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Version 6.5.02 build 20443 of 10th November 2022

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4848] Rewroked setting of the offset in the "Input Channels" dialog and the "Setup AI channels" setting
  • [SB-5031] Add support for level selective averaging (M5i.33xx)
  • [SB-2133] ASCII export of arbitrary number of digital channels
  • [SB-2824] Improve scaling with custom units to get round numbers
  • [SB-4581] export to clipboard
  • [SB-4685] M2p: allow OR trigger with disabled channels
  • [SB-4742] FFT: Allow change of axis mode by clicking on X-axis
  • [SB-4977] Analog calculation: possibility of using simple constant values instead a second signal
  • [SB-5024] Hardware Averaging mode for M5i
  • [SB-5028] Output error message when opening card fails
  • [SB-5036] Calculate preview data for averaged signals in standard mode
  • [SB-5037] Convert values to custom unit for Matlab export
  • [SB-5038] Add "Info" context menu entry for Import node and the card nodes below
  • [SB-5053] Disable digital inputs if 8 Bit mode is activated
  • [SB-5057] Homepage is not available and Mode Dialog Chapter is lacking information regarding M5i TDA averaging

Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-4677] Rarely crash at preview-thread
  • [SB-4760] Crash in Preview code
  • [SB-5023] No tooltip on display's float button
  • [SB-5025] Colors of Reference Copies can be different between trace and clor icon in input channels dialog
  • [SB-5026] Custom Unit: cannot enter fractional part for voltage without deleting "V" first
  • [SB-5029] Setting range of FFT x axis does not work if logarithmic scale is used
  • [SB-5032] Crash in preview after scrolling analog display
  • [SB-5033] Calculating preview data on block average signal creates flat line
  • [SB-5035] File size of SB6 format can differ for same setup
  • [SB-5039] ARM64 package contains invalid executable
  • [SB-5040] Exporting channels with different lengths causes errors and crashes
  • [SB-5041] Trigger-Delay: upper limit wrong
  • [SB-5042] Matlab Export: Sometimes block not found error occurs by exporting channel data with different lengths
  • [SB-5043] Cannot use result of Peak-peak calculation in Formula calculation
  • [SB-5044] Changing "Name" field of Formula that has run once does not remove the entry with the old name
  • [SB-5045] Deleting a calculation that is used in "Formula" calculation crashes SB6 at next acquisition
  • [SB-5046] After export and re-import of an FFT-Phase the unit is k°
  • [SB-5047] Wave format export from multiple cards does not work correctly
  • [SB-5054] Loading a project with multiple displays and history mode causes wrong painting of display in background
  • [SB-5056] Setting certain values for FIFO acquisition length generates engine error
  • [SB-5058] Set y range of analog display: custom unit "Pa" for pascal is interpreted as peta-a
  • [SB-5059] Zero line of signal with custom unit can be values in the nano or femto range instead of zero
  • [SB-5061] File size given in preview data calculation dialog is wrong for binary files with more than one card
  • [SB-5062] OK button is available in "Basic file setup" dialog although setup is incomplete


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