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Streaming Systems

Streaming PC SystemCombining a number of Spectrum M2i, M3i or M4i PCIe digitizers with a Tera-Store Data Streaming solution allows the capture and storage of long complex signals for extended periods of time. With systems available offering from 1 to 32 TB of storage and streaming rates up to 3 GB/s signals can be digitized and stored seamlessly for hours on end.

At the heart of the system is one of to carefully selected base PC systems. This powerful computer includes a Supermicro 4U/Tower with 8 drive bays and 6 free PCIe slots for Spectrum cards. The PC is powered by a Xeon Quad Core 2.4 GHz processor, has on-board graphics, 8 GB RAM, a separate 256 GB SSD for the system installation, a DVD drive, and runs under Windows 7 Professional. The chassis hosts a powerful 865W power supply and has whisper quiet fan-based cooling.

If more acquisition channels are needed, than can fit into the base PC system, a special 16 slot docking station can be connected to extend the number of synchrnous streaming data acquisition channels up to 256.

For large multi-digitizer systems Spectrum also provides Star-Hub, a unique clock and trigger distribution system, which allows all the installed digitizer cards of one family to be clocked synchronously and to share a common trigger. The star-hub is already included in the base system.

Storage systems are available offering a range of streaming rates, from 500 MB/s up to 6 GB/s, and storage capacities, from 1 TB to 32 TB. The options consist of a high performance RAID controller and a number of solid-state or hard-disk drives (SSD/HDD’s) configured to support the required transfer rates and storage times.

Spectrum integrates the complete system, providing factory configuration and performance testing. This includes the PC setup, software and hardware installation and digitizer calibration. Hardware and software are both optimized and tested to guarantee the specified streaming rates.

Streaming System CardHighlights

  • Continuous (seamless) Data Recording
  • Guaranteed Streaming Speed up to 3 GByte/s
  • Complete turn-key PC solution
  • Data Storage Options from 1 to 32 Terabyte
  • Single-Shot and Multiple (segmented) Acquisition Modes
  • Sampling rates up to 5 GS/s (segmented) and 2.5 GS/s (single-shot)
  • Configurations with 1 to 96 channels in one chassis
  • Configurations up to 256 channels with docking station
  • SBench6 software for easy control, display and analysis
  • Factory Integrated and Performance Tested

SBench 6

SBench 6 OverviewSBench 6 is the out-of-the-box software solution from Spectrum, designed to support all features of the Spectrum product range. SBench 6 is able to act as a simple oscilloscope software as well as a versatile transient recording software, handling GBytes of data files and offering analysis, export and documentation features. SBench 6

Configuration Examples

Acquisition of 1 Channel 8 Bit @ 2.5 GS/s

  • 1 x SPcB8-E6 Base System with SBench 7 Pro
  • 1 x Spc-Str30T8 (3.0 GB/s, 8 TByte)
  • 1 x M4i.2220-x8 (1 channel 2.5 GS/s)
  • Continuous Streaming Speed 2.5 GByte/s
  • Storage Space 50 minutes

Acquisition of 32 Channels 16 Bit @10 MS/s

  • 1 x SPcB8-E6 Base System with SBench 7 Pro
  • 1 x Spc-Str10T16 (1.0 GB/s, 16 TByte)
  • 4 x M2i.4912-exp (8 channel 10 MS/s each)
  • Continuous Streaming Speed 640 MByte/s
  • Storage Space 7 hours

Acquisition of 4 Channels 16 Bit @ 250 MS/s

  • 1 x SPcB8-E6 Base System with SBench 7 Pro
  • 1 x Spc-Str30T8 (3.0 GB/s, 8 TByte)
  • 1 x M4i.4421-x8 (4 channel 250 MS/s)
  • Continuous Streaming Speed 2 GByte/s
  • Storage Space >1 hour

Acquire + Replay 2 Channel @ 100 MS/s

  • 1 x SPcB8-E6 Base System with SBench 7 Pro
  • 1 x Spc-Str04T6 (0.4 GB/s, 6 TByte)
  • 1 x M4i.4410-x8 (2 channel 130 MS/s A/D)
  • 1 x M4i.6621-x8 (2 channel 625 MS/s D/A)
  • Continuous Streaming Speed 400 MByte/s
  • Storage Space >4 hours

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