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Remote Server
Using the Spectrum Remote Server it is possible to access the M2i/M3i/M4i card(s) installed in one PC (server) from another PC (client) via local area network (LAN), similar to using a digitizerNETBOX.
Quadratur Modulation Simulation
Spectrum is pleased to make available a number of academic tools that can be used to learn the basics of waveform generation, acquisition and analysis.
Article AWG-Intro
Electronic test and measurements equipment can be classified into two major categories; measurement instruments and signal sources.
Digitizer Embedded Server
The acquisition and analysis of electronic signals in remote locations has become easy thanks to the release of a new option for Spectrum's Ethernet based digitizer products.
A new product video explaining the M4i.77xx-x8 series of digital waveform acquisition cards has been uploaded. The M4i.77xx familiy offers 32 synchronous digital channels with sampling rates up to 720 MS/s and two different interfaces.