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Version 6.4.16 build 17158 of 28th May 2020

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-3724] Add support for M4i, M4x, generatorNETBOX 66xx digital output feature
  • [SB-4643] Add support for M4i Digitaloption
  • [SB-1222] Possibility to dock out display windows from MDI area
  • [SB-2788] Replay boards: allow replay of more than one calculated signal at a time
  • [SB-3585] Show locked cards in list to avoid confusions
  • [SB-3643] Allow replay of more than only one identical calculated function for all channels
  • [SB-4175] Allow replay signals from different inported files (or caclulated signals) at one card.
  • [SB-4688] Show "Keep in loop" also if rand() is part of function
  • [SB-4696] Calculations allow selection of source channels, that are not active/valid.
  • [SB-4698] Make header of Channel and Calculation dialogs identically amongst them
  • [SB-4701] Show demo Netbox as Netbox in device selection dialog
  • [SB-4711] Digital outputs from EasyGenerator should have lower frequency
  • [SB-4714] Show icons on channel tabs in EasyGenerator to show enabled/disabled state at a glance
  • [SB-4719] Use correct register to enable digital outputs on M2i.60xx


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-3598] ASCII unicode file import doesn't work
  • [SB-4021] 44xx sync and enabled "Auto Trig": no automatic trigger if real trigger signal is missing
  • [SB-4681] Preview marker is wrong if preview display gets resized
  • [SB-4683] Missing A-Channels at "Select channels" dialog from displays
  • [SB-4690] Zero line too short if more than one Y scale is drawn
  • [SB-4694] Cancelling channel color selection dialog changes channel color to black
  • [SB-4697] No tooltip for "description button" in Setup DI channel dialog and no display of added description in tooltip of the channel in channel dialog
  • [SB-4702] Demo data does not change with each acquisition on linux
  • [SB-4705] Acqusition of XIO lines with timestamps does not include lines from digital option
  • [SB-4707] Moving Cursor B to next rising edge does not work via JumpToLocation dialog
  • [SB-4712] EasyGenerator: digital bits do not handle block transition correctly
  • [SB-4713] Setup of EasyGenerator does not store state of "Enable digital bits" button
  • [SB-4716] Easy Generator does not respect AO channel names
  • [SB-4718] Locked remote cards are not shown in card selection dialog
  • [SB-4721] Loading project with FuncGen that uses values from display causes "Could not restore calculation" error
  • [SB-4722] Creating FIR calculation on device channel without data crashes

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