Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH - fast and high resolution Digitizers and AWGs

Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH has been founded in 1989 and is producing reliable PC-based instruments for different bus standards like PCIe (PCI Express), PXIe and PXI or Ethernet-based LXI. Spectrum Instrumentation focuses on Digitizers, Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG) and digital I/O products.

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Digitizers with up to 5 GS/s sampling rate

The Digitizers (also known as ADC or DAQ cards or PC-Oscilloscope) cover medium and high sampling rates ranging from 1 MS/s up to 5 GS/s with a bandwidth in excess of 1 GHz. More than 100 different Digitizer products are available at Spectrum Instrumentation. The sophisticated synchronization technology (star-hub) of Spectrum Instrumentation allows to set-up systems with single channels as well as systems with hundreds of channels.

AWGs for signal frequenies of 100 MHz or more

The Arbitrary Waveform Generators of Spectrum Instrumentation offer high channel densities, outnumbering standard signal generators by far, for a very good cost per channel. Spectrum Instrumentations AWGs are available with output rates ranging from 40 MS/s up to 1.25 GS/s with a bandwidth in excess of 500 MHz. The large on-board memory allows to replay long signal waveforms. Again, the internal synchronization technology allows to set-up systems with high number of synchronous channels. The LXI AWG products of Spectrum Instrumentation can run with up to 24 channels running with 625 MS/s output rate.

All Digitizer, AWG and Digital I/O products of Spectrum Instrumentation are designed for high continuous throughput allowing to design storage systems with continuous gap-free data acquisition in the GHz range. A single PCIe digitizer can run with a continuous streaming speed of more than 3 GByte/s.

The PCIe product line of Spectrum Instrumentation offers the largest choice of digitizer and AWG products for that platform on the market. The PXIe product line of Spectrum Instrumentation offers the same functionality for industrial-grade PXI and PXIe systems. The LXI (GBit Ethernet based) products can be used anywhere in the company network with remote access or used as mobile Digitizer or AWG instrument solution.

5 years of warranty for all products from Spectrum Instrumentation

Being 30 years on the market with a lot of technology knowledge and a high quality production in Germany, Spectrum Instrumentation is able to offer an industry-leading 5 years of warranty with a lifetime free-of-charge driver, firmware and software update policy.