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How to update a digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX

This description will guide your through the process of updating all components of the digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX and the client PC. Please follow all the steps to avoid problems by using components that don't fit together. Mixing versions may result in unexpected behavior and difficult to track errors. Please update the following components one after the other and keep the order as described here:

digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX firmware image

class=media-imageThe image contains all internally installed operating system components, drivers, software, the firmware files of the embedded digitizer and the webserver, as well as software components and descriptions to download from the webserver. The digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX firmware image is found in the download section when selecting the appropriate digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX version as shown on the right (click to enlarge)

The update itself is done on the digitzerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX webserver. When connected to your client system either directly or through the LAN, the digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX will show up in the network environment as a separate device under the other devices tree. Go to the property page of the device and start the device webpage. For further information please see the hardware manual for a description how to open the embedded webserver.

  • Open the webserver and check the currently installed version on the home screen (firmware revision)
  • If the firmware revision is prior to version 7 it is necessary to download and install version 7 first (DN2 Firmware Base V7) and second version 27 (DN2 Firmware Base V27)
  • If the firmware revision is prior to version 27 it is necessary to download and install version 27 first (DN2 Firmware Base V27)
  • After installation of version 27 download the latest version from the download page and install it (DN2 Firmware Update)
  • Use the Fimware Update page from the digitizerNETBOX webserver, select the downloaded firmware image and install it.

Client system driver and Control Center

The client system drivers must match the installed firmware image to work properly. Please download either Windows or Linux Control Center package from the above mentioned download page and install it on the client system.

SBench 6

Please update your installation of SBench on the client system if you're using the software with the digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX. SBench 6 is also found on the download page for either Windows or Linux.

3rd party drivers

The 3rd party drivers like LabVIEW, MATLAB or IVI are available as separate downloads for Windows or Linux operating system. The drivers are found also on the download page of the digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX as already shown above. Please download the driver and start the installer.


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