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Version 6.4.09 build 15960 of 8th May 2019

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4289] Add Support for XIO status output of "all the Star-Hub connected cards are armed"
  • [SB-4317] Avoid showing device selection dialog after user loaded a project and selected "use democards"
  • [SB-4458] Double-Click on individual clock or mode setting does position cursor after SI unit, so that one cannot directly change the value
  • [SB-4466] Show filter frequency instead of "No filter"
  • [SB-4470] Do not create conv file during replay
  • [SB-4478] Disable project settings dialog while acquisition is running
  • [SB-4483] Tooltip for time scale to show time as hours:minutes:second


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-3816] FiFo recording: change x-achsis span at recording not possible
  • [SB-4422] Starting SBench in Viewer Mode by pressing F1 in Splash-Screen still locks all cards
  • [SB-4457] sb6convert: sometimes crash while converting to Matlab format
  • [SB-4461] Crash after changing internal settings in Viewer mode
  • [SB-4464] Channel with MaxADC = max(int32) is not displayed correctly
  • [SB-4467] Replay of data from file with single card on synced cards outputs wrong data
  • [SB-4469] Frequency calculation can be wrong on fast changing signals
  • [SB-4471] Selected channel not painted on top in streaming display mode
  • [SB-4474] Disabling all channels of first card in sync group causes error when software trigger is used
  • [SB-4476] Maximum calculation fails if only one sample is visible
  • [SB-4477] Changing "Keep in loop" for a calculated function does not update icon in channel list
  • [SB-4479] Calculated channel appears without a calculation being started
  • [SB-4480] Project navigator shows timestamp files when Pure Binary is used as file format
  • [SB-4481] Num cycle calculation found no period
  • [SB-4482] Time scale is wrong for long signals

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