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Version 6.4.01 build 14161 of 12th December 2017

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4088] Automatically add hardware infos to support email
  • [SB-4090] Default width of trigger source column in timestamp table dialog too small
  • [SB-4091] Toolbar slider in displays are a little too small
  • [SB-4111] Add "open in text editor" for ASCII import files from context menu
  • [SB-4120] Adopt to new Boxcar User interface
  • [SB-4128] Use https for version info file


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-4089] Wrong timestamp format for M4x under certain conditions
  • [SB-4095] Exporting histogram to ASCII creates file with only zeroes
  • [SB-4098] Exporting long calculation causes crash
  • [SB-4099] Heap corruption at closing SB with digital display.
  • [SB-4103] MX.70xx: External 110 Ohm trigger termination does not work correctly
  • [SB-4109] Exporting analog and digital channels from M4i.4450 messes up digital data
  • [SB-4114] Wrong signalpainting at the end on a few zoom steps.
  • [SB-4119] Max. pretrigger value for boxcar mode can be set too large
  • [SB-4121] Value "No Of Averages" for Boxcar Mode not stored in setup
  • [SB-4127] Linux RPMs/DEBs do not contain chinese language package

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