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Version 6.5.05 build 21250 of 19th September 2023

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-5145] Remove code that related to non-existing ABA on demo cards
  • [SB-5150] Show error message if selected plugin directory does not exist
  • [SB-5164] Show current source channel in calculation's "Change source" dialog
  • [SB-5173] Rename "Software" trigger in pulse generator to "Manual"

Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-4460] Samplerate setting in clock table cannot be closed by Enter key on Num pad
  • [SB-5105] A crash can occur at second recording after loading a specific project
  • [SB-5116] Different results for same signal in "Num Cycles" calculation
  • [SB-5139] Check for firmware version for SPC_DATA_OUTBUFSIZE is wrong for most series'
  • [SB-5143] Memory setup not written to driver under all conditions -> error thrown
  • [SB-5146] Autotrigger with short timeout: sending force trigger twice
  • [SB-5147] No channels selectable for digital calculation function
  • [SB-5152] File length of pure binary is zero after acquisition
  • [SB-5156] M5i FiFo mode change from multiple-recording to single: loop value from previous MR written to driver
  • [SB-5158] Copy as reference on FFT does not always create a new channel
  • [SB-5159] Dynamic parameters are not calculated correctly if not the complete FFT signal is used
  • [SB-5160] Cycle Based measurements of Average, Peak-Peak, Min, Max and Eff not working
  • [SB-5162] Result of "Num cycles" calculation in Formula is wrong
  • [SB-5174] "Exponential Pulse" function file for Function Generator calculation is missing a brace
  • [SB-5175] If Pulsgenerator feature is enabled on Sync-Master but not on the slave card, SBench6 crashes when creating main window

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