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Version 6.4.17 build 17295 of 5th August 2020

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-2289] Calculation function extended to generate single result values
  • [SB-4754] Support for M4i.23xx
  • [SB-1025] Allow f-axis in FFT display to be changed to logarithmical scale
  • [SB-1667] Allow different source files for analog channels and corresponding digital bits
  • [SB-4706] Use custom widget for auto trigger timeout
  • [SB-4739] Show an indicator that F5 has been detected on splash screen


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-4631] Project save doesn't respect changed Plugin-signal colour change.
  • [SB-4723] "Output conversion failed" error depending on value of file handles
  • [SB-4724] Wrong signal on X2 of M4i.6631
  • [SB-4728] The button "Copy settings to other channels" leads to red crossed connection sockets for the other channels in the window of the Easy Generator/SB6.
  • [SB-4729] EasyGenerator: copy settings to channels disables tabs
  • [SB-4730] New position of comment anchor not visible if data points are drawn and data line width had been increased
  • [SB-4740] Digital output on X2 wrong for M4i.6631
  • [SB-4741] Starting a second instance of SBench6 causes error if "Hide device start manager" is set
  • [SB-4747] If a config file of the 66er is loaded with a 65er in the Easygenerator, SB6 crashes directly. Maybe you can issue a message like "inappropriate config file" instead.
  • [SB-4749] M4i.6620-x8 digital output produces "Output data conversion failed" error
  • [SB-4750] Digital output on 6620 causes "output conversion error"
  • [SB-4753] Multiple ways to generate errors when setting input offset
  • [SB-4755] Error on export of short MULTI signals when no timestamps had been acquired
  • [SB-4757] Calculation syntax error at RECT with a constant in formula
  • [SB-4759] Screenshot for displays does not respect "Hide Y scale" setting

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