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M3p/M4i/M4x/M2I/M3I Drivers / Controlcenter

This page shows the changelog for the spcm drivers which are suitable for M2i, M3i, M4i and digitizerNETBOX series. For information on the MICX drivers for MI, MC and MX series please see here.


  • Version 5.27 of 2nd December 2021 - Windows 11 support, Fedora 35 support, Nvidia RTX supportOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.27
    M4i Linux Kernel - V2.19
    M2i Linux Kernel - V1.67
    Control Center - V2.27
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-3006] Support for Fedora 35
    [SPCMDRV-2981] Remove x86 configuration from Windows CUDA FFT example
    [SPCMDRV-2991] Print some information to log file if sync class reports "ERR_SETUP"
    [SPCMDRV-2994] Print Windows 11 to log file
    [SPCMDRV-3000] New RTX series cards raise error in SCAPP example programs
    [SPCMDRV-3003] Show progress during FIFO speed test
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-1653] External reference clock with star-hub causes wrong results
    [SPCMDRV-2793] Python: spcm_dwSetParam_i64 without casting the value produce strange driver calls
    [SPCMDRV-2884] M2p sync compound with one ore more cards not included and not using SPC_CM_SHDIRECT mode: crash
    [SPCMDRV-2921] M2p sync: Rarely no start after sampling rate change
    [SPCMDRV-2948] M4Config does not check minimum FW version for digital option
    [SPCMDRV-2967] Explicitely issuing a reset command after driver openening creates a PLL unlock error when starting the cards afterwards with certain sample rates
    [SPCMDRV-2976] 75xx: no sequence mode possible
    [SPCMDRV-2978] C++ sequence replay example not running with 75xx cards
    [SPCMDRV-2980] "Save log" in Monitor dialog creates file with garbage content
    [SPCMDRV-2984] Fillsize is wrong for LAN transfers to DA-card/-netbox
    [SPCMDRV-2985] SPC_DATA_AVAIL_USER_LEN can return double the buffer size for remote DA-devices
    [SPCMDRV-2997] Control Center displays multiple "Start pattern" lines if error count exceeds int32
    [SPCMDRV-2998] Crash in kernel driver if notify size is smaller than page size
    [SPCMDRV-3002] Firmware update ignores error code when reading SFW header, and following error message is confusing
    [SPCMDRV-3009] M2STAT_CARD_SEGMENT_PRETRG not shown in log file

  • Version 5.26 of 25th August 2021 - Python and Rdma imporvements; Support of new Linux versionsOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.26
    M4i Linux Kernel - V2.18
    M2i Linux Kernel - V1.66
    Control Center - V2.26
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-2922] Support for Fedora 34
    [SPCMDRV-2927] Add simple replay example for single card
    [SPCMDRV-2934] Support for openSUSE 15.3
    [SPCMDRV-2951] Add python example for REC_STD_MULTI
    [SPCMDRV-2969] Support for Debian 11
    [SPCMDRV-2708] Improve error handling at Python fifo-replay example
    [SPCMDRV-2895] Add SN to "GetErrorInfo -> ..." text.
    [SPCMDRV-2920] Show M2p.75xx as replacement for M2i.70xx in demo card dialog
    [SPCMDRV-2925] M2p quartz calibration also for 65xx and 75xx
    [SPCMDRV-2931] Adjust maximum value in Speed Test if minimum has been changed to a value larger than the current maximum, and vice versa
    [SPCMDRV-2946] Allow read-out of DN6 temperature sensors
    [SPCMDRV-2952] Sequence mode example: more than one channel
    [SPCMDRV-2956] Show changes to ContMem and MemoryUsage in warning message
    [SPCMDRV-2958] Check for existance of GCC in kernel source compilation scripts
    [SPCMDRV-2960] Show number of log level in Control Center
    [SPCMDRV-2965] Improve internal clock phase calibration to avoid very rare dropped output samples for M4i.66xx
    [SPCMDRV-2970] 75xx: Termination is automatically deactivated when direction is set to output
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-1984] Linux lib does not wait for remote event which can cause spcm_hOpen() to lock up
    [SPCMDRV-2928] Setting SPC_CH0_CUSTOM_STOP with a M2p.75xx causes driver error
    [SPCMDRV-2929] Calling SPC_CH0_CUSTOM_STOP with the currently set value causes ERR_REG
    [SPCMDRV-2930] RDMA examples throw error with Quadro RTX 5000
    [SPCMDRV-2933] Cannot compile kernel driver modules on openSUSE 15.3
    [SPCMDRV-2936] Demo card dialog does not store selected memory size for next start
    [SPCMDRV-2937] Cannot open project for DN2.663-04 with demo cards
    [SPCMDRV-2939] RDMA does not work on x86
    [SPCMDRV-2940] Available X lines for digitizer in hybridNETBOx are wrong
    [SPCMDRV-2949] Python: h2py skips defines for monitors
    [SPCMDRV-2953] Compilation error with kernel 4.18.0-305.7.1.el8_4.x86_64
    [SPCMDRV-2955] Netbox causes Timeout at WAITDMA although it has correctly acquired data
    [SPCMDRV-2966] Compilation of kernel driver fails on Jetson if dash is default shell
    [SPCMDRV-2972] DMA with non-page-aligned memory hangs and possibly causes kernel dump

  • Version 5.25 of 21th April 2021 - Support for M2p.75xx series, bux fixes for clock and LinuxOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.25
    M4i Linux Kernel - V2.17
    M4i Kernel Windows - V5.07
    M2i Linux Kernel - V1.65
    Control Center - V2.25
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-2852] Support for M2p.75xx
    [SPCMDRV-2913] Support for M2p.75xx
    [SPCMDRV-2896] Make it obvious in Control Center that card booted the Golden Image
    [SPCMDRV-2897] Netbox now answers first part of Discovery request even if no card is found
    [SPCMDRV-2905] Make kernel driver build scripts for customer ARCH linux friendly
    [SPCMDRV-2909] Control Center firmware update does now inform M2p users about necessary power cycle
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2898] Selecting first entry in demo card list can cause crash
    [SPCMDRV-2902] Linux: M4x is reported as M4i in /proc/spcm4_cards
    [SPCMDRV-2903] M4i.77xx Effekt of external clock sample edge selection (SPCM_RISING_EDGE or SPCM_FALLING_EDGE) is inverted
    [SPCMDRV-2904] FIFO replay with fixed length generates only a short pulse
    [SPCMDRV-2912] M2p sync with different SR and 591x series card in compound: wrong SR calculation if the SH-carier has not the fastest SR

