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Spectrum NEWS: High-speed AWG and Digitizer in one box; low noise experts | Spectrum

High-speed AWG and Digitizer in one box!

The hybridNETBOX is a single instrument that lets you generate and acquire high-resolution signals. Now, with the addition of 8 new high-speed models, you can even cover applications in the DC to 200 MHz frequency range. Available with 2+2, 4+4 or 8+8 matched channels and speed ranges from 40 MS/s to 1.25 GS/s, the units come complete with SBench 6 software providing a turnkey solution for waveform creation, capture, analysis and documentation.
Fully LXI compatabile, the hybridNETBOX is an exciting new solution for anyone involved in stimulus-response test, record/replay and MIMO applications!

Discover the 8 high-speed models (up to 1.25 GS/s)Discover the 6 normal models (up to 125 MS/s)

We are the LOW-NOISE experts!

When it comes to working with single atoms, you need extraordinary precision and extreme low-noise signal generation and acquisition. Scientists and engineers around the world use our digitizers & generators in their research on individual atoms, giving us feedback about the excellent quality of our instruments. Check out some leading research in the fields of Quantum Science and the Atomic Force Microscope:

AWG-card used to move around single atomsScanning atoms with the tip of a needle

The perfect fit digitizer solution

Digitizing analog signals is fundamental - and we have the perfect fit solution for you. You can embed our technology by simply inserting a PCIe card into your PC, mix and match ATE systems using PXIe modules or network with stand-alone LXI instruments. Digitizers are available with sampling speeds from 5 kS/s to 5 GS/s and resolutions of 8 to 16 bits. Create your own system with 1 to 128 synchronous channels! Additional digital inputs are also available for mixed-signal testing requirements.

130 different digitizers

5 years warranty as standard

For over 30 years, all Spectrum products have been "Made in Germany".
We offer an industry-leading 5 years warranty - for your peace of mind!

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