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MICX Enable driver debug logging

Covered product lines

This chapter is valid for all products based on MICX platform driver.   Read More

Products based on SPCM platform driver are not covered by this explanation as they use a different driver. Please see the SPCM Debug Log explanation.


The Spectrum driver includes a complete driver communication logging that has to be enabled and disabled by software due to performance reasons. The debug logging helps the Spectrum support team in case of a support issue but can also help you when doing programming by yourself.

How to set-up the debug logging

The logging can be enabled in the windows registry under the key

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSpectrum GmbHMICX_DriverDebugLogDLL

As a result a log file %USERPROFILE%micx_drv_debug.txt will be created logging all comunication from/to the Spectrum.dll.

Afterwards please send us a file that has been created by using the following procedure:

  • Close all programs that might access the Spectrum card
  • Delete this log file if it exists from previous runs
  • Activate the logging as described above
  • Start your programm (e.g. SBench, Labview VI, your own *.exe file ...)
  • Do the normal procedure (call config and run) ONCE ONLY
  • Close your software
  • Disable logging by setting the LogDLL REGDWORD to value 0x00000000(0)
  • Send us the file via e-Mail

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