77xx Fast Digital Waveform Acquisition | Spectrum

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Continuous streaming for hours
720 MBit/s internal Sampling Rate Timing
700 MBit/s external State Clock
Differential and Single-Ended versions available
4 GByte (32 GBit) on-board memory as standard
FIFO mode continuous streaming


The M4i.77xx-x8 series digital waveform acquisition (logic-analyzer) cards include versions with 32 synchronous channels, either single-ended with programmable threshold levels or differential. The large onboard memory can be segmented to record different waveform sequences. While the M4i.77xx cards have been designed using the latest technology they are still software compatible with the drivers from earlier Spectrum digital acquisition cards. Therefore existing customers can use the same software they developed for a 10 year old 60 MS/s digital input card also for an M4i.77xx series 720 MS/s logic analyzer

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