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Version 6.5.06 build 21514 of 8th December 2023

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-5155] Increase Spread-Display Offset-Limit
  • [SB-5179] Increase max "sampling rate" for Function Generator calculation
  • [SB-5184] Create reference of digital signal produce not optimal order of the single bit signals
  • [SB-5193] Show more frequencies for M5i.33xx in clock dialog
  • [SB-5197] Import dialog: scaling factors more universal
  • [SB-5199] Inconsistent naming schema at digital signal import

Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-5176] Simulated writing to disk causes overruns if AsyncIO is used
  • [SB-5177] Engine error SB6E_ERR_NUMQUEUES does not have an error description
  • [SB-5180] Crash when a setup that has been created by a card without pulse generator is loaded for a card with pulse generator
  • [SB-5185] Display of 32bit binary data in Offset Binary format crashes
  • [SB-5186] 32 bit signal: cursor HEX-value only 16 bit
  • [SB-5187] Cannot move cursor B over complete signal if cursor A is locked to channel with different timebase
  • [SB-5191] Function Generator calculation does not create destination channels immedately
  • [SB-5195] "Autostore" and "Write always to file" for calculations should only selectable for valid projects
  • [SB-5198] Export to pure binary file hangs on Windows if SynchronousIOOnly is not set

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