Crash at Function Generator: manual setup deaktivation
    [SB-2785] Easy Generator with small frequencies causes crash
    [SB-2787] Function Generator: a manually set name not recognized
    [SB-2790] Replay of calculated signal: conversion error at start
    [SB-2792] Possible to create channel trigger level0 < level1 using levels in display
    [SB-2793] Change name of calculated name: actually updated, but not stored in config-file.
    [SB-2796] Calculation formula with AND / OR crashes.
    [SB-2798] Converting 22xx channel to digital before first acquistion creates 7bit bus
    [SB-2799] Digital bus not painted after resolution change of analog source channel
    [SB-2800] Start without hardware or demo card -> crash when doing Windows -> Show All
    [SB-2802] Zero line does not cover whole width in screenshot of display
    [SB-2804] Signal in screenshot is painted over Y scale
    [SB-2806] Auto detection of ASCII import generates rubbish setup
    [SB-2808] Drag and drop of imported channels "file" node to display does not start automatic conversion dialog
    [SB-2809] Easy Generator swaps ch1 and ch2 with M4i.66xx
    [SB-2810] Easy Generator: ...-Frequency change no reaction at runtime
    [SB-2813] Easy Generator: offset in sine needs to be handled differently with 66xx
    [SB-2817] Filter frequency missing from analog output channel's context menu
    [SB-2825] Setting custom unit on channel may cause crash
    [SB-2831] Crash in dynamic parameter calculation
    [SB-2838] Wrong painting at top border in analog display.
    [SB-2839] Zooming out with history mode enabled does not properly clear history buffer
    [SB-2841] ASCII import of attached file not possible.
    [SB-2843] Program crash through null pointer.
    [SB-2845] ch data mismatch after a second ASCII import
    [SB-2850] FFT from current-view works correct with only one analog-display available
    [SB-2851] ASCII import: only the first quarter of the file is imported
    [SB-2852] Locked cursor on erased imported signal not completly freed.
    [SB-2854] Cannot display complete channel from ASCII file if smaller part has been displayed
    [SB-2858] Calculation between cursors: calculated value erased after cursor movement
    [SB-2859] Block not found in analog display during preview data calculation
    [SB-2861] Undo zoom with history mode corrupts display
    [SB-2862] Export of 32bit data to ASCII writes wrong values
    [SB-2864] Cursor tracking in digital display does not work correctly
    [SB-2874] CalcValueInfo object not correctly removed after setup load
    [SB-2877] Frequency calculation reports "high level outside signal"
    [SB-2880] Tool tip wrong if Hardware Average Mode is selected
    [SB-2881] Wrong "Pro Version" suffix for calculations
    [SB-2882] 7xxx start with no channels enabled
    [SB-2883] Clock output frequency is wrong for 7xxx in Ext Divider mode
    [SB-2884] Result of FIR calculation does not use custom unit of source signal
    [SB-2886] FFT calculation with Y scale = Voltage does not respect custom unit
    [SB-2887] Copy as reference on invalid channel locks SBench6
    [SB-2891] Calculation start and end values in tooltip of result don't respect custom units
    [SB-2893] FIR on 128kS signal causes endless loop in display
    [SB-2894] Locked Cursor B jumps after trigger mode has been changed
    [SB-2909] Modes InWin and OutWin for Ext0 only available via detailed dialog, not available/shown in Table
    [SB-2910] License mask is wrong

  • Version 6.2.10 of 27th February 2015Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2749] M4i.44xx: support of new digital input feature that allows to run 2 analog channels and 3 digitial channels
    [SB-2079] Resolution enhancement when using U(t) averaging
    [SB-2396] Hide clock output checkbox for netbox slave cards
    [SB-2694] ASCII Import improvements
    [SB-2704] Possible crash if more than 100000 split files are created
    [SB-2706] Show posttrigger and trigger delay in channel info dialog
    [SB-2710] Left-click in preview display should check if zoom levels changed before updating main display
    [SB-2717] Disable odd channel trigger sources if differential mode is used
    [SB-2725] Use Zoom "Show Full Signal" instead of default "Show Full Area" when adding channels to Histogram display
    [SB-2734] Do not allow the same display name twice
    [SB-2744] Keyboard up/down could also check for min/max range of focused field and not stop/update acquisition above/below its limits
    [SB-2747] Do not show comments during scolling and resizing of displays
    [SB-2756] Fully expand sync groups in start dialog as default
    [SB-2762] Show absolute value for frequency representation of cursor span
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-326] Keyboard focus is wrong in Start dialog under linux
    [SB-2120] Parameters for imported signals not stored in setup file
    [SB-2122] Disabling digital output channels that contain imported data deadlocks Sbench
    [SB-2141] Releasing right-mouse button after moving second cursor invokes "set visible area" dialog
    [SB-2545] Recording loop and removing analog-to-digital conversion function crashes SBench
    [SB-2550] Setup for trigger delay available if single card uses star-hub
    [SB-2553] No loop recording with attached setup possible, only single shoots.
    [SB-2574] Crash closing SBench while a certain clock frequency is set
    [SB-2680] Digital display gets update only every second acquisition and might complety hang SBench
    [SB-2684] Loading setup with FFTs for disabled channels creates invalid data, that freezes the display thread and prohibits further recordings
    [SB-2715] Program crash at loading DirectDriverAccess file.
    [SB-2716] Separator missing in digital channel's context menu
    [SB-2720] Race condition when displaying data and calculating preview from ASCII file
    [SB-2724] Moving Average dialog incorrectly allows settings of an even number window width
    [SB-2729] Invoking set visible area dialog for x-axis and clicking OK with no changes changes area
    [SB-2731] Clicking "disabled" Or/And checkboxes in trigger dialog with "single hardware source" selected sets more than one channel
    [SB-2737] Changing Memsize directly after setup load resets pre-trigger (segment) to second smallest value
    [SB-2739] Moving comment anchor to the position of another comment anchor deletes previous comment
    [SB-2741] Import of partial FFT signal destroys X axis
    [SB-2742] Change of comment text shifts comment position in some cases
    [SB-2743] X-axis not updated when moving scroll bar
    [SB-2745] Short recording lengths show significant gaps in preview display
    [SB-2746] Scrolling analog display shows even out of visual range channel comments in some cases
    [SB-2750] Error message "no error" if starting syned cards with non-star-hub card disabled
    [SB-2755] Enabling digital channels of synchronized M4i cards crashes with next start of recording.
    [SB-2758] Custom units for analog channels not correctly written for synced cards
    [SB-2763] 60xx: Start buttons greyed out after setup load
    [SB-2764] Maximum segment pretrigger is wrong for output cards