  • Version 5.24 of 11th March 2021 - Support for NVIDIA Jetson/ARM, bugfix for switching pulses on M2p digital optionOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.24
    M4i Linux Kernel - V2.16
    M2i Linux Kernel - V1.64
    Control Center - V2.24
    Remote Server - V1.03
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-2845] ARM support for linux
    [SPCMDRV-2862] Add possibility to disable star-hub by Spectrum Control Center
    [SPCMDRV-2602] Remote server: improve error message if feature is not installed
    [SPCMDRV-2861] Remove CUDA compute architecture 3.0 from RDMA example Makefiles
    [SPCMDRV-2868] Set PCIe lanes and generation for demo cards
    [SPCMDRV-2869] Improve error output in sequence mode if SPC_SEQMODE_STEPMEMx causes error
    [SPCMDRV-2871] Mention underrun in error text for ERR_FIFOHWOVERRUN
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-1183] DMA does not work with enabled IOMMU
    [SPCMDRV-1407] Cannot switch between FIFO Read and FIFO Write in speedtest for 70xx cards
    [SPCMDRV-1540] No user offset setting for 22xx
    [SPCMDRV-2863] Compilation errors with kernel 5.8 and enabled RDMA
    [SPCMDRV-2866] Reading SPC_NETBOX_TEMPERATURE and similar registers using "Demo Netbox" causes ERR_NOACCESS
    [SPCMDRV-2867] Demo data for M4i.77xx is only noise
    [SPCMDRV-2870] Setting SPC_CARDMODE might generate wrong error code ERR_FEATURE
    [SPCMDRV-2873] Possible unwanted short HIGH peaks on XIO outputs of digital options (M2p.xxxx-DigFX2 and M2p.xxxx-DigSMB) when changing direction
    [SPCMDRV-2874] XIO modes for lines of digital option (M2p.xxxx-DigFX2 and M2p.xxxx-DigSMB) could affect other XIO lines than intended.
    [SPCMDRV-2875] Reset command can create unwanted pulses on XIO lines of digital option (M2p.xxxx-DigFX2 and M2p.xxxx-DigSMB)
    [SPCMDRV-2878] Errors during compilation of asynchronous_IO_speed example on linux
    [SPCMDRV-2881] Dependency on kernel package is not correctly added for some kernel driver module RPMs
    [SPCMDRV-2890] Kernel driver allocates too much memory for scatter-gather list

  • Version 5.23 of 21st January 2021 - Several bugs fixed, Support of Linux Kernel 5.9Open or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.23
    M4i Linux Kernel - V2.15
    M2i Linux Kernel - V1.63
    Control Center - V2.23
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-2707] Examples with Timestamp and M2p digital inputs
    [SPCMDRV-2823] Print serial number of card to log if "temperature too high" error occurs
    [SPCMDRV-2824] Move reservation of DMA-mapping-memory to moment of STARTDMA
    [SPCMDRV-2825] Add example for sequence replay mode in python
    [SPCMDRV-2833] Print correct Win10 version for 20H2
    [SPCMDRV-2846] Add card serial number at "Timeout warning 263".
    [SPCMDRV-2850] Let calibration of demo cards finish without error
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-1278] M4i.22xx demo card + average feature produces "feature not installed" error using SPC_REC_STD_AVERAGE_16BIT mode
    [SPCMDRV-2662] Log entry for SPC_SAMPLERATE with 2.5 GS/s shows negative values
    [SPCMDRV-2743] M2p: Rarely wrong temperature and PLL lock status reads
    [SPCMDRV-2755] SPC_CHANNELMUXINFO for M2p.5968 is wrong
    [SPCMDRV-2821] Driver generates EXTRA_BLOCKREADY even if no data is left
    [SPCMDRV-2829] Linux compilation errors with kernel 5.9
    [SPCMDRV-2832] Complex examples do not respect differences in paths when reading available features and input ranges
    [SPCMDRV-2835] Two demo Netboxes are displayed under one node
    [SPCMDRV-2838] Link to 64bit SBench6 deb package is wrong
    [SPCMDRV-2840] PCI resource address might be truncated
    [SPCMDRV-2843] Linux on ARM64 logs its architecture as Intel/AMD
    [SPCMDRV-2848] Hostname missing from title bar
    [SPCMDRV-2849] Minimum and step size for averaging modes (16bit and 32bit) are wrong
    [SPCMDRV-2853] 50 Ohm setting not available from "AI channel" dialog, but works fine in "Input channels"
    [SPCMDRV-2854] DMA transfer from Netbox stops after a few minutes to a few hours
    [SPCMDRV-2855] Default stop level for DA cards is SPCM_STOPLVL_TRISTATE which is not supported

  • Version 5.22 of 22nd October 2020 - Support of hybridNETBOX, Support of Linux Kernel 5.8Open or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.22
    M4i Linux Kernel - V2.14
    M2i Linux Kernel - V1.62
    Control Center - V2.22
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-2747] Add hybridNETBOX DN2.80x and DN2.81x
    [SPCMDRV-2582] New register to read out fan speed of Netboxes
    [SPCMDRV-2801] Add support for replaying 8bit and 16bit digital XIO channels from one single DAC channel through digital option
    [SPCMDRV-2806] Return 0 instead of error code for SPC_AVAILMONITORS for M2i/M3i cards
    [SPCMDRV-2807] Show Netbox temperature and fan speed in Control Center Monitor
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2360] Linux Driver output reports two cards as /dev/spcm0
    [SPCMDRV-2704] Remove calll to SPC_READDIGITAL from rec_std_single axample, as this is this is only the method for M2i cards
    [SPCMDRV-2784] Creating a demo netbox DN6.653-x creates wrong cards
    [SPCMDRV-2808] example simple_sync_rec_fifo.py: using wrong data buffer
    [SPCMDRV-2810] Linux Compilation errors with kernel 5.8
    [SPCMDRV-2812] Python example simple_rec_single dosn't wait for recording and DMA end
    [SPCMDRV-2814] Constants in regs.h that are longer than 32bit are not created as 64bit in generated C# file
    [SPCMDRV-2816] M2p.59 demo card allows ABA mode
    [SPCMDRV-2817] Clock setup rewroked for 44xx series as sometime wrong timing could occur resulting in spikes in the acquired signals

