65xx 16 Bit AWG 125 MS/s | Spectrum

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Waveform output with fast FIFO mode
Simultaneous waveform generation on all channels
Output ±3 V into 50 ohm
Output ±6 V into high impedance
Programmable output level per channel
Software selectable output filters
Sequence Mode

The 65xx series is a standard high-resolution arbitrary waveform generator that fits hundreds of different applications. The 65xx series has some outstanding features that other manufacturers do not offer:

  • Up to 8 synchronous channels on one card
  • Integrated FIFO mode
  • Large memory
  • Easy internal synchronization with A/D digitizer cards of M2p.59xx series
  • Different output modes: singleshot, loop, start, single restart, multiple replay, gated replay, sequence mode

Alternative Products

The 65xx is the general arbitrary waveform generator product and fits a lot of applications. For higher sampling rate a new AWG product based on the M4i platform is available:

  • 66xx series: 16 bit arbitrary waveform generator with 4 channels 625 MS/s

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