  • Version 6.2.9 of 28th January 2015Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2695] New Shortcut commands: Move cursor up/down/right/left[SB-2700]
    Improve error handling for errors at MI/MC/MX start
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-1597] Jump to edge functions sometimes hide cursor on new position
    [SB-2683] Button for for hardware reset correctly grayed out in acquisition mode, but keyboard shortcut is not
    [SB-2686] Channel trigger on disabled channels only active for M2i cards
    [SB-2693] ASCII file with white spaces at line end causes crash
    [SB-2696] Trigger delay missing from binary and wave header files
    [SB-2697] FIFO + Multi: changing from continuous segments to dedicated number and back to continuous fails
    [SB-2698] FIFO MR + Timestamps + Binary File leads to crash
    [SB-2699] Storing data to a new file (except autostore) does not close previous file
    [SB-2703] Cannot restore Sine Info calculation

  • Version 6.2.8 of 17th December 2014Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2688] ASCII Import: Make data organization user-selectable
    [SB-2691] FFT Display: Increase maximum number of harmonics cursors
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2678] Export of M4i acquisition with digital channels does not work
    [SB-2682] Messed up display if analog data with digital bits from pure binary import file is displayed
    [SB-2685] Deleting any calculated channel while calculation is still running crashes Sbench
    [SB-2689] M4i.2220: fixed number of digital input lines

  • Version 6.2.7 of 9th December 2014Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-1068] Data conversion of digital data for output
    [SB-2639] Allow setup of external amplifier card
    [SB-2672] M4i.22xx: AC calibration feature
    [SB-1306] Ch+ and Ch- buttons in spread display are too small under linux
    [SB-1663] High level entries in context menu are odd
    [SB-2409] Keep channel trigger voltage level constant on IR change
    [SB-2427] display context menu contains all enable/disable functions from icons
    [SB-2443] Input Channel: Show filter frequency instead of "Limit"
    [SB-2605] Store "recent" files immediately and not just on program exit
    [SB-2619] Calibration improvements for sync-systems
    [SB-2621] Table of dynamic parameter shows more information (frequency of Harmonics, SFDR value @ frequency)
    [SB-2634] Remove ugly line crossing effects with thicker data lines
    [SB-2636] Wrap around when changing AO settings using mouse wheel
    [SB-2659] Setting of channel trigger level by moving the trigger line directly in the display
    [SB-2664] Help-Page: "Calculation Functions" lacking some links
    [SB-2669] sb6convert : print channel header feature for ASCII conversion
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-1503] After removing channels from display scrolling does not work
    [SB-1822] Crash and extremely high memory consumption when multiple zooming in digital display
    [SB-2238] x-offset between A and B samples for M4i.44xx
    [SB-2451] tracked cursor measuremts: info line with delta erased after movement and distance not every time constant
    [SB-2468] Tracked Cursor: slave cursor (outside actual view) changes distance at moving master cursor
    [SB-2476] New display only shown after second activation of channels
    [SB-2504] Tracked cursors: distance not every time constant
    [SB-2529] Crash when calculating FFT and Dynamic Parameters
    [SB-2531] Software locks when changing channel enable and samplerates in a loop acquisition back and forth
    [SB-2540] FineClock Mode for 44xx cards not available, when ignoring Starhub
    [SB-2557] Sync: board series mismatch at start-dialog
    [SB-2570] Missing trigger and segment border lines for all but first ABA segments and A-time channel always displayd
    [SB-2608] Zoom level not restored on setup load and channels in display not visible until "full fit"
    [SB-2610] Timestamp table values sometimes not correct
    [SB-2611] Selecting A and B channel not propagated to Export dialog
    [SB-2612] Exporting/Importing ABA data: last segment is missing
    [SB-2613] Exporting more than 128 timestamps causes messed up sb6dat file
    [SB-2614] Crash in FIFO mode with 32 MB notify size
    [SB-2617] Working Directory not restored correctly when using config file
    [SB-2622] 72xx: crash when setting pattern trigger
    [SB-2623] crash when outputting only a part of all channels of a digital (input/)output card
    [SB-2627] Crash at close with running recording loop
    [SB-2631] Status line text is cleared at mousemovement over menu
    [SB-2633] Shortcuts for zoom modes usable in XY display
    [SB-2635] Data line width setting ignored by spread display
    [SB-2638] No difference between line and line-with-points mode in XY display
    [SB-2643] Display color dialog for XY-display contains unused entries
    [SB-2648] ASCII file always imported as analog data
    [SB-2649] Dragging comment to other display shows "drop possible" indicator
    [SB-2654] Screenshot function not showing all comments
    [SB-2655] 70xx pattern trigger does not work
    [SB-2656] Value for "clk_max" @ ext_clk wrong using M2i.7021
    [SB-2660] Different things in clipboard at keyboard or mouse copy action of info-values
    [SB-2668] Manual link not working from help menu

