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Version 6.5.01 build 20124 of 21st July 2022

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4935] Show difference of cursors in screenshot / image export
  • [SB-4950] SBench icon in task switcher looks ugly on Ubuntu
  • [SB-4984] Show imported signals automatically in display
  • [SB-4993] Improvement of SBench6 update process
  • [SB-5001] Start of external programs by sequence script with start arguments
  • [SB-5002] Possibility to use path relative to location of current project in SB6 sequence script
  • [SB-5003] Load .sb6seq script from project directory
  • [SB-5004] Allow loading of .sb6seq script from a running SBench6 instance
  • [SB-5010] Allow selection of remote control target with double click
  • [SB-5020] Operating SB6 with keyboard: right-mouse click through keyboard not possible

Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-4940] Some bugs in "Convert to analog" function
  • [SB-5005] Y position of cursors in screenshot of digital display can be wrong
  • [SB-5009] Remote control does not detect other SBenches
  • [SB-5011] Frequency calculation on fast signals does not find cycle
  • [SB-5014] Matlab export with enabled time scale causes corrupt file
  • [SB-5015] Channel Info dialog shows negative Pretrigger if Posttrigger > Length
  • [SB-5016] X Position in Matlab export is incorrect if only samples right from zero are exported
  • [SB-5022] Crash after data read of 33xx FiFo recording overrun.


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