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hybridNETBOX - multi-channel AWG & Digitizer in one box!

This single LXI/Ethernet-instrument simultaneously generates and acquires electronic signals! The hybridNETBOX is an exciting new instrumentation platform for applications that require both signal generation and acquisition in manual, automated or remotely controlled test situations. Six models are available offering the choice of 2+2, 4+4 or 8+8 matched AWG and digitizer channels, with output- and sampling-rates of 40, 80 and 125 MS/s.

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Fast PCIe digitizers with 8 additional digital inputs

For mixed-signal testing, a piggyback module provides 8 additional digital input lines for SPECTRUM's popular high-speed and high-resolution PCIe digitizers of the "44"-series (14 bit with up to 500 MS/s). Analog and digital inputs work fully synchronous.

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We are the LINUX experts!

For our 130 digitizers and 55 AWGs, you get an extensive Linux package: Every instrument comes with over 100 different Linux kernel drivers, covering all the versions for the last 10 years. If there's no matching driver, you can get the source-code of our Kernel drivers for free and compile it. All our software tools work with Linux, and our support (directly from the design engineers!) will usually help you on the same day.

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5 years warranty as standard

For over 30 years, all Spectrum products have been "Made in Germany".
We offer an industry-leading 5 years warranty - for your peace of mind!

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