  • Version 6.2.6 of 8th October 2014Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-986] Start-Single and Start-Loop as command line parameter for automatic acquisition start on unmonitored systems
    [SB-2242] Display timestamp table with timestamps and trigger source information
    [SB-2395] Add M4i.22xx-x8
    [SB-2156] Moveable comments
    [SB-2421] Display: new line mode: point and line
    [SB-2495] digitizerNETBOX FIFO transfer speed improvement
    [SB-2498] Preview uses color palette of current "parent" window
    [SB-2511] Jump automaticly to marked area after winded operation in preview-display.
    [SB-2537] Analog to Digital conversion: "keep in loop" context menu added
    [SB-2543] Z-Order of signal painting takes history into acount
    [SB-2555] M4i Sync and reset: improvement of reset time
    [SB-2556] Generate trigger output pulse on each repetition in SPC_REP_STD_CONTINUOUS
    [SB-2563] Averaging function uses extended resolution to optimize results
    [SB-2564] Added 32 bit output format to calculation function
    [SB-2583] Buffer Fillsize in % and not in o/oo
    [SB-2601] Disable "Cancel" button if "Update directly" is checked
    [SB-2603] Show channel colors in trigger dialog
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2311] Default clock for M2i.7010 set to suitable value
    [SB-2489] Individual settings in mode dialog require half screen x-size to display all table headlines
    [SB-2129] Second sync group at start usable
    [SB-2432] After stopping FIFO acquisition SBench hangs a few seconds
    [SB-2458] Display x- and y-achsis skaling change if all channels are disabled
    [SB-2487] Average results are wrong
    [SB-2490] Individual NoOfAverages settings not stored in configuration file
    [SB-2491] Changing individual values in mode dialog does not mark settings as changed --> saving not possible
    [SB-2493] If started without card multiple clicks on "Start Control Center" cause freeze
    [SB-2500] First acquisition with autostore is either overwritten or causes file error during run
    [SB-2501] Digital display: a few upper bits ar wrong painted (amplitude) or missing.
    [SB-2503] Dragging calculation's "Digital" node to display adds wrong channel
    [SB-2505] Path for setup file load location changes when dialog is canceled once
    [SB-2506] Crash opening special setup + card start
    [SB-2507] Crash at export dialog of imported big SB5stream file.
    [SB-2508] Imported SB5 files are always treated as analog data
    [SB-2509] Export of single bit of A2D conversion contains too much data
    [SB-2510] Import of pure binary file with only one digital channel causes crash
    [SB-2512] Changed signal names on imported signals are not saved to file
    [SB-2513] Crash when stopping fast streaming
    [SB-2515] Timestamp format of exported file is wrong
    [SB-2524] M4i: Wrong clock mode (ext with divider) in list.
    [SB-2526] Shortcut for hardware stop not always working correctly
    [SB-2535] Wrong digitalbits painting after dragging a few bits to digital display
    [SB-2539] M4i Sync: wrong order of samplerate setting to the cards
    [SB-2542] Memsize change take not lock-settings into acount if the programm starts with a config file
    [SB-2546] Creating digital bus on M4i digital inputs causes crash
    [SB-2549] Multi license is only shared among cards if starhub carrier card has license installed
    [SB-2558] Wrong driver-dll version at the info-dialog displayed
    [SB-2566] Average Loops not stored to config file
    [SB-2567] Mousewheel zoom
    [SB-2579] Changes in Timestamp Setup do not mark setup as changed
    [SB-2580] Samplerates that are not available visible in drop-down list
    [SB-2584] FIFO Display not working
    [SB-2587] Line-dot-dotline selector button missing in XY display's toolbar
    [SB-2591] Start/Loop Buttons not grayed out on FIFO
    [SB-2595] Loading setup file after an acquisition with timestamp does not clear timestamp dialog
    [SB-2596] Memory leak using auto store
    [SB-2599] Re-sizing Trigger dialog to bigger sizes can crash SBench
    [SB-2600] Trigger level cleared when switching trigger mode for the first time and producing wrong level configuration
    [SB-2602] Minimum size of trigger dialog too small, levels are incorrectly displayed

