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Version 6.5.04 build 21020 of 13st June 2023

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-5117] Allow setup of termination for Digital Inputs on M5i
  • [SB-5122] Show file size in Project Navigator in GB if larger than 1000 MB
  • [SB-5123] Added support for digital pulse generator
  • [SB-5125] Show effective termination value insted of placeholder?
  • [SB-5129] Allow display of FFT of certain signals that cause nan in log10 calculation
  • [SB-5133] Improve scaling of FFT phase to better match the amplitude when shown in one window
  • [SB-5136] Support of 8bit mode for M5i.33xx

Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-5120] XIO mode registers not set for X0-X2 if they are used for trigger input
  • [SB-5126] Enabling trigger output on DA card crashes SB6
  • [SB-5128] M2p and Timestamps: clock oversampling factor not respected
  • [SB-5130] Selecting "Change Source" on a calculation can crash SBench6
  • [SB-5134] Program crash at project file opening
  • [SB-5135] Program crash at removing analog-digital conversion function
  • [SB-5140] Formula: negative numbers in if() cause errors

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