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Version 6.3.01 build 12989 of 22nd November 2016

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-2733] FIR filters correction for delay
  • [SB-2768] Possibility to identify cards with the blinking LED.
  • [SB-3747] Progress of long calculation: start delayed and no progress-bar
  • [SB-3761] Cursor value at right side of display not completely visible
  • [SB-3762] New "size as screen" button at screenshot dialog.
  • [SB-3763] Improved readability of cursor values in display
  • [SB-3787] Show "busy" cursor during card selection
  • [SB-3792] Add information to start dialog to open Control Center not only for demo cards but also for NETBOX discovery
  • [SB-3797] Make button positions in shortcut dialog constant on window resize
  • [SB-3798] In Welcome dialog allow user to open project location in file manager
  • [SB-3799] Show locked status of project in Welcome dialog
  • [SB-3802] Show conversion progress also on digital bus
  • [SB-3804] Show progress of calculations as progress bar
  • [SB-3813] 46xx: set SPC_SPECIALCLOCK if clock is below special clock max value


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2324] Y Axis scaling not consistent
  • [SB-2705] Digital device channels that are subordinated to bus cannot be disabled using card node
  • [SB-3449] Digital Display: Adding a bus of already visible bits of it, results in empty bus.
  • [SB-3459] Loading attached setup and starting looped acquisition starts calculation jobs without progress indication
  • [SB-3649] "Save project?" dialog appears in upper left corner
  • [SB-3668] Program crash: FFT and FiFo with immediatly overrun
  • [SB-3744] Function Generator formular not in loop: no start over kontext-menu possible
  • [SB-3756] F1 does not show help in project navigator
  • [SB-3757] Import file dialog: "restore last setup" ignores "channel sorting" entry
  • [SB-3765] Missing "clock not locked" error at 66xx with not connected external reference signal
  • [SB-3767] Easy Generator with two cards does not set loops to Continuous
  • [SB-3769] Setting amplitude zoomlevel using dialog may crash
  • [SB-3771] Using zero as notify size for replay stops DMA after first complete transfer
  • [SB-3773] Replay large file may cause crash if ConvOutputToDisk is enabled
  • [SB-3779] Autostore with limited number of files looks strange in Project Navigator
  • [SB-3781] SB6Engine Error 0x0001000a produces cryptical error text
  • [SB-3783] Zoom level of synced displays not restored after project load
  • [SB-3785] Autoupdate: wrong behaviour on PC without network connections
  • [SB-3788] Aborting standard replay while data is being transfered locks SB6 on next start
  • [SB-3791] Right-click on card item when all digital channels are subordinated to bus causes crash
  • [SB-3795] Synced cards created after SB6 start using CC do not appear in card list
  • [SB-3801] Changing Memsize from a few kS to exactly 4MS with digital conversion active generates overrun
  • [SB-3803] Segments are wrong in gated sampling mode on M4i cards
  • [SB-3805] Disabled trigger-line is not removed at preview-display.
  • [SB-3806] Value node in timestamp table is always collapsed again with every new acquisition
  • [SB-3817] Memory allocation error in FIR calculation
  • [SB-3818] opening sb6prj file not working when neither hardware nor demo card installed
  • [SB-3819] Signal concatanation with channels from attached file causes crash
  • [SB-3822] Initial filling of DMA memory for output cards may be incomplete

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