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Version 6.4.04 build 14823 of 4th July 2018

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-2291] Store config and data together as project file. After load exact view with all data and calculations as before
  • [SB-4214] Implement Trigger Holdoff for M2p cards
  • [SB-4223] Optional 8bit reduced sample resolution for reduced bus transfer throughput for 44xx
  • [SB-1893] User defined functions in Function Generator
  • [SB-4063] Show calculations that do not require input data in context menu for empty area
  • [SB-4065] Show "Export" sub-menu also on file node in channel dialog
  • [SB-4203] Make default size of "Function Generator" dialog to fit all elements
  • [SB-4204] Add syntax highlighting to Function Generator
  • [SB-4205] Export also timestamp values using Matlab export function


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-1120] After overrun on one card in sync the other cards don't stop
  • [SB-2053] MICX: External clock range for 1 active channel corrected.
  • [SB-3391] Changing channel "selection" incorrectly hides locked cursor "jump-to" buttons
  • [SB-3871] Tooltips for digital bits in channel dialog show wrong connector on M2i.4960 and 4961
  • [SB-4192] Maximum for MULTI/ABA/Gate/FIFO pretrigger on M2p does not yet grow with less active channels
  • [SB-4194] Incorrect scaling of channels of synced cards after issuing extra reset using external clock
  • [SB-4195] Pressing enter in Samplerate field for clock slave card does not update divider column
  • [SB-4196] Program crash at MR recording.
  • [SB-4197] Changing file split settings after project has been created has no effect
  • [SB-4209] Cannot output trigger to PXI lines greater than PXI0
  • [SB-4210] Pulsewidth value in trigger dialogs not setable with M2p
  • [SB-4211] Using segment navigation with active history mode does not properly clear display first
  • [SB-4219] RPM uses wrong icon
  • [SB-4221] Trigger levels in Screenshot do not respect Black/White setting
  • [SB-4222] Trigger levels that are outside of currently visible area are painted at top of display
  • [SB-4224] "Store data to temporary file" does not store in project directory
  • [SB-4225] Imported FFT signal in Volt has wrong scale.
  • [SB-4228] Entering "Left border" value that is larger than current "Right border" causes strange behaviour in ZoomTo dialog

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