  • Version 5.21 of 14th September 2020 - Bugfixing for trigger source and stop levelOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.21
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-2795] Add support for variable trigger source delay for timestamps of M2p cards when using Star-Hub synchronization
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2787] Stoplevel not working correctly if digital outputs are enabled
    [SPCMDRV-2791] Channel trigger sources do not appear in timestamp
    [SPCMDRV-2792] Constant for SPC_TRGSRC_MASK_PXI4 is incorrectly having two bit set
    [SPCMDRV-2798] 66xx: PLL unlock between 883 and 1125 MS/s

  • Version 5.20 of 28th August 2020 - 22xx series now allows 4/2/1 GS/s for single cards with internal clockOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.20
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-2765] 22xx: Internal sampling rate of 4 GS/s and divided added
    [SPCMDRV-2788] Completely user definable stop level for AWG cards including digital outputs
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2780] Print errno if accessing shared memory failed
    [SPCMDRV-2744] Sequence mode: SPC_SEQMODE_MAXSEGMENTS not a power of two blocked data writing to the upper-end segments.
    [SPCMDRV-2751] M2p NETBOX with two cards and external clock or reference clock: "value not allowed" error at card-start if channels at slave active
    [SPCMDRV-2756] C/C++ examples: Some examples crashes when using 8 bit cards
    [SPCMDRV-2768] Matlab function spcMSetupTrigExternalLevel() does not allow setup of Ext3 on M2p cards
    [SPCMDRV-2772] "Card in use" error in CC if kernel driver runs into memory problems

  • Version 5.19 of 5th August 2020 - New Linux version support; new support of M4i.23xx seriesOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.19
    Library - Datasort V1.27
    M2i Kernel - Linux V1.61
    M4i Kernel - Linux V2.13
    Control Center - V2.21
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-2757] Support for openSUSE 15.2
    [SPCMDRV-2762] Support for M4i.23xx
    [SPCMDRV-2627] Add Windows 10 release 1909 and 2004 to log file header
    [SPCMDRV-2752] Control Center does not show Netbox infos from demo Netbox if cards are in use by other program

    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2744] Sequence mode: SPC_SEQMODE_MAXSEGMENTS not a power of two blocked data writing to the upper-end segments.
    [SPCMDRV-2751] M2p NETBOX with two cards and external clock or reference clock: "value not allowed" error at card-start if channels at slave active
    [SPCMDRV-2756] C/C++ examples: Some examples crashes when using 8 bit cards
    [SPCMDRV-2768] Matlab function spcMSetupTrigExternalLevel() does not allow setup of Ext3 on M2p cards
    [SPCMDRV-2772] "Card in use" error in CC if kernel driver runs into memory problems

  • Version 5.18 of 3rd June 2020 - Bugfix for Star-Hub issue of version 5.17Open or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.18
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2745] Star-hub not working properly after last modification (5.17)17

  • Version 5.17 of 28th May 2020 - Support for 44xx Digital Option, Improvements, BugfixesOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.17
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-2653] Add support for M4i.44xx Digitaloption
    [SPCMDRV-2727] Support for Ubuntu 20.04
    [SPCMDRV-2728] Support for Fedora 32
    [SPCMDRV-1160] NETBOX with two synchronized cards: C++ programming problems
    [SPCMDRV-1927] Possibility to install local "Demo NETBOX"
    [SPCMDRV-2721] Allow deletion of demo netboxes and demo sync groups or their respective top nodes
    [SPCMDRV-2722] Avoid double to int64 conversion warning
    [SPCMDRV-2723] Demo cards should be synchronizable like real cards, e.g. no inter-family sync on M4i cards
    [SPCMDRV-2725] Close card in python examples if program is left early because of error
    [SPCMDRV-2731] Simplify and clean code of Netbox web interface
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-1412] Driver crash (at internal memory allocation) with FiFo recording at remote server
    [SPCMDRV-2703] make clean does not remove all generated files
    [SPCMDRV-2720] Python 66xx FiFo replay example: immediately underrun error
    [SPCMDRV-2726] Discovery generates wrong warning entries in log file
    [SPCMDRV-2729] SPC_SYNC_READ_CARDIDX registers give wrong values if multiple Netboxes have been discovered

  • Version 5.16 of 3rd April 2020 - New custom specific 22xx versions, bugfixesOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.16
    [SPCMDRV-2711] Added new custom-specific card version
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2702] Possible crash after Netbox discovery timeout has elapsed
    [SPCMDRV-2712] Wrong number of channels on M4x.6631
    [SPCMDRV-2716] Value from SPC_AVAILAVRGSEGSIZE_MAX and SPC_AVAILAVRG16BITSEGSIZE_MAX is wrong on 8bit cards

  • Version 5.15 of 19th March 2020 - Some bug fixed, support of SB6 PluginOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.15
    Control Center V2.18
    M2i Kernel Windows V4.04
    M4i Kernel Windows V5.06
    M2i Kernel Linux V1.59
    M4i Kernel Linux V2.11
    [SPCMDRV-2691] Control Center window too high for 1024x768
    [SPCMDRV-2692] Print more debug info in case that a card could not be opened
    [SPCMDRV-2682] Add software license flag for SB6 plugins
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2389] Descriptive strings inside driver files (DLL and kernel) could need update
    [SPCMDRV-2656] Bogus card entry after timeout during update of a cached card
    [SPCMDRV-2679] 65xx Demo card falsly allows Averaging and Block Statistics
    [SPCMDRV-2680] Install scripts do hot handle SUSE 15.1 correctly
    [SPCMDRV-2686] Missing parameter for proposed cpio commands
    [SPCMDRV-2688] Module of 65xx reports bogus temperature values
    [SPCMDRV-2689] Wrong cards listed if two Netboxes with starhub are discovered
    [SPCMDRV-2694] Possible memory leaks if error occurs during allocation of scatter-gather lists

