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Version 6.4.08 build 15745 of 28th February 2019

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-71] New calculation: PSD (Power Spectrum Density)
  • [SB-3651] Add support for EXTCLK1 clock mode if card supports it
  • [SB-3809] Allow recording canceling after an overrun at reading the rest sample from board
  • [SB-3965] Add functionality of single-ended 77xx cards to X0, X1 table in trigger dialog
  • [SB-4247] Make trigger line and label more visible in analog display
  • [SB-4269] Improve feedback for big loop-recordings between data transfer and display painting
  • [SB-4344] Hide unsupported features in channel settings dialog instead of disabling them
  • [SB-4364] Advanced Output Dialog: Display "Time when Overrun occurs" and the Word "Overrun!" only once
  • [SB-4379] Clarify the pre and post are pre segment in MULTI modes
  • [SB-4384] Add "open directory in explorer" button to file name tool bar
  • [SB-4386] Show file path in toolbar with system-specific path dividers
  • [SB-4392] Show filename of imported file in "Basic file setup" dialog
  • [SB-4397] Use different waveforms for each channel in Easy Generator as default
  • [SB-4416] Align position of first read block to MaxBlockSize to improve cache usage
  • [SB-4426] Avoid "save current project?" dialog when user loads project via Project Welcome Dialog
  • [SB-4429] Show SB6 version in Card Selection dialog when no card has been found
  • [SB-4443] sb6convert: print error if unknown format argument is found
  • [SB-4450] Add parameter for sb6convert to hide progress bar


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-3175] Crash at displaying a lot of imported files.
  • [SB-3425] Displays are too large after tile with specific project loading
  • [SB-3429] Second Display Window can not be focused
  • [SB-4058] Error in Digital Display: Block not found in cache/file (0x0003000c) while switch on/off/on digital channels in Loop-Mode.
  • [SB-4199] Start of Easy Generator with base frequency below 50 kHz crashes SB6 (32 bit)
  • [SB-4220] Suse Linux: Start menü link to SB6 documentation reports "assistant not found"
  • [SB-4226] cursor position in FFT displays not correctly saved / restored in project
  • [SB-4272] Randomly crash at enabled interpolation and frequency-calculation.
  • [SB-4273] Crash at open Function Generator at card node.
  • [SB-4316] Strange unit in analog display after zooming in a lot
  • [SB-4322] Editing a cell in trigger table without double clicking writes new value to wrong cell
  • [SB-4324] Invalid pre-trigger value if segment size is changed to large value
  • [SB-4371] Change Clock mode in loop to "External Reference Clock" does not always displays RefClock field
  • [SB-4373] No import of single split file possible if timestamp file existed and is missing
  • [SB-4374] Stop of FIFO acquisition with no available timestamps crashes SBench
  • [SB-4376] Possible crash when a project is opened with demo cards instead of real card
  • [SB-4378] Value for Pulsewidth in Trigger Dialogs table does not have the unit "S" for samples.
  • [SB-4380] Possible to lock segment and pre in Boxcar modes
  • [SB-4381] Deleting certain calculations after project load can crash Sbench6 at next acquisition start
  • [SB-4383] Possible to enable Auto trigger timeout when Software trigger mode is enabled
  • [SB-4387] Matlab export with smaller length than maximum does not work correctly
  • [SB-4388] Crash when deleting last EasyGenerated Channel
  • [SB-4389] Changing data line width from default '1' to any larger value can corrupt display depending on signal type
  • [SB-4390] Switching between different "Values" in ASCII Import each time increments number of channels
  • [SB-4391] Selecting more than 16 Analog channels in ACSII import crashes SBench
  • [SB-4395] Output level after start is not MinOutput as intended
  • [SB-4398] "Invert" button for "Level" Waveform in Easy Generator has no effect
  • [SB-4400] EasyGenerator: generating negative levels creates zero line
  • [SB-4401] M2p: setup of clock output with synced cards is not consistent
  • [SB-4405] Default path for unzipping sb6prz project is wrong if filename contains dots
  • [SB-4411] Displayed frequency of clock output is wrong when user changes clock while card is running
  • [SB-4412] Re-enabling clock output on M2p might not work depending on current mode
  • [SB-4413] "ramp" example function generates wrong signal
  • [SB-4415] Preview displays asks for "Preview data calculation with file size 0 kB" for channels from ASCII files
  • [SB-4417] Dialog asking for "save current project" not shown, when opening another project
  • [SB-4419] Strange samplerate after import of SB5 file
  • [SB-4423] Individual mode settings not possible for Multiple replay
  • [SB-4425] Individual Segment SIze in Multiple Replay gets reverted to non-individual setting, but GUI still shows individual values
  • [SB-4427] Creating calculation on imported channel may not create result nodes in Info Dialog
  • [SB-4432] Resizing SB6 window does not re-tile subwindows
  • [SB-4433] "Channel to front" does not work in loop
  • [SB-4437] Wrong external reference clock range in label
  • [SB-4438] Repetition rate of looped REP_STD_SINGLE runs depends on length
  • [SB-4440] FIR on 32bit data causes crash
  • [SB-4441] Card node does not show if channels have custom unit
  • [SB-4442] Converting to matlab format using sb6convert hangs in endless loop
  • [SB-4444] SB6 Crashes when saving projects >with< data. (Sync M2i)
  • [SB-4445] Rarely existing calculations of a setup are not loaded (no input signals available)
  • [SB-4447] Engine mixes legacy interface for clock output with X-line based interface
  • [SB-4448] Waiting for reference clock edge does not work
  • [SB-4449] Error during calibration is not displayed when "All cards" are calibrated, e.g in Netbox
  • [SB-4451] MI/MC/MX 72xx is incorrectly mentioned as supported card
  • [SB-4452] Translation files not found if started by desktop link
  • [SB-4454] Editing multiple calculations at once only updates result of the first one

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