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256 Channel Digitizer system for Fusion Research

Fusion has long been viewed as the ultimate goal for energy generation. British company First Light Fusion (FLF) is pioneering a very different approach and launch a projectile to hypervelocities at a target which requires very high levels of precision to achieve and so they selected 32 digitizers from Spectrum Instrumentation to monitor the results.   Read Mor

Fast Digitizer from Spectrum enables breakthrough in cell sorting

Cell sorting plays a fundamental role in molecular biology, pathology, immunology and virology research. It requires the ability to rapidly search through and sort out cells based on their unique chemical features and shapes. The Department of Chemistry at the University of Tokyo has developed an intelligent Image-Activated Cell Sorter (IACS) with an ultra-fast Spectrum Instrumentation digitizer at the heart.   Read More

Atmospheric daylight Lidar for Mesosphere research

Atmospheric research uses pulsed laser beams to measure temperature and wind speed along the beams by measuring the Doppler shifted and backscattered light at 100 km height in the atmosphere. The returning light signals are very weak and can be blocked by sunlight, but The Leibniz Institute for Atmospheric Physics (IAP) has solved this problem: they developed the world’s only portable instrument that can be used during the daytime and it has already provided new insights into Antarctic atmospheric conditions.   Read More

DIAL - Differential Absorption LIDAR

Industrialization in the modern world has become the primary cause of environmental atmospheric pollution. As such, the study of industrial pollution, and its various components, has become a major area of importance. For example, in China the Ministry of Environmental Protection has stipulated the monitoring of atmospheric levels for sulfur dioxide (SO2) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx), which are the common dangerous emissions found near industrial zones.   Read More

High Amplitude Time Reversal Focusing of Acoustic Waves

The ability to focus waves offers interesting possibilities in a number of fields such as communications, ultrasound, nondestructive testing (NDT), medical science and audio. At the Acoustics Research Group, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, in the USA, research is being undertaken using a Spectrum AWG and Digitizer.   Read More

15 year old Spectrum digitizer cards still playing a vital role at DESY

DESY, short for Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, is based in Hamburg, Germany and operates particle accelerators to investigate the structure of matter. The accelerators run 24/7 for international experimenters so it is vital to have equipment that can be relied on to work perfectly and for many years.   Read More

Over 140 Digitizers and AWGs used at CERN

in the machine protection systems of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The cards are used to check that the particle beams have been accurately deflected. Incredible precision is required for this as two high-energy particle beams travel at close to the speed of light in opposite directions in the 27 km LHC accelerator ring.   Read Mode

AWG used for atomic experiment at Stuttgart University

The Stuttgart University has chosen a Spectrum Arbitrary Waveform Generator for their experiments in which single atoms in a diamond are replaced by nitrogen atoms. This method is a base for applications like a magnetic field detector at the atomic level or a qubit in a quantum computer.   Read More

digitizerNETBOX for high magnetic fields

The International MegaGauss Science Laboratory  is part of the Institute Solid State Physics (ISSP) at the University of Tokyo. As part of a major push to optimize the magnetic fields generated by the laboratories MegaGauss machine it is important to synchronize the trigger events that fire banks of large capacitors. ISSP required a fully synchronous 10 channel digitizer system that delivers a single shot sampling rate in excess of 1 gigasamples per second (GS/s).   Read More

AWG for Quantum Research

Precision is always important in research and there can be few research areas needing greater precision than that of quantum research. The Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information at the University of Innsbruck, Austria needed an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) to generate a wide variety of signals for their research.   Read More

REMPI Mass Spectroscopy

In Mass Spectrometry the ion source plays a key role in determining the type of sample that can be analyzed by a particular spectrometer. One technique that offers great potential for the pharmaceutical industry is resonance-enhanced multi-photon ionization (REMPI). REMPI is a laser-based gas phase spectroscopy combined with ab initio calculations generating precise structural information on molecules such as neurotransmitters.   Read More


众多科技领域中,以CPU为基础的嵌入式系统在电机类组件的监控上,扮演了日趋重要的角色。通过本篇文章,我们了解到验证工具的出现及应用,将有助降低航空电子及汽车产业中的测量、优化和验证实时嵌入式系统定时性能的成本。    了解更多


VivoSight OCT Scanner公司将扫频光学相干断层析成像技术(SS-OCT)应用于皮肤横截面的成像上。这对于皮肤癌和其他皮肤问题的诊断及治疗极有帮助,可说是开拓出一个皮肤检测的新方法。Spectrum通过把有着4通道20 MS/s的M2i.4022-exp板卡安装在桌面计算机上,并搭配激光干涉仪、检测仪及相关供电设备,再将全部的模块一并固定于装有TFT屏幕的推车上,以使操作者能在替病患检测的同时,利用上方的TFT屏幕直接查看扫描成像。   了解更多


此记录器设计的目的是为了便于在车辆试驾过程时记录其动态混合模式的数据(包括模拟通道及数字通道),并为其提供一套完整的解决方案。这些记录下来的数据将于研发实验室进行回放、分析,因此需要一个完整的操作系统及运行软件。    了解更多