  • Version 5.14 of 24th Februrary 2020 - Some bug fixed, custom specifc 22xx versionsOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.14
    Control Center V2.17
    M2i Windows Kernel V4.03
    M4i Windows Kernel V5.05
    [SPCMDRV-2666] Namespace of C# FIFO replay example quite a bit misleading
    [SPCMDRV-2670] M2p.6576 reduced FiFo transfer speed value fixed
    [SPCMDRV-2671] Remove outdated year from copyright
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2648] Detection if a single card in Netbox is used is wrong
    [SPCMDRV-2649] Termination setup causes error on cards without switchable input termination
    [SPCMDRV-2650] FetchWaveform does not handle int8
    [SPCMDRV-2661] M4i fineclock: every time PLL unlock
    [SPCMDRV-2664] Sequence-Replay with data-write at runtime: rarely wrong data
    [SPCMDRV-2672] FIFO speedtest for M4i.2210 runs only with 1250 MB/s
    [SPCMDRV-2673] Sampling rate for M4i.2234 not correctly updated after changing enabled channels
    [SPCMDRV-2678] Linux: cannot open M4i if also M2i in system

  • Version 5.13 of 4th Februrary 2020 - Bug fixes for 22x slow sampling rateOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.13
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2652] M4i wrong samplerate below maximum (= divided ones)
    [SPCMDRV-2657] 22xx series: Wrong samplerate below 1.25 GS/s

  • Version 5.12 of 30th January 2020 - New binary offset data mode for M4i.22xx, some bug fixesOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.12
    Control Center V2.16
    [SPCMDRV-1562] Allow setting "M4i.22xx-ir40m" option (small input ranges) also for demo cards
    [SPCMDRV-2614] M2p.65xx-HV: Allow temperature reading from supervisor chip and print out health status to log file
    [SPCMDRV-2616] Remove XMODE features from X12 onwards if card is in a Netbox
    [SPCMDRV-2620] Control Center Monitor: print values smaller than 1.0 as milli [V|A|W]
    [SPCMDRV-2621] Show error messages in separate line
    [SPCMDRV-2630] Remove redundant "Version" from CC About tab
    [SPCMDRV-2635] Show features of all Multi-Purpose lines including the ones added by digital I/O option (-DigSMB or -DigFX2)
    [SPCMDRV-2639] Support for new firmware feature allowing conversion of RAW 8bit, 14bit and 16bit samples from default twos-complement to offset-binary
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-314] Cannot open last demo card if real card in system has not been opened yet
    [SPCMDRV-2613] Python recording examples do not work correctly with 8bit cards
    [SPCMDRV-2615] Reported AVAILMODES for multi purpose lines >= X4 are zero on demo cards
    [SPCMDRV-2617] M4i.44xx: Default value for SPC_BOX_AVERAGES is wrong
    [SPCMDRV-2619] Monitoring of M2p.6546 crashes
    [SPCMDRV-2622] M2p-dig16: PCB and HW version are shown as 0.0 in Cntrol Center
    [SPCMDRV-2623] SPC_MODULEBPCBVERSION reads value of Module A
    [SPCMDRV-2629] Installation problems under CentOS
    [SPCMDRV-2634] Incorrect casting of module FW versions in EEProm
    [SPCMDRV-2638] Demodata generation not working correctly when having digital option digitalbits active
    [SPCMDRV-2642] Enabling digital outputs after having the card already started once creates incorrect outputs
    [SPCMDRV-2647] Model and SN displayed by LXI discovery tool are wrong

  • Version 5.11 of 22nd November 2019 - Small changes, bug fixesOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.11
    M2i Kernel Linux V1.58
    M4i Kernel Linux V2.10
    Control Center V2.15
    [SPCMDRV-1118] Integrate Netbox server into Control Center
    [SPCMDRV-2588] Implement new M2p.652x low voltage variants
    [SPCMDRV-2593] Linux: Add static library to RPM/DEB packages
    [SPCMDRV-2595] Linux: Add support for Fedora 31
    [SPCMDRV-2574] Display warning if access to cards in Netbox is restricted
    [SPCMDRV-2592] M4i: FiFo replay, SPC_DATA_OUTBUFSIZE register: internal and external driver order
    [SPCMDRV-2597] Avoid at reading SPC_SEQMODE_STATUS register hardware reads if card is not running
    [SPCMDRV-2600] Allow fine clock with synced 442x / 447x 180 MS/s
    [SPCMDRV-2603] Add simple_rep_fifo example for Python
    [SPCMDRV-2609] 222x with ir40m option: calibration improvement
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-1871] 22xx: FiFo with Multiple Recording: data missing on some PCs
    [SPCMDRV-2166] Seq-Replay: End-Flag missed at register read back
    [SPCMDRV-2335] FiFo-Replay: Fillcounter masking doesn't consider output buffer limitation.
    [SPCMDRV-2581] Message after failed installation of spcm4 kernel driver package does not mention M2p
    [SPCMDRV-2583] DoubleOut/DiffOut not working with new M2p.65xx-hv versions
    [SPCMDRV-2587] Linux: Incomplete sentence in manpages file
    [SPCMDRV-2594] Linux: \n not correctly displayed in manpages
    [SPCMDRV-2596] Write zero to register SPC_SEQMODE_MAXSEGMENTS generates no error
    [SPCMDRV-2599] M2i-PCI cards: Occasional errors writing calibration data into EEPROM
    [SPCMDRV-2601] Control Center does not select intended demo card directly after start
    [SPCMDRV-2607] Monitoring available for V_MODx0/1 on M2p.652x