  • Version 6.2.5 of 29th July 2014Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2345] Autostore with limited number of stored files (round robin)
    [SB-2400] Implement digital bits for 22xx
    [SB-2479] Add hysteresis trigger modes for M4i channel trigger
    [SB-1753] Remember choice for file overwrite message box
    [SB-1894] Noise function for Function Generator
    [SB-1978] Import of binary files with file-extension other than bin.
    [SB-2266] Enable "Update directly" in trigger dialog as default
    [SB-2346] Hide triggersources that are not accessible on netbox
    [SB-2359] Increase size of harmonics cursors setup dialog
    [SB-2378] Netbox: Default clock master should be master card
    [SB-2381] Show some information about progress while splash screen is visible
    [SB-2383] Last screenshot path stored in settings
    [SB-2410] Increase limits for user-defined notify size and buffer
    [SB-2418] Adding context menu at "Input Channel"-tab table header too.
    [SB-2434] Show output clock speed also for sync slave cards
    [SB-2442] Use SPC_READNUMFILTERS and SPC_FILTERFREQUENCY register for 6xxx cards
    [SB-2447] Change default external clock to non-zero value
    [SB-2471] Data import/export toolbar icons improved
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2225] Switching Input Paths on M3i resets Termination back to 1 MOhm
    [SB-1191] Slow ABA does not overlap with fast channel
    [SB-1936] Zoom out y-axis in histogram aligns Y=0 to lowest display position
    [SB-1966] FFT + Average running: when changing analog source signal setup, system no longer reacting to start command
    [SB-2059] 49xx: Block offset setting at channel diff-mode.
    [SB-2094] Internal error when starting 72xx with ASCII file
    [SB-2115] Automatic streaming scaling doesn't generate proper scaling
    [SB-2132] Problems during ASCII Export of analog and digital channels into one file
    [SB-2165] Trigger setup not correctly restored for synced cards
    [SB-2181] Horizontal scrollbar is flickering with certain sample rate changes
    [SB-2214] SB6 locks after cancel of FIFO Recoridng and doesn't allow new recording starts
    [SB-2276] Y-Scale of imported binary files completely wrong
    [SB-2279] Export Dialog does not correctly display from/to time values
    [SB-2280] Export dialog time typed in value not properly updated
    [SB-2299] Clicking loop start button while display is still working causes crash
    [SB-2302] Calculation of measured signal-frequency produce intermittent malfunction.
    [SB-2312] wrong max. Clock for a MI.2030
    [SB-2328] SB6 crash at displaing ASCII imported 1 channel 13 bit data.
    [SB-2349] Window title shows number of remaining demo starts in english although german language is selected
    [SB-2352] Y position of unlocked cursor in synced analog display moves down if cursor is moved in digital display
    [SB-2364] Segment navigation and jump to edge buttons in digital display behave weird after setup load and/or first recording
    [SB-2375] Changing display name does not update info dialog
    [SB-2376] Check for driver version occurs after check of mapping
    [SB-2377] Lock-up if LAN gets disconnected while SB6 is running
    [SB-2379] Double click on XIO trigger source does not open dialog
    [SB-2382] Base License: Sub menus of context menu Calculation not shown if only pro version calculations in sub menu
    [SB-2390] Selection of visible range for channel with custom unit is wrong
    [SB-2394] Starting loop while display is busy may cause crash
    [SB-2397] "Help" menu has no Keyboard shortcut
    [SB-2398] Preview display connects different multi segments when having less than 8kS total data
    [SB-2399] "Overwrite Setup ?" Dialog is not translated into German
    [SB-2401] Memory leak at using "analog calculation" function to add two channels.
    [SB-2402] Double click on unavailable output item opens editor
    [SB-2403] Click on unavailable AND entry causes crash
    [SB-2404] Buttons for samplerate up/down don't work in external reference clock mode
    [SB-2405] SB6 crash at configuration file loading (with calculation formulars inside)
    [SB-2407] Closing SBench6 while preview calculation is running causes crash
    [SB-2411] SB6 crash at displaying more than one imported channel at once.
    [SB-2412] ArmLevel on M4i Ext0 can equal TrigLevel
    [SB-2413] Acquistion with user-defined block size crashes occasionally
    [SB-2415] Changing clock output for slave card has no immediate effect in loop
    [SB-2416] Clock output frequency not shown in PXI RefClock mode
    [SB-2417] Close program without storing settings: stores settings
    [SB-2419] Enable timestamps without question does not work
    [SB-2420] Autostore settings not complete restored from config
    [SB-2424] Possible to enable both ext trigger and trigger output on M2i
    [SB-2430] FIFO mode display: mouse wheel corrupts display
    [SB-2435] Clicking SampleRate column in clock table creates 1kHz entry
    [SB-2437] Input Mode - Average - Time display of values not working
    [SB-2441] Using averaging count of two in first acquisition causes crash
    [SB-2448] Mouse wheel in sample rate field not selecting all available entries in combo box
    [SB-2450] Minimum external clock with divider is wrong
    [SB-2452] Possible to set Pre-Gate larger than memsize
    [SB-2456] Sinc function in easy generator generates only one half of signal
    [SB-2457] x-achsis skaling changes when moving view in preview-window at deep zoom-levels.
    [SB-2460] Changing Pre-Trigger with locked Post-Trigger creates MEMSIZE error
    [SB-2462] Locked Posttrigger allows to "optically" set Post higher than memsize
    [SB-2470] Wrong channel-names at SB5-Stream file import.
    [SB-2475] Locked cursors change position during looping acquisition
    [SB-2477] You only zoom twice into imported ASCII file under linux
    [SB-2481] Correction of missing fields in old SB6 format files is wrong
    [SB-2483] Move y-scrollbar slider changes the y-high of the visible area.

