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Version 6.4.03 build 14689 of 26th April 2018

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4086] Support for M2p.59xx Series
  • [SB-1134] Easy remote support by adding link to Spectrum website
  • [SB-2339] Make SB6 a little bit more in-house user friendly concerning replay and import file formats
  • [SB-2459] Drg'n'Drop sb6dat file to SB6.exe link not possible.
  • [SB-2834] Stop acquisition/replay on suspend and reset card after resume on windows
  • [SB-2835] Loop button should not be available in continuous replay mode
  • [SB-2856] Allow any file endings for import files.
  • [SB-3078] "Duplicate active display" should show visible area of source display
  • [SB-3117] Close (dynamicly loaded) Spectrum.dll, if not (no MICx boards) used.
  • [SB-3554] Get software license from locked card
  • [SB-3814] Show active special clock mode of 46xx in clock dialog
  • [SB-3932] Disable Project Location input field in "Save Project" Dialog or make it editable
  • [SB-3937] Overlay for icons of calculated channels to show "Keep in loop" state
  • [SB-3940] Hide preview display at start with digital input card
  • [SB-3959] Streaming: Average transfer speed caluclated including waiting time for trigger
  • [SB-3975] Allow import of .sb6dat file that is opened by another instance
  • [SB-3977] M4i Sync: better error message text if FW versions not identical
  • [SB-3992] Do not show "Filter" combobox in Easy Generator if card does not have filters
  • [SB-4001] Signal export of current view: choose the only available one as default
  • [SB-4010] reference signal has "keep in loop" context menu entry
  • [SB-4013] Change icon background from white to transparent
  • [SB-4078] Select value of Project Property field if value is still default
  • [SB-4093] Layout "Set visible area" dialog vertically if used for Y axis
  • [SB-4094] Make supporting/online links more easily acessible
  • [SB-4108] Show filename in "Delete file from disk" dialog
  • [SB-4142] Remove space between elements in Output Mode dialog
  • [SB-4144] Import of multiple-recording binaray and ASCII files.
  • [SB-4146] Strange error message at binary import with existing 0 byte header file.
  • [SB-4150] Add Output Type and Stop Level selection to Easy Generator
  • [SB-4169] Correct voltages for M2i.6xxx with 12V amplifier
  • [SB-4174] Allow software trigger also with segmented replay modes on M4i/M4x.66xx
  • [SB-4191] Access to Project Description from report


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2594] Trigger levels shown in display are only updated, if signal is valid
  • [SB-3190] Moved channel comment disappears if zoom level is too high
  • [SB-3372] Offset setting visible for odd channels in diff mode
  • [SB-3490] Opening write protected sb6dat file not working
  • [SB-3508] Wrong painting of 8 bit calculation at full-fit (zoom in is ok)
  • [SB-3607] Version check under linux tries to download windows installer
  • [SB-3777] No access to card with remote-server if selected manually
  • [SB-3835] Y Scales in FFT display not dimmed when channel is selected
  • [SB-3836] Y Scales change order depending on selected channel
  • [SB-3858] Digital inputs on M3i.32xx are not displayed correctly
  • [SB-3885] "No trigger select ..." message shown in standard mode when average mode was selected before
  • [SB-3931] Calculated channels appear when loading a project with synchronized cards
  • [SB-3933] SBench hangs after overrun with two synced cards
  • [SB-3958] Length of FIFO acquisition not shown correctly in project navigator when more than one acquisition done
  • [SB-3962] Streaming Display: signal area wrong after abort of disdplay calculation
  • [SB-3980] A lof of false values at function generator, calculating difference of two signals.
  • [SB-4097] Function generator calculates wrong signal from noise
  • [SB-4129] Calculation dialogs: click into a typeable field changes button focus
  • [SB-4141] Possible to use MICX.6xxx
  • [SB-4148] Function generator on Easy Generator signal can create wrong results
  • [SB-4151] Termination of channels for MICX.70 shows 0 Ohm
  • [SB-4155] SSL DLLs not uninstalled
  • [SB-4156] SSL DLLs missing from CC installation if installed by SBench6 installer
  • [SB-4157] Context menu for 77x0 inputs shows wrong termination value
  • [SB-4158] SB6 Installer: Wrong default path for 32bit on 64bit system
  • [SB-4161] EasyGenerator cannot generate sine amplitudes < 80 mV on 66xx
  • [SB-4163] Loading a project with two cards and .bin data crashes SBench
  • [SB-4164] An error during storing of calibration values may get eaten and cause strange effects afterwards
  • [SB-4167] FFT calculations are displayed in Project Navigator after saving and reloading project
  • [SB-4170] Pre dependencies might not be updated correctly
  • [SB-4171] Changing "Keep in Loop" of a FuncGen does not mark project changed
  • [SB-4172] Loading project with histogram display and without data crashes
  • [SB-4178] Setup of EasyGenerator not restored from project if EasyGenerator not visible
  • [SB-4179] Corrupted signal from EasyGenerator after old setup has been loaded
  • [SB-4183] Disabling Diff or DoubleOut mode in EasyGenerator does not set correct mode on next start
  • [SB-4184] Switching timestamps off during acquisition loop might cause crash
  • [SB-4185] Last sample in last segment not painted in Multi acquisition without timestamps
  • [SB-4187] Context menu in Project Navigator does not appear

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