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Using the latest in FPGA technology Spectrum has created new firmware packages that allow its high-speed M4i series digitizer cards to perform on-board signal averaging.
Leading PC-based instrumentation company Spectrum GmbH has expanded its range of digitizerNETBOX products by adding nine new models.
End of 2013 Spectrum GmbH has released two new models of its mid-speed 16 bit digitizer line. The new versions M2i.4960 and M2i.4961 are available for PCI/PCI-X and PCI Express and offer two or four synchronous channels with 60 MS/s sampling speed and a band­width of 30 MHz.
Spectrum has expanded its range of digitzerNETBOX products by adding three new models to the series. The new products feature fast ADC technology, that can sample signals at up to 200 MS/s, extending the overall frequency capture range of the digitizer family.
Spectrum GmbH releases – under the name M4i.445x-x8 – the first card that is based on the new M4i platform with PCI Express x8 Gen2. The M4i.445x-x8 comes with two or four channels and 500 MS/s synchronous sampling speed at 14 bit ADC resolution. Both versions have a signal bandwidth of 250 MHz.