  • Version 6.2.4 of 7th May 2014Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2362] Correct naming of digitizerNETBOX in hardware selection
    [SB-2372] Show error message if entered custom unit setup is invalid
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-1912] Full Fit Zoom does not show the whole signal
    [SB-2353] Export/Import of SB5 file loses channel offset setting
    [SB-2358] Cannot collapse entries for harmonics cursor during loop
    [SB-2360] Unit in "Set visible area" dialog are mV if only one channel with custom unit in display
    [SB-2361] Crash if four custom units in display and tooltip for scales shall be displayed
    [SB-2363] Confusion with embedded digitizers when finding two digitizerNETBOXES
    [SB-2367] Cannot select clock output while using external clock on M4i
    [SB-2368] ASCII export of 15 bit channels creates all-zero channel
    [SB-2369] Crash if card mapping is enabled
    [SB-2370] Cards in netbox not selected if netbox node is only node

  • Version 6.2.3 of 17th April 2014Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2296] SB6 start with sync compound of replay and recording board: error message more clear
    [SB-2332] Add zero padding option to FFT calculation
    [SB-2341] Allow use of imported, write protected data file for multiple cards/outputs
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-1827] Moving cursors in FFT display shifts visible area in Info dialog
    [SB-2101] Shortcut for "Start Loop" does not stop loop when loop is running
    [SB-2207] Multiple uses of "Jump to Trigger" Zoom with active trigger delay changes zoom level with each click
    [SB-2250] Analog display does not show any B-Data using ABA mode with one segment only
    [SB-2257] SB6 file export with custom scaling now working.
    [SB-2322] Set visible area for x-axis does not work setting one value smaller than 1 us
    [SB-2330] Histogram calculation crashes on int32 signals
    [SB-2334] Selected calculation area may be wrong in FFT dialog
    [SB-2335] Using offset adjustment with appropriate input-signal, spread-Y-axis-display cut display-area from last channel.
    [SB-2337] Deleting na imported channel does not remove it from all DO channels
    [SB-2338] Using imported *.BIN or *.WAV files for replay creates file conversion error
    [SB-2340] Writing write protected setup does not create any error
    [SB-2342] Using demo card without starhub not possible when last SB start used starhub
    [SB-2343] Using F1 for help in user settings dialog creates error 404
    [SB-2344] HTML help for user settings is missing some options
    [SB-2347] Changed language is not applied to all dialogs and menu items
    [SB-2348] Position calculated by maximum calculation does not respect trigger delay
    [SB-2350] After change of language names of calculations are still in previous language
    [SB-2351] Harmonics cursors ignore set cursor line width
    [SB-2355] DC peak may be "carrier" in FFT [dBc]

  • Version 6.2.2 of 21st March 2014Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-2130] SBench 6 Base license now supports multiple cards (star-hub)
    [SB-2320] Save Settings on Exit: "save to new config" to dialog
    [SB-2071] Mode to dim all display channels except the currently active
    [SB-2325] Added external amplifier settings 20 dB to 100 dB to custom unit
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2062] MICX: FiFo Recording canceling a record before the configured memsize is reached: new records are now possible
    [SB-2063] Crash when using Trigger Table with tab-key
    [SB-2123] Error in SB6 Interface -> Error occurs when pressing Force Trigger Button while card is running in loop-mode.
    [SB-2187] Preview display at first Fifo recording after config-file loading now painted.
    [SB-2234] Crash when using full fit zoom on 1.8GB data file
    [SB-2253] Calculation settings of moving average function cannot be changed
    [SB-2256] Function generator with more than one if () operation calculates wrong data
    [SB-2258] wrong Clock Output
    [SB-2281] Measurements with range "current view": possibility to use the wrong display as source
    [SB-2300] "Effective" calculation is wrong on non-zero-symmetric sine signals
    [SB-2304] Changing output mode whilst running in loop mode creates invalid mode dialog fields
    [SB-2305] Drag & Drop event on output "assigned data" can clear field
    [SB-2310] SB6 start without installed board crahes.
    [SB-2314] 70xx input termination: not at every config-path are the whole group changed
    [SB-2321] Crash in dynamic parameter calculation on large signals
    [SB-2323] Export of previously imported ASCII file leads to crash
    [SB-2327] Maximum external clock may be wrong
    [SB-2329] Selecting "Base Multi" license decrements demo count

  • Version 6.2.1 of 4th February 2014Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    [SB-501] Implement PXI-Bus-Trigger-Lines
    [SB-2269] Integrate "PXI Routing " tab into "Extern" tab
    [SB-2278] Allow higher full scale range on file import
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-1927] Using transport arrows of horizontal scrollbar sometimes does not work in loop mode
    [SB-2033] MX-FiFo Recording: Recording doesn't stop after configured memsize.
    [SB-2261] SB6 provides 0.000 Hz as setup for external clock. Selection is possible. Result is "value out of range" error.
    [SB-2262] Abort of acquisition does not work with multiple MX cards
    [SB-2264] Trigger Setup Window is not updating change of trigger mode
    [SB-2265] Trigger level difference accuracy too low and tooltip mentioning wrong unit
    [SB-2270] Enable trigger can be unchecked on MICX cards
    [SB-2273] Setup with limited FIFO size not correctly restored
    [SB-2275] Changing trigger level of EXT1 input in Trigger Mode Display affects level of EXT0
    [SB-2283] Crash at acquisition start with half-equipped modules and digital channels
    [SB-2284] Displaying digital data from 49xx causes crash
    [SB-2287] Source display for calculations not restored from config
    [SB-2288] Context menu of existing display is not translated when user changes language
    [SB-2297] Offset setting for MICX 46xx is wrong

