MX.49xx PXI 3U | Spectrum

4 channel 16 bit high-speed A/D
Models with 10 MS/s, 25 MS/s or 50 MS/s
4 channel versions
True differential / single-ended selectable
Simultaneously sampling on all channels
Separate ADC and amplifier per channe
6 input ranges: +/-200 mV up to +/-10 V
Programmable input offset of +/-100% V
64 MByte on-board memory (up to 128 MByte)

The MX.49xx family

The MX.49xx cards allow recording of up to four channels with sampling rates of 25 MS/s or two channels with sampling rates of 50 MS/s. These cards offer outstanding A/D features both in resolution and speed for PXI. The cards can be switched between Single-Ended inputs with a programmable offset and true differential inputs. If used in differential mode each two inputs are connected together reducing the number of available channels by half. The 16 bit vertical resolution has four times the accuracy compared to 14 bit cards and sixteen times the accuracy compared with a 12 bit card. All boards of the MX.49xx series may use the whole installed on-board memory of up to 64 MSamples, completely for the currently activated number of channels.


PXI416 (Optional)16 Bit
10 MS/s (4 active channels)
5 MHz
PXI416 (Optional)16 Bit
25 MS/s (4 active channels)
15 MHz
PXI416 (Optional)16 Bit
50 MS/s (2 active channels)
25 MS/s (4 active channels)
30 MHz

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