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M2i/M3i/M4i Drivers / ControlCenter | Spectrum

This page shows the changelog for the spcm drivers which are suitable for M2i, M3i, M4i and digitizerNETBOX series. For information on the MICX drivers for MI, MC and MX series please see here.

Version 5.27 of 2nd December 2021

Windows 11 support, Fedora 35 support, Nvidia RTX support  more

Version 5.26 of 25th August 2021

Python and Rdma imporvements; Support of new Linux versions  more

Version 5.25 of 21th April 2021

Support for M2p.75xx series, bux fixes for clock and Linux  more

Version 5.24 of 11th March 2021

Support for NVIDIA Jetson/ARM, bugfix for switching pulses on M2p digital option  more

Version 5.23 of 21st January 2021

Several bugs fixed, Support of Linux Kernel 5.9  more

Version 5.22 of 22nd October 2020

Support of hybridNETBOX, Support of Linux Kernel 5.8  more

Version 5.21 of 14th September 2020

Bugfixing for trigger source and stop level  more

Version 5.20 of 28th August 2020

22xx series now allows 4/2/1 GS/s for single cards with internal clock  more

Version 5.19 of 5th August 2020

New Linux version support; new support of M4i.23xx series  more

Version 5.18 of 3rd June 2020

Bugfix for Star-Hub issue of version 5.17  more

Version 5.17 of 28th May 2020

Support for 44xx Digital Option, Improvements, Bugfixes  more

Version 5.16 of 3rd April 2020

New custom specific 22xx versions, bugfixes  more

Version 5.15 of 19th March 2020

Some bug fixed, support of SB6 Plugin  more

Version 5.14 of 24th Februrary 2020

Some bug fixed, custom specifc 22xx versions  more

Version 5.13 of 4th Februrary 2020

Bug fixes for 22x slow sampling rate  more

Version 5.12 of 30th January 2020

New binary offset data mode for M4i.22xx, some bug fixes  more

Version 5.11 of 22nd November 2019

Small changes, bug fixes  more

Version 5.10 of 16th October 2019

Support of 591 (5 MS/s) products added, support of upcoming 654x and 657x added  more

Version 5.09 of 11th July 2019

Permanent temperture monitoring and over temperature check added  more

Version 5.08 of 8th May 2019

More info on Linux driver, examples improvement  more

Version 5.07 of 28th February 2019

Example improvements, representing of obsolete products  more

Version 5.06 of 21st November 2018

New examples for SCAPP including Windows  more

Version 5.05 of 26th September 2018

Bug-fix for M2p release with new firmware  more

Version 5.04 of 11th September 2018

M2p star-hub support, small bug-fixes and improvement for example   more

Version 5.03 of 8th August 2018

Support of DN2.59x and DN6.59x added   more

Version 5.02 of 4th June 2018

New Linux distributions support, 44xx 8 Bit mode   more

Version 5.01 of 26th April 2018

Support of M2p.59xx Series and SCAPP option   more

Version 4.02 of 12th December 2017

Boxcar average mode improvements, Some M4i.77xx and sync bug fixes   more

Version 4.01 of 17th November 2017

Bugfix M4i+Multi+FIFO, New Linux version   more

Version 4.00 of 22nd August 2017

Split of driver and full support of Windows secure boot   more

Version 3.32 of 7th June 2017

Bug fix version: system with two M4i star-hubs; 44xx sync + special clock  more

Version 3.31

Internal release only

Version 3.30 of 15th May 2017

New feature for 66xx AWG series  more

Version 3.29 of 26th April 2017

Added 447x and 448x export version. Gain correction for 44xx special clock mode  more

Version 3.28 of 15th March 2017

New boxcar average mode for 44xx series  more

Version 3.27 of 19th January 2017

improvements of netbox handling and remote server, bug-fixes  more

Version 3.26 of 12th December 2016

AC coupled offset compensation for 22xx, bug-fixes  more

Version 3.25 of 22th November 2016

Improvements for Control Center, bug-fixes  more

Version 3.24

Internal release only

Version 3.23 of 26th September 2016

Support of M4x series (PXIe), DN6 series (48 channel digitizerNETBOX)  more

Version 3.22 of 22th August 2016

Examples improvements, IVI driver for generatorNETBOX  more

Version 3.21 of 9th May 2016

Fixed DMA problem for large memory transfer  more

Version 3.20 of 4th February 2016

M4i.77xx support, some improvements  more

Version 3.19 of 15th December 2015

Synchrnoization and Clock Improvement for M4i.66xx  more

Version 3.18 of 3rd December 2015

Remote Server Option added, digitizerNETBOX improvements  more

Version 3.17 of 22nd September 2015

digitizerNETBOX Embedded Server Option  more

Version 3.16 of 3rd August 2015

Support of M4i.663x, support of new average firmwar version  more

Version 3.15 of 4th June 2015

New Linux version support, improved Control Center, Windows kernel bug  more

Version 3.14 of 5th March 2015

Fixing a bug for M4i.44xx that came with 3.13  more

Version 3.13 of 27th February 2015

Support of new M4i firmware, bug fixes with M4i star-hub, digital inputs options  more

Version 3.12 of 28th January 2015

Support of M4i.44xx firmware V1.08, some smallimprovements and bugs in control center  more

Version 3.11 of 17th December 2014

M4i.22xx series calibration + digital inputs improvements  more

Version 3.10 of 9th December 2014

M4i.22xx bug fixes, block average mode, control center improvements  more

Version 3.09 of 8th October 2014

digitizerNETBOX monitor, demo cards improvements, digitizerNETBOX wait times improvements  more

Version 3.08 of 8th July 2014

M4i firmware update implemented  more

Version 3.07 of 29th July 2014

DN2.44xx netbox updates, M4i star-hub updates, M4i.22xx preparation  more

Version 3.06 of 7th May 2014

Mapping improved, Ubuntu 14.04 support  more

Version 3.05 of 17th April 2014

Handle mapping, digitizerNETBXO dicovery improvements and M4i hardware settings.   more

Version 3.04 of 21st March 2014

digitizerNETBOX and Linux issues, improvements on information and debug logging.   more

Version 3.03 of 4th February 2014

M4i driver updates.   more

Version 3.02 of 20th December 2013

Support for digitizerNETBOX DN2.44x.   more

Version 3.01 of 18th December 2013

Bug-fixes for M4i series, Linux support M4i and digitizerNETBOX improvements.   more

Version 3.00 of 28th November 2013

Support of M4i series and digitizerNETBOX improvements.   more

Version 2.22 of 3rd June 2013

Support of digitizerNETBOX and remote cards.   more

Version 2.21 of 2nd May 2013

Small bug fixes.   more

Version 2.20 of 18th April 2013

FLUSH command for timestamp readout, control center improvements.   more

Version 2.19 of 4th December 2012

Some bugs for M2i.49xx series fixed.   more