  • Version 6.2.0 of 28th November 2013Open or Close

    New Features/Improvements
    Full support of M4i series
    [SB-1702] Rename external triggers to name on connector.
    [SB-2009] Allow abort of editing in memory setup fields
    [SB-2052] Allow Change of Window Names like Analog Display
    [SB-2144] Show frequency of clock output
    [SB-2171] Button and shortcut for Hardware Calibration
    [SB-2175] Change name of "single trigger"
    [SB-2222] Windows Installer file name now includes SBench 6 version
    [SB-2235] User-definable default setting for display's data line width
    [SB-2237] Use monospace font in calibration dialog
    [SB-2239] Set default level for analog trigger like on M3i cards
    [SB-2240] Do not set XMODE registers if nothing changed

    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-1805] No signal visible after fast zooming in
    [SB-1819] Zooming into FFT display: plot is vanishing at some point
    [SB-1862] Analog Display is crashing by press the Button "show full area" 2x while SB6 is calculating display-data @ full mem.
    [SB-2100] Unfinished functions can cause crash
    [SB-2109] Fifo memsize restored from config file not correctly displayed in input mode dialog
    [SB-2119] Importing write protected files creates "File handle not valid" error
    [SB-2121] Opening another setup file after opening a setup with imported channels crashes Sbench
    [SB-2145] Newly added support for existing trigger mode not added to trigger table and displays
    [SB-2148] Change of external trigger mode from trigger table not working
    [SB-2178] Deleting calculations in loop acquisition crashes SBench
    [SB-2179] Calculation restored from setup cannot be deleted before it once had valid data
    [SB-2186] SBench "driver too old" link does not exist anymore
    [SB-2192] Zoom to full segment not working if timestamp positions off
    [SB-2199] Import of ASCII file with voltage format contains wrong offset
    [SB-2204] Disabling "Channel to front" does not restore previous channel paint order
    [SB-2208] Preview display sometimes show old and new zoom position in parallel
    [SB-2210] Crash if right-click on multi average signal
    [SB-2211] Multi Average generates two calculation signals
    [SB-2212] In ABA mode the slow A channels are always added to display on acquisition start
    [SB-2215] Previewdisplay does not use offset setting of channel
    [SB-2217] "Number of Segments" field: 1 now possible and zero means continuous
    [SB-2219] Crash fixed at next ABA recording if only the B signal is dropped in a new analog display.
    [SB-2223] Digital bits column visible with M2i.70xx
    [SB-2224] Deleting all calculations for one channel during loop may crash
    [SB-2227] Maximum clock for 3026 is wrong for most channel combinations
    [SB-2229] Maximum calculation does not work on FFT
    [SB-2230] Looping acquisition stops on linux after some time
    [SB-2232] Max segment sizes of multiple-recording mode corrected (was to small).
    [SB-2233] Digital signal import: context menu adapted to analog signal one
    [SB-2236] Increase of Memsize in Loopmode brings msg: "Overrun - Retrieving remaining samples ... 4.500 MS transferred"
    [SB-2244] Timestamp start reset with oversampling shows multiple stamps per segment

  • Version 6.1.11 of 21st August 2013Open or Close

    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-558] Sometimes crash when closing digitizerNETBOX remote access
    [SB-2172] Cannot restore average calculation from setup

  • Version 6.1.10 of 12th August 2013Open or Close

    [SB-2155] User-definable font size for display comments
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-830] Maximum external clock value is wrong if interlace mode is active
    [SB-2143] Changing cursor colors does not change related text color in info display
    [SB-2150] Last sample in last multiple recording segment only displayed when enabling "sample points" display
    [SB-2151] Replay of digital data from file with analog data causes crash
    [SB-2154] MX.60xx listed as "supported" in "Not supported" error message
    [SB-2157] FIFO does not work when using only slave card without star-hub carrier
    [SB-2158] Displaying data from synced acquisition might cause crash
    [SB-2160] No clock master selection possible when using all but first card from sync group
    [SB-2161] Clock master not correctly restored from setup file
    [SB-2162] Program freeze after user aborted replay
    [SB-2163] Start command for synced output cards is wrong
    [SB-2164] Custom unit of source channel not used for result channel in moving average calculation
    [SB-2166] Internal cache might run full in replay mode
    [SB-2167] Function Generator doesn't store selection for Source 2 and Source 3
    [SB-2168] Print Dialogue doesn't show preview area when started new
    [SB-2169] Duplicating FFT or Histogram display causes crash

  • Version 6.1.9 of 3rd June 2013Open or Close

    New Features
    [SB-1795] Add usage of remote cards and digitizerNETBOX
    [SB-1796] New calculation: Moving Average
    [SB-2070] Different comment formats for displays
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-2126] Wrong error message if card start with sync failed
    [SB-2134] Cursor up/down does not move visible area in spread display
    [SB-2135] No scrollbar after clk change
    [SB-2136] Cursor positions in preview wrong after clock change
    [SB-2137] Binary import dialog creates wrong MaxADCValue in header file
    [SB-2139] Histogram calculation ignores the last sample

