44xx 14/16 Bit Digitizers 500 MS/s | Spectrum

> 3 GB/s Streaming Speed on PCI Express
Versions with 130 MS/s, 250 MS/s and 500 MS/s
2, 4 and 8 channel versions available
2 GSample on-board memory
6 input ranges between +/-200 mV and +/-10 V
Powerful memory segmentation modes
Very fast streaming mode
Multiple cards can be synchronized


The 44xx series is one of the best solutions for highest speed and highest resolution on the market. 14 bit ADC resolution at 500 MS/s or even 16 bit ADC resolution at 130 MS/s and 250 MS/s, a powerful amplifier with two different signal paths and 6 input ranges and a selectable de-noise filter allow to adopt to nearly every signal that is available. The 44xx series offers outstanding dynamic performance when having a look at the frequency spectrum.

Whether using a dual channel 500 MS/s 14 bit card or setting up system with up to 32 synchronous 16 bit channels at 250 MS/s the 44xx series is the best choice.

New M4i Platform

The new platform incorporates some outstanding features:

  • PCI Express x8 Gen2 interface -enabling data streaming rates of more than 3 GBytes/s. A lot of applications that previously required expensive and time consuming FPGA programming can now be solved with more convenient PC programming
  • 3/4 card length - matching todays PC systems and embedded product requirements
  • Very short re-arm time between trigger segments - well suited for fastest event rates
  • 4 GByte of on-board memory as a standard - all of the memory is used as a buffer in streaming mode making it extremely stable even at highest throughput rates
  • Star-hub option to connect up to 8 cards (up to 32 channels) synchronously in one system

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