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Version 6.3.00 build 12793 of 26th September 2016

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-3194] Add projects
  • [SB-3751] Add support for "System Clock" output on Multi Purpose I/O lines for M4i/M4x 22xx, 44xx and 66xx cards and NETBOX products
  • [SB-3313] Update help for user settings dialog
  • [SB-3675] Define more defaults for configs to allow InSpec to generate minimal SBench6 setup file[SB-2492] Loading setup with individual sync settings with just one card prhibits nomal mode dialog
  • [SB-2982] Erase old visible signals-painting not at start of new signal preparation, instead directly in front of new signal painting
  • [SB-3437] Add possibility to manually clear history while keeping last recording
  • [SB-3616] Move or add "check for updates at startup" checkbox to Sbench User "Start & Exit settings" instead of update dialog itself
  • [SB-3658] Ch names add pre zero for better sorting
  • [SB-3664] Do not show time position of averaged values to avoid confusion, as this information is not useful in this case
  • [SB-3665] Add indicator for to-be-averaged calculation results in advance
  • [SB-3666] Show maximum number of averages for single value calculations
  • [SB-3698] Conversion to analog from digital bus possible too.
  • [SB-3701] 77xx: remove "Exrange ..." text
  • [SB-3713] Function generator: make editor field bigger
  • [SB-3714] Analog display: possibility to enable step painting
  • [SB-3729] Mention Fine Clock Granularity in on-line Help
  • [SB-3730] Update outdated screen shots in on-line help
  • [SB-3731] Home button of on-line help displays QT assistant page instead of "Welcome to Sbench6" page


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2752] Disabling all channels on first card out of three causes engine sync error
  • [SB-2794] Reference copy has "Calculation settings" context menu entry
  • [SB-3520] Crash at erasing calculation node.
  • [SB-3660] Cannot set visible range of Y scale if huge custom scaling is used
  • [SB-3661] FFT windows signal DragnDrop: copy is moving
  • [SB-3667] FFT Zero padding cannot be disabled afterwards
  • [SB-3670] Adding table with display infos to report causes report error
  • [SB-3690] Wrong Full Area Zoom for imported FFT signals
  • [SB-3702] Digital-calculations: increase memsize crash program
  • [SB-3706] Harmonics calculation can be wrong depending on fundamental position
  • [SB-3710] Changing channels in Digital Calculation does not recalculate signal
  • [SB-3711] Digital calculation wrong when using same channel for both sources
  • [SB-3717] Output Marker (for Replay cards) not offered for X0, X1, X2 lines
  • [SB-3721] Continuous output marker missing from X0, X1, X2
  • [SB-3725] At long calculation is a second calc-start on kontext-menu possible
  • [SB-3739] Auto-trigger at loop-recording: value change is not recognized
  • [SB-3741] Enable history-mode and use '+' / '-' toolbar-buttons produce wrong display painting

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