  • Version 6.1.8 of 18th April 2013 Open or Close

    New Features
    [SB-2015] Implementation of MC/MX.49xx.
    [SB-1721] Do not change visible Y area when moving preview rect
    [SB-1788] X-Y Display: Exchange X and Y signal by drag and drop
    [SB-1932] Change pulsewidth default scale from samples to time and remember setting when closing dialog
    [SB-1965] ASCII Export: number of printed digits programmable in user settings
    [SB-1968] Improvements in Print-Preview dialog.
    [SB-1988] Cursor Info in FFT: Difference between Cursor B and A in dB (not dBc, dBFS, ...)
    [SB-1991] Show old rect during move in preview display
    [SB-2002] Remember last directory for setup load
    [SB-2016] Calibration progress output also for MICX cards
    [SB-2038] Use FLUSH command for timestamps
    [SB-2050] Allow load/save of FIR coefficients from/to file
    [SB-2057] Improved sample rate calculation for synchronized cards
    [SB-2084] Add "Remember and don't ask again" checkbox to error message on calculation creation in non-existent directory
    [SB-2108] Remember last used setup file directory and store it in user settings
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-972] Adding two channels with different units to a display window creates weird results
    [SB-1765] Max quartz clock too high for MICX.46xx
    [SB-1836] Maximum acquisition time not updated when changing destination directory via tool bar
    [SB-1854] Wrong signal painting in analog display corrected.
    [SB-1863] Wrong xy-display values/painting corrected.
    [SB-1890] Cursor values in screenshot not readable when using black/white option
    [SB-1917] Openening a 31xx setup with 49xx card disables differential capability
    [SB-1918] Display not properly cleared when using history mode and zoom
    [SB-1919] occasionally crashes deleting a FFT calculation in loop mode
    [SB-1921] Possible Crash after loading setup
    [SB-1924] Closing external trigger dialog with OK does not always change trigger source properly
    [SB-1925] Opening setup of 8 channel card with 4 channel version creates error and prevents card start
    [SB-1935] Cards with individual channel pulsewidth counters have wrong minimum PW value in dialog
    [SB-1939] Using deactivated extra digital inputs in a conversion function deadlocks SBench
    [SB-1944] Disabled analog channels do not disable the corresponding digital channels
    [SB-1945] Size of printouts are not properly scaled to selected page
    [SB-1947] Changing Pixels for screenshot has no effect and values are wrong
    [SB-1949] Changing digitalmode via channel dialog from 4 bit to 2 bit removes all digital channels from display
    [SB-1950] Changing digital mode by activating/deaktivating digital channels does not update "Digital Bits" column in input channel dialog
    [SB-1953] No unit shown in Set visible area dialog when having a value of 0 for a border
    [SB-1969] ASCII import: signal right scaled and without anomalies
    [SB-1974] User Offset not properly checking for min/max boundaries when using mouse wheel
    [SB-1975] Changing user offset from "Setup AI channels" dialog does not work when updating multiple channels
    [SB-1976] Moving scrollbar does not update synced displays
    [SB-1977] Locked cursor with tracking enabled and moving cursor A: cursor B follows signal too
    [SB-1981] No more program crash with empty FIR filter coefficients.
    [SB-1986] No more program crash at replay start with only the second ch enabled on M2i.6033.
    [SB-1987] "Zoom to full segment" on Multiple Recording data (without timestamps) paint no samples from the neighbor segments.
    [SB-1990] Other single-starts after a stopped recording and a display-zoom operation are now possible.
    [SB-1993] Harmonics cursors do not respect black/white in screenshot
    [SB-1994] Strange message when starting with no card and no demo card installed
    [SB-1996] Loading setup does not restore pre and post for FIFO-GATE
    [SB-1997] Possible to set invalid clock divider values
    [SB-1998] Disabling first channel in Easy Generator causes crash
    [SB-1999] Crash in function generator when running before start with channel selected
    [SB-2000] Vertical zero line painted over X scale
    [SB-2003] Painting of bus is wrong in screenshot of digital display
    [SB-2004] ABA is wrong when interlacing is active
    [SB-2007] Grid always shown in print preview
    [SB-2010] Possible to change calculation settings during average run
    [SB-2019] External pulsewidth trigger mode not correctly restored from config file
    [SB-2020] FIFO_GATE may show incorrect or no data
    [SB-2021] Column "Digital Bits" does not always show correct state
    [SB-2022] Not all columns are centered
    [SB-2023] Enabled digital channels are not added to display
    [SB-2024] Channel order is messed up when channels are enabled using "Digital Bits" column
    [SB-2025] Fast click-and-delete in channel list can cause crash
    [SB-2026] Wrong unit in channel trigger setup dialog
    [SB-2027] Entry for digital bits in ABA channel is wrong
    [SB-2028] Right-clicking slow A channel causes crash
    [SB-2029] No digital channels for MX.49xx
    [SB-2030] Channel from SB5 import are always segmented
    [SB-2032] Prg crash at MX49 Fifo-Mode configuration removed.
    [SB-2034] Cursor in preview display in ABA mode totally unrelated to analog display
    [SB-2036] Cannot access function generator setup after running maximum calculation on it
    [SB-2039] Sync group moves depending on card opening order
    [SB-2041] Painting signal always to the left border.
    [SB-2042] Removing termination check box at PXI-Reference clock-mode.
    [SB-2044] FIR: Manually entering more coefficients than currently set causes crash
    [SB-2045] User file with settings and layout are now used at program start.
    [SB-2046] Trigger setup for digital card may be inconsistent
    [SB-2048] Clockmode: PXIref are now disabled if the mode is changed to PLL.
    [SB-2051] User information about not implemented Replay mode with signals from different files.
    [SB-2055] MICX: Change of clock mode now in all directions complete written to the driver.
    [SB-2060] MICX 46/47/49: Not implemented channel steepness trigger mode was settable.
    [SB-2061] M2i.49xx digital inputs not available in input dialog
    [SB-2064] Clock output not available in PXI RefClock mode
    [SB-2065] Segment display with timestamps: scrollbar left not working
    [SB-2066] Still one grid line visible when disabling grid display
    [SB-2067] No analog data visible when using a longer trigger delay than Memsize
    [SB-2068] Trigger delay not restored from setup
    [SB-2069] Help and Manual not available when starting SB6 by setup file.
    [SB-2072] Export dialog on top card node contains also inactive channels and lead to error
    [SB-2073] Using "add to display" context menu brings last display tab in focus after adding
    [SB-2074] Color settings for imported channels are not stored in setup file
    [SB-2075] Openening a setup including imported channels twice creates "file already open" message for every channel and disables imports
    [SB-2076] Color change of imported channel does not mark setup as changed
    [SB-2077] Memsize change in Function-Generator calculations correct interpreted.
    [SB-2080] Opening a setup with calculations on non-existing channels creates useless dialog asking for channel reduction
    [SB-2081] Opening setup of 8 channel card with 4 channel version creates weird channels
    [SB-2082] Setup Store/Load not working with multiple FFTs
    [SB-2085] Mouse wheel does not work on 72xx Output columns
    [SB-2086] Closing function generator does not update signal in analog display
    [SB-2087] Std-Single Replay in loop mode: channel deactivation now possible
    [SB-2088] Analog Replay boards: signal to channel assignment are now stored in config file
    [SB-2089] ASCII import are now without signal spikes.
    [SB-2091] 4 ch replay boards: Alignment of imported signals are now correct.
    [SB-2092] Importing ASCII file with 8bit resolution causes crash when channel is displayed
    [SB-2095] Deleting A2D conversion before first acquisition causes crash
    [SB-2096] Cannot start with 70xx and 60xx
    [SB-2097] Channel names are mixed up when importing data from synced cards with 70xx as first card
    [SB-2098] Sync setup error when starting with spcm0 and spcm2
    [SB-2102] Pressing "Del" twice on calculation in Info dialog causes crash
    [SB-2103] Depending on the card order a mode setup error might occur with synced 60xx and 70xx
    [SB-2104] Possible crash when replaying data on 70xx/60xx sync group
    [SB-2105] "Block not found" error in Analog Display with synced 4932 and 7010
    [SB-2106] Acquisition of synced cards hangs with more than 256kS
    [SB-2107] Working directory not stored in user settings
    [SB-2110] Filter dialog changes structure when displaying FIR error message
    [SB-2112] Button focus in setup channel dialog is on "edit description" instead of OK
    [SB-2114] Can not start with two synced M3i
    [SB-2124] Cannot setup cards using "Analog Inputs" node when calculated channels exist
    [SB-2125] Middle click on channel entry disables channel but doesn't remove it from display

