Synchronous Digital Output Option | Spectrum

Block DiagramThis option outputs additional synchronous digital channels phasestable with the analog data. When this option is installed there are 2 additional digital outputs for every analog D/A channel. The digital data is stored in the upper two bits of the 16 bit data word. If the option is not used or not installed, the upper two bits of the data word are not used for anything.

Using this option one do AWg with mixed mode output or program own marker and trigger outputs with free positioning inside the AWG data.

Marker Outputs on SMB connectors

This option is available with 2 digital outputs (M2i.60xx-2DigM) and 4 digitial outputs (M2i.60xx-4DigM). When this option is installed the additonal digital outputs are directly connected to the front plate on additional SMB connectors and don’t occupy an extra slot.

Full number of digital outputs on extra bracket

M2i Board with Digital LinesThe digital output channels are located on an extra bracket with a one or two (see picture) universial FX2 connectors. Depending on the number of analog channels a different number of synchrnous digital outputs is available:

  • 1 analog channel: 2 digital output channels
  • 2 analog channels: 4 digital output channels
  • 4 analog channels: 8 digital output channels

The option needs an adjacent empty slot or at least an empty slot break-out for the connector bracket. Adapter cables for FX2 to IDC are included.