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Version 6.4.06 build 15131 of 11th September 2018

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-2387] Viewer only as additional start-up option
  • [SB-3269] Abort moving of trigger level or channel's zero line in display if ESC pressed
  • [SB-4212] Display stamps in timestamp table as "not real" when timestamps acquisition is not turned on
  • [SB-4290] Start with the last used device if hide Start Manager is checked and if there are multiple devices available
  • [SB-4291] SPC_TSXIOACQ_ENABLE mode: show XIO input values at timestamp table too
  • [SB-4299] Advanced Control Dialog: Values of disabled read accesses should be kept as is and greyed out instead of being cleared


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-4292] Some samplerates like 1.013kHz are truncated instead of rounded
  • [SB-4293] External trigger sources for M2i-based Netbox are wrong
  • [SB-4301] Changing parameters in mode dialog while recording in loop incorrectly displays 8bit Option for M2p.59xx cards
  • [SB-4311] STARTDATE and STARTTIME are only filled if timestamp setup changed
  • [SB-4315] Trigger source indicators for channel triggers in timestamp incorrectly include digital channels when activated

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