  • Version 6.1.7 of 4th December 2012Open or Close

    New Features
    [SB-1928] Rezising screenshot dialog resizes preview area at first
    [SB-1959] Allow automatic selection of card when starting via double-click on setup file
    [SB-1973] Simplify access to paper orientation in print dialog
    Fixed Bugs
    [SB-1881] Spread-Display: Custom units with no 1:1 ratio are now displayed correctly in spread-displays.
    [SB-1884] Prg crash at "print cursor area" fixed.
    [SB-1886] Crash when deleting a calculation by pressing DEL on channel name
    [SB-1887] Simple calculations on current view not updated on zoom undo/redo
    [SB-1888] Simple calculations not updated when later changing calculation area
    [SB-1922] Next start of acquisition after deleting average function crashes SBench
    [SB-1923] Deleted Average calculation reappears at next acquisition start
    [SB-1934] Enabling differential input from channel dialog creates error
    [SB-1937] When opening a setup with histogram, its display has wrong y-axis before first start
    [SB-1951] Timestamp cache overrun in FIFO modes
    [SB-1952] Using "set visible area" dialog on x-axis in digital display zooms to wrong range
    [SB-1954] Progress bar in x/y display flickering in loop mode
    [SB-1960] FFT ASCII Export: x axis doesn't show correct values
    [SB-1962] Export of FFT to MATLAB file has wrong scaling
    [SB-1963] Scaling of ASCII export of averaged data is wrong
    [SB-1964] FFT + Voltage scaling shows wrong cursor information
    [SB-1967] Printout: Title, Show Cursor Values, Show Comments setup discarded when closing dialog
    [SB-1972] Removing custom units possible.


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