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Version 6.3.04 build 13325 of 15th March 2017

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-2662] Avoid reset of history buffer when switching between displays
  • [SB-3880] Overwriting old project with "Project save as" does not completely clear old content
  • [SB-3892] Use M2CMD_DATA_SGFLUSH when necessary
  • [SB-3894] Improve Matlab export
  • [SB-3897] Help for MATLAB export updated
  • [SB-3906] Second pass for dynparam to calculate fundamental when user imported frequency signal directly


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-3873] M4i.66xx with 4 active channels: Replay of channel1 and channel2 are swapped
  • [SB-3874] Store default value of preview calculation settings in user file
  • [SB-3881] Importing file with 16 or more comments in one channel causes infinite loop
  • [SB-3887] Multiple Calculations lead to "Processing Data Update" lock
  • [SB-3888] "Duplicate Calculation" does not copy "Manual Setup" section in Function Generator
  • [SB-3895] SPC_REC_FIFO_AVERAGE_16BIT not handled after selection
  • [SB-3898] Import WAV file with digital channels crashes
  • [SB-3900] Screenshot causes duplicated Y axis
  • [SB-3905] Software trigger not available in MULTI mode for M4x
  • [SB-3908] Dynamic parameters does not use all harmonics for THD calculation
  • [SB-3912] Starting recording after activating Boxcar mode and without changing "Averages" spinbox once generates engine error
  • [SB-3916] Import files not found error when loading project with imported files

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