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M2p.75xx-x4 PCI Express (PCIe) x4 | Spectrum

Picture of M2p.7515-x4 digital I/O card
32 channel Digital I/O 125 MS/s
Up to 125 MS/s
32 digtal channels
Input impedance 110 Ohm by software
3.3 V and 5 V TTL compatible
Fast FIFO mode for input and output include
Sequence mode
Easy synchronization with A/D and D/A products
Direct data transfer to CUDA GPU using SCAPP option

The M2p.75xx Express family

The M2p.75xx series of fast digital I/O cards allow to acquire or replay digital patterns with a programmable speed of up to 125 MS/s. The direction can be switched by software between input (digital data acquisition) and output (digital pattern generation). The on-board memory of 1 GByte can be completely used for digital pattern. Furthermore the on-board memory can be switched to a FIFO buffer allowing to continuously stream data in either output or input direction.

PCI Express x43232
125 MS/s (32 active channels)

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