  • Version 5.10 of 16th October 2019 - Support of 591 (5 MS/s) products added, support of upcoming 654x and 657x addedOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.10
    M2i Kernel Linux V1.57
    M4i Kernel Linux V2.09
    Control Center V2.14
    [SPCMDRV-2522] Add support for M2p.65xx high voltage modules (654x, 657x)
    [SPCMDRV-2546] Add support for M2p.591x, DN2.591, DN6,591x
    [SPCMDRV-1906] Setup mail to support instead of link to support formular
    [SPCMDRV-2549] Added replacements for M2i.20, M2i.60, M2i.7x, M3i.21 to card list
    [SPCMDRV-2572] Linux: update of Kernel makefiles for Kernel > 5.3
    [SPCMDRV-2564] New python example for synchronized output
    [SPCMDRV-1310] Shutdown of Netbox using software command
    [SPCMDRV-2497] Clarifiy that "no card found" warning on Linux is no problem for Netboxes
    [SPCMDRV-2521] Support for SPCM_FEAT_DIG16_* feature on demo cards
    [SPCMDRV-2524] Allow 400 MS/s and dividions of it with synced 445x
    [SPCMDRV-2525] Show messagebox with link to knowledge base article if Netbox Discovery does not find any device
    [SPCMDRV-2527] Logfile: add SN to "M4i power monitor" driver line
    [SPCMDRV-2537] Use COUPLING_AC or COUPLING_DC constants as value for ACDC registers to enhance readability
    [SPCMDRV-2538] Use CHANNELx mask constants as value for channel enable settings to avoid confusion of number vs. mask (when using 1 for one channel)
    [SPCMDRV-2544] Respect sampling rate if demo data calculation is fast enough
    [SPCMDRV-2553] Also allow output of effective sample rate on every XIO line additionally to the possible faster oversampling clock only available on X0
    [SPCMDRV-2555] Add Netbox Debug Info package to web server
    [SPCMDRV-2556] Data type in some driver internal GetParam calls not consistently used
    [SPCMDRV-2563] New register to read PLL state of running card
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2381] Some features not available when using remote Server instead of "real" Netbox
    [SPCMDRV-2507] SPC_CLOCKOUTFREQUENCY returns 0 for M2p.65xx
    [SPCMDRV-2517] Control Center: Sometimes cards are mixed up after discovery
    [SPCMDRV-2520] Control Center: Pressing F5 with discovered cards creates additional entry for each remote card
    [SPCMDRV-2530] Sync: status read over sync-handle prints wrong values in log-file
    [SPCMDRV-2531] M4i sync: reset SH-carier directly prevents all following sync-compound starts
    [SPCMDRV-2535] Netbox Webserver: Link to datasheet is wrong for DN6.65xx
    [SPCMDRV-2536] Examples: Delphi examples return 0 when opening spcm1 and above
    [SPCMDRV-2542] Examples: MATLAB Std-Multi-Rec example: wrong card mode configured
    [SPCMDRV-2548] Fifo gate with PW trigger produce wrong data and timestamps
    [SPCMDRV-2550] Gated Sampling (STD and FIFO) might not work properly when switching back from FIFO_SINGLE
    [SPCMDRV-2551] Wrong demo trigger source information in Std Gate mode
    [SPCMDRV-2560] Democards: name for M4i.6631-hbw is incorrect, M4i.6630-hbw is missing and normal M4i.6631 not selectable
    [SPCMDRV-2568] Using small loop paramter with multiple replay mode causes problems
    [SPCMDRV-2573] Incorrect handling of passwords in the security menu of the Netbox

  • Version 5.09 of 11th July 2019 - Permanent temperture monitoring and over temperature check addedOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.09
    Library - Datasort V1.26
    M2i Kernel Linux V1.56
    M4i Kernel Linux V2.07
    Control Center V2.13
    [SPCMDRV-2415] Add support for M2p digital option
    [SPCMDRV-2460] Support for openSUSE 15.1
    [SPCMDRV-2463] Add over-temperature protection. The card temperature is monitored and card shut down in case of overtemperature.
    [SPCMDRV-2499] Support for Linux Debian 10 Buster
    [SPCMDRV-2382] Make Version information for Control Center itself also a copy-able string
    [SPCMDRV-2426] Warning in case of high card temperatures
    [SPCMDRV-2455] M2p.65xx: improve gain accuracy when gain setting of other channel changes
    [SPCMDRV-2459] New register to read out gate alignment for current setup
    [SPCMDRV-2462] Allow Ch7..Ch4 also as sources of Digitalout for an 8 channel M2p.65xx card
    [SPCMDRV-2468] Detect Win10 1903
    [SPCMDRV-2469] Make installer High-DPI aware
    [SPCMDRV-2479] Print process name and pid to log file
    [SPCMDRV-2480] M2p reference clock calibration
    [SPCMDRV-2481] Improve layout of CC "About" page
    [SPCMDRV-2485] Generate a driver-loading library for .NET on Linux (Mono)
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2365] Wrong timestamps if multiple REC_STD_AVERAGE acquisitions are done in loop and only one stamp gets transfered
    [SPCMDRV-2448] Debian packags contain broken version of themselves
    [SPCMDRV-2451] Driver log reports wrong library location for 32bit application on 64bit Windows 10
    [SPCMDRV-2453] To switch back from sequence-replay to normal replay a reset was added
    [SPCMDRV-2454] Control Center does not show custom modification of M2p cards
    [SPCMDRV-2456] Compilation error in rec_multi_binaryfile example
    [SPCMDRV-2458] example rec_fifo_single_poll: wrong channel enable mask calculation
    [SPCMDRV-2470] Control Center uninstaller does not remove Uninstall link from start menu
    [SPCMDRV-2473] Options for different demo cards have been resorted
    [SPCMDRV-2474] NetboxMonitor does not show IP
    [SPCMDRV-2476] Timestamp + ABA FiFo not correctly reset before card start: could contain old or wrong stamps
    [SPCMDRV-2484] Matlab, LabView: Data for 8 channel version of M2p.59xx not correctly sorted
    [SPCMDRV-2491] Checksum calculation for SH EEPROM is wrong if length of given structure is shorter than length of checksum'd data
    [SPCMDRV-2493] Linux kernel driver installation script generates errors on Redhat Enterprise 7
    [SPCMDRV-2498] SPC_DATACONVERSION no function at M2p.65xx
    [SPCMDRV-2500] MinADCClock value in EEprom of 65xx is incorrectly set to 1 kHz instead of 0 Hz

  • Version 5.08 of 8th May 2019 - More info on Linux driver, examples improvementOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.08
    Library - Datasort V1.25
    M2i Kernel Linux V1.55
    M4i Kernel Windows V5.03
    M4i Kernel Linux V2.06
    Control Center V2.12
    Remote Server V1.01
    [SPCMDRV-2409] Implement remote discovery function in datasort Dll (LabView driver)
    [SPCMDRV-2414] Add DN2.65x and DN6.65x
    [SPCMDRV-2436] Add support for Fedora 30
    [SPCMDRV-2383] Improve error description when starting remote server with not supported cards
    [SPCMDRV-2384] MATLAB: make both spcMInitDevice/CardByIdx.m identical
    [SPCMDRV-2394] M2p: allow XIO async-out configuration after card-start
    [SPCMDRV-2395] Allow NotifySize == BufferSize even if buffer size is not multiple of 4kB
    [SPCMDRV-2404] Reduce number of channel changes during phase calibration
    [SPCMDRV-2416] Add icon for Remote Server
    [SPCMDRV-2417] Implement MemoryUsage parameter in linux kernel module
    [SPCMDRV-2418] Add description for linux kernel module parameters
    [SPCMDRV-2420] Add program icon in multiple sizes
    [SPCMDRV-2423] Improve message in About page when kernel driver has not been loaded
    [SPCMDRV-2427] Use ContMem in python replay example
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2353] M2p sync clock limitations checks wrong
    [SPCMDRV-2374] 22xx reading register SPC_FILTER0 -> error: unknown register
    [SPCMDRV-2376] Linux CC install script does not correctly detect openSUSE 15.0
    [SPCMDRV-2378] Speedtest shows "Gen 0 with 0 lanes" for cards in Netbox
    [SPCMDRV-2391] M2i70x1 use a too fast samplerate at ControlCenter FiFo speed test
    [SPCMDRV-2393] Changing internal calibration source does not always open relais at input
    [SPCMDRV-2396] 8bit path of Python example uses un-initialized variable
    [SPCMDRV-2402] Notify size not correctly handled in python example
    [SPCMDRV-2405] Identification of RemoteServer cards not working
    [SPCMDRV-2407] Wrong log file path name at user-names with umlaute
    [SPCMDRV-2428] M2p demo cards falesely allow setup of Quartz2
    [SPCMDRV-2431] Compilation of 64bit Remote Server fails
    [SPCMDRV-2439] Discovery sometimes crashes Control Center on linux
    [SPCMDRV-2446] Compilation error on Linux kernel >= 5.0

  • Version 5.07 of 28th February 2019 - Example improvements, representing of obsolete productsOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.07
    M2i Kernel Windows V4.02
    M2i Kernel Linux V1.54
    M4i Kernel Windows V5.02
    M4i Kernel Linux V2.05
    Control Center V2.11
    [SPCMDRV-2319] New example for closed loop with AD and DA card
    [SPCMDRV-2366] Calibration presets for ir80m option of 442x added
    [SPCMDRV-1750] Examples now matching SetupInputChannel depending whether the cards do have a path selection or not
    [SPCMDRV-1852] Log-file: card-sn at fatal-error lines added
    [SPCMDRV-1883] Add minimize button to CC
    [SPCMDRV-1932] Add defines for "COUPLING_AC" and "COUPLING_DC" to regs.h
    [SPCMDRV-2019] Print card handle to log if load of EEPROM failed
    [SPCMDRV-2136] Rename makefiles for kernels 2.6 - 4.x
    [SPCMDRV-2293] Mark discontinued cards in demo card setup dialog
    [SPCMDRV-2312] Improved alignment of star-hub log output
    [SPCMDRV-2316] Allow client software to display errors if remote server could not open card due to hardware problems
    [SPCMDRV-2333] Add PCIe generation and lane count to speedtest window
    [SPCMDRV-2338] Control Center automatically adds BOXCAR average mode to EEPROM at FW update
    [SPCMDRV-2344] Card series in examples header udpated
    [SPCMDRV-2345] Add https:// to links into knowledge base
    [SPCMDRV-2355] Calibration improvement for M2p.59x2
    [SPCMDRV-2362] Python: add more clarification to examples when used with wrong card
    [SPCMDRV-2364] Allow feature update of cards in Netbox
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2348] Demo-59xx with digital bits generates wrong data
    [SPCMDRV-2346] Wrong value for SPC_CHANNELMUXINFO on M2p.xxx8
    [SPCMDRV-2334] Read fillsize-promille value wrong at limited output memory or cards with memory < 4 GiB.
    [SPCMDRV-2331] Some signal shapes (eRectangle, eTriangle and eSawtooth) created in bSpcMCalcSignal for replay examples shift segment data by one sample
    [SPCMDRV-2328] FiFo replay: wrong start data if the first SPC_DATA_AVAIL_CARD_LEN occurred after DMA start
    [SPCMDRV-2327] Module PCB version and calibration date of demo cards contain bogus values
    [SPCMDRV-2320] M4i sync with > 1 card and reference-clock: PLL lock error
    [SPCMDRV-2318] Memory combo box for demo cards too small after change from M2p to M2i
    [SPCMDRV-2314] FIFO boxcar with fixed loops does not transfer all data
    [SPCMDRV-2313] FIFO boxcar transfers wrong data
    [SPCMDRV-2309] Gated Replay not properly working with TM_POS but fine using TM_HIGH
    [SPCMDRV-2308] M4i boxcar: firmware (update) doesn't activate corresponding feature flag
    [SPCMDRV-2227] M2p: sync with one card strange behavior: SR stepsize is 1 MS/s instead 10 MS/s
    [SPCMDRV-696] NETBOX with compatibility DLL: programm stucks at close
    [SPCMDRV-415] Timestamp Refclock mode: TS-reset without a connected second signals returns an error

  • Version 5.06 of 21st November 2018 - New examples for SCAPP including WindowsOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.06
    M2i Kernel Windows V4.01
    M2i Kernel Linux V1.53
    M4i Kernel Windows V5.01
    M4i Kernel Linux V2.04
    Control Center V2.10
    [SPCMDRV-2272] M2p.59xx Allow data conversion to reduced ADC resolution for backwards compatibility to existing software
    [SPCMDRV-2281] Support for Fedora 29
    [SPCMDRV-2282] Support for Fedora 29
    [SPCMDRV-506] Add support for M4i timestamp additional information
    [SPCMDRV-1066] Use only alligned memory for all DMA buffers in all examples
    [SPCMDRV-1295] MATLAB Examples: automatic diversion between card families
    [SPCMDRV-1296] MATLAB: using register namens internally in spcm_LibPackage also to improve readability
    [SPCMDRV-1382] Make examples more 64bit friendly
    [SPCMDRV-2001] Allow change of MemoryUsage registry value via Control Center
    [SPCMDRV-2113] reduce SR stepsize
    [SPCMDRV-2238] Example CUDA block average example for "Noise suppressed accumulation"
    [SPCMDRV-2242] Improve gain calibration accuracy at differential mode
    [SPCMDRV-2256] Linux: Add manpages to library package for easier access to function documentation
    [SPCMDRV-2260] Possibility to read out number of connectors on starhub
    [SPCMDRV-2263] Make Control Center use m4c_hardw_vers.cpp for demo card information
    [SPCMDRV-2268] Add example for CUDA without RDMA (Windows)
    [SPCMDRV-2284] Library now reports ERR_BOARDINUSE on linux systems if card is blocked by other program
    [SPCMDRV-2287] Support for 32bit wide "SPC_LOOP" value using SPC_REC_FIFO_AVERAGE and SPC_REC_FIFO_AVERAGE_16BIT
    [SPCMDRV-2292] Default demo card when add demo card changed to M2p.5962-x4
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2133] Opening a M4i card a second time reports "unknown 0000" as card type
    [SPCMDRV-2164] Possible crash at end of program if SCAPP/CUDA RDMA is used
    [SPCMDRV-2239] Buffer size of 4 GB causes kernel oops
    [SPCMDRV-2243] REC_FIFO_SEGSTATS transfers only fixed amount of data
    [SPCMDRV-2265] C++ Examples use "strange" parameters for external trigger setup
    [SPCMDRV-2269] Triggerlevel and coupling for M4i A/D and D/A cards not programmed from LibCard since introduction of 77xx cards
    [SPCMDRV-2270] SPCM_CUSTOMMOD not correctly handled for M2p cards
    [SPCMDRV-2271] M4Config shows Custom Modifications for M4i/M4x also on M2p cards
    [SPCMDRV-2275] CC on Win64 complains about missing spcm_win32.dll if library load failed
    [SPCMDRV-2279] M2p: Rarely PLL unlock at SHDirect after clock frequency change
    [SPCMDRV-2280] InSpec histogram test causes ERR_RUNNING on M2p.59xx with starhub
    [SPCMDRV-2285] Driver source installation script fails at library installation on RedHat
    [SPCMDRV-2291] Demo M2p.5940 leads to engine error message when started with SBench 6
    [SPCMDRV-2294] First acquisition after overrun does not trigger
    [SPCMDRV-2298] External clock might work properly on synchronized M2p cards

  • Version 5.05 of 26th September 2018 - Bug-fix for M2p release with new firmwareOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.05
    Control Center V2.09
    [SPCMDRV-2223] SCAPP example RDMA for DA cards
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2222] Index of synchronized cards is messed up with multiple Netboxes
    [SPCMDRV-2224] Actions for web interface and Netbox monitor missing from context menu of top level Netbox entry
    [SPCMDRV-2230] Number of connected cards using Star-Hub not working correctly for M3i, M4i and M2p cards
    [SPCMDRV-2231] Missing check for matching firmware versions of synchronized M2p.59xx cards

  • Version 5.04 of 11th September 2018 - M2p star-hub support, small bug-fixes and improvement for exampleOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.04
    Library - Datasort V1.24
    Control Center V2.08
    [SPCMDRV-1725] Add possibility to use sorting and calculation features from datasort library also on imported data
    [SPCMDRV-2118] Show discovered Netboxes in NetboxMonitor selection dialog
    [SPCMDRV-2196] Add Support for XIO status output of "all the Star-Hub connected cards are armed" in contrast to the existing "I am personally armed"
    [SPCMDRV-2197] rec_std_multi: read and print trigger sources if available
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2193] Examples improved to work properly with M2p cards
    [SPCMDRV-2195] Calling EXTRA_WAITDMA from two threads does not return from wait
    [SPCMDRV-2203] simple_rec_std example not linkable
    [SPCMDRV-2205] First recording with Multi/Gate/ABA after CMD_RESET does not trigger, all further recordings work.
    [SPCMDRV-2207] Command SPC_TS_RESET for manually resetting timestamp counter not working with M2p cards
    [SPCMDRV-2213] In SB6, internal calibration of the card will only be done when the digital bits are off.
    [SPCMDRV-2214] SPC_TRIGGERCOUNTER register not handled by the driver
    [SPCMDRV-2215] Direction of DMA in driver log is wrong if RDMA is used

  • Version 5.03 of 8th August 2018 - Support of DN2.59x and DN6.59x addedOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.03
    M4i Kernel - Linux V2.03
    M2i Kernel - Linux V1.52
    Control Center V2.07
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-2169] Added new DN6.59xx products
    [SPCMDRV-2178] Add C++ "Selftest" example containing on-board memory test procedure already used in NETBOX command line tool
    [SPCMDRV-2185] Adopt switches of firmware update for M2p Starhub
    [SPCMDRV-1688] Change parameter of spcm_hOpen() to const char*
    [SPCMDRV-2060] Use Firmware Update button on Netbox cards to open Netbox Web Interface
    [SPCMDRV-2101] Add download link for card manual to Control Center
    [SPCMDRV-2143] Link in "Firmware files missing" message links directly to matching download area
    [SPCMDRV-2149] Progressbar in Control Center Monitor Window visually always at 100% --> no "Work in Progress" indication when looping
    [SPCMDRV-2151] Add VISA string for accessing Netboxes to Python examples
    [SPCMDRV-2160] Add M2p starhub to driver
    [SPCMDRV-2177] M2p: improved precision for monitoring the supply voltage
    [SPCMDRV-2184] Add udev rules file to Linux kernel source package
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2112] Multiple EEPROM load errors under linux
    [SPCMDRV-2146] Missing CUDA files in spcm4 kernel source package
    [SPCMDRV-2153] Segmentation fault using python on linux
    [SPCMDRV-2156] DATA_END status might be lost if overrun occurred using linux
    [SPCMDRV-2163] Example-helper-function "bSpcMSetupModeRecFIFOAverage" in spcm_lib_card.cpp does set standard mode instead of fifo mode
    [SPCMDRV-2167] Control Center: Starting HDD transfer speedtest crashes
    [SPCMDRV-2170] Calibration values of M4i.44xx on 32bit Linux are wrong
    [SPCMDRV-2190] "Add Netbox manually" enters endless loop

  • Version 5.02 of 4th June 2018 - New Linux distributions support, 44xx 8 Bit modeOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.02
    Library - Datasort V1.23
    M4i Kernel - Linux V2.02
    M2i Kernel - Linux V1.51
    Control Center V2.06
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-1510] M4i.77xx: add support for EXTCLK1 clock mode
    [SPCMDRV-2079] Support for Ubuntu 18.04
    [SPCMDRV-2080] Support for Ubuntu 18.04
    [SPCMDRV-2083] Support for Fedora 28
    [SPCMDRV-2084] Support for Fedora 28
    [SPCMDRV-2090] SCAPP example for DI cards
    [SPCMDRV-2096] SCAPP example for synced DI cards
    [SPCMDRV-2097] SCAPP example for synced AD cards
    [SPCMDRV-2109] Implement Trigger Holdoff for M2p cards
    [SPCMDRV-2125] Support for openSUSE 15.0
    [SPCMDRV-2126] M4i.44xx/M4x.44xx: Optional 8bit reduced sample resolution for reduced bus transfer throughput
    [SPCMDRV-2099] Add update hint to error message driver is too old for card
    [SPCMDRV-2100] Improvements for Control Center About page
    [SPCMDRV-2110] Resolve SPC_SYNC_MODE values in log file
    [SPCMDRV-2123] Add Control Center entry to KDE5 systemsettings
    [SPCMDRV-2137] Add support for delay adjustment for M4i.44xx digital inputs
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-2048] Configured M2p base with empty module EEPROMs shows M4i in Series Listbox.
    [SPCMDRV-2064] Read out values of SPC_OVERSAMPLINGFACTOR and SPC_CLOCKOUTFREQUENCY do not yet respect oversampling factor of M2p.59xx card
    [SPCMDRV-2069] Kernel warning when spcm4 driver module is unloaded
    [SPCMDRV-2073] Maximum for MULTI/ABA/Gate/FIFO pretrigger on M2p does not yet grow with less active channels
    [SPCMDRV-2081] Progress during firmware programming does not take post processing into account
    [SPCMDRV-2087] Script errors during library installation on Ubuntu
    [SPCMDRV-2088] Driver may lock up during spcm_vClose with a remote card
    [SPCMDRV-2089] Cannot open card in Netbox after multiple open-close cycles
    [SPCMDRV-2092] M2p.59xx trigger delay: stepsize and maximum wrong
    [SPCMDRV-2102] Current Pretrigger settings using GatedSampling not checked against hardware limits on M2p and M4i cards
    [SPCMDRV-2103] M2i.60xx: Activate only one channel on each module could produce wrong data by some chenable combinations
    [SPCMDRV-2104] M2p: FiFo recording has rarely fillsize values of zero between others
    [SPCMDRV-2105] M2p: Pulsewidth trigger missing in available mode masks
    [SPCMDRV-2108] Trigger delay not correct and also stepsize and minimum is 1 Sample for M2p.59xx cards
    [SPCMDRV-2112] Multiple EEPROM load errors under linux
    [SPCMDRV-2120] CC RPM uses wrong icon
    [SPCMDRV-2124] Error of HWDetails class (Power Cycle needed after M2p firmware update via Control Center) crashes driver
    [SPCMDRV-2128] Sometimes read out card information (like serial number) using proc is incorrect but still working when using Control Center
    [SPCMDRV-2130] Progress dialog appeared after No-card-found warning on linux
    [SPCMDRV-2131] Wrong star-hub numbers for M2p Demo cards
    [SPCMDRV-2132] Various small bugs in driver and ControlCenter for M2p cards

  • Version 5.01 of 26th April 2018 - Support of M2p.59xx Series and SCAPP optionOpen or Close

    New File Versions
    Library - DLL V5.01
    M4i Kernel - Windows V5.00
    M4i Kernel - Linux V2.00
    Control Center V2.04
    New Features
    [SPCMDRV-1894] Support of M2p.59xx Series
    [SPCMDRV-1910] Support for NVidias GPUDirect/RDMA
    [SPCMDRV-1489] Remote-Server shows his IP address
    [SPCMDRV-1503] Monitor: increase window size and add module temperature
    [SPCMDRV-1582] Control Center: Display of available multi-purpose modes in Control Center
    [SPCMDRV-1901] Remove remaining warnings in linux kernel module
    [SPCMDRV-1904] Example: Print card type and serial number in Speed Test output
    [SPCMDRV-1978] Add Netbox firmware version to driver log-file too.
    [SPCMDRV-2004] Show PCB version of base, modules and extension
    [SPCMDRV-2009] Changing SPC_READAIPATH should not cause re-write of card setup
    [SPCMDRV-2010] Show size of installed Spectrum program in list of programs
    [SPCMDRV-2011] Show explicit message if Remote Server did not find any card
    [SPCMDRV-2020] Show busy indicator while cards are opened
    [SPCMDRV-2051] Expand C# Rep_Fifo example for M4i/M4x.66xx
    Fixed Bugs
    [SPCMDRV-1488] Discovery mismatch with NETBOX and remote-server
    [SPCMDRV-1799] Some display problems on a 4k display
    [SPCMDRV-1913] Library in wrong location under Debian 9.0 64bit
    [SPCMDRV-1954] "New version check" windows does not use program icon
    [SPCMDRV-1994] M2CMD_CARD_DISABLETRIGGER changes runstate
    [SPCMDRV-1996] Typos in "Success" messages of calibration and FW update
    [SPCMDRV-1997] Last block of FIFO mode might not be transferred completely by spcm_lib_thread vMainLoop() function
    [SPCMDRV-1999] M4i66xx continuous replay with Matlab : waveform could have jumps if new data is set without writing setup again
    [SPCMDRV-2000] Buffer overrun error not correctly generated for M4i AD cards
    [SPCMDRV-2006] Control Center Installer: Wrong default path for 32bit on 64bit system
    [SPCMDRV-2013] Netbox monitor has no app icon
    [SPCMDRV-2015] Cannot uninstall kernel driver package if kernel module has not been loaded
    [SPCMDRV-2016] install.sh reports success although kernel modules could not be loaded
    [SPCMDRV-2017] DoubleOut / Differential out feature not working with M4i.66x1
    [SPCMDRV-2027] Device mapping of 10 or more cards creates wrong results
    [SPCMDRV-2037] M2i/M3i: Writing second EEPROM mixes list-based delays and direct access
    [SPCMDRV-2050] Wrong operator precedence in rec_fifo_gate example may cause crash
    [SPCMDRV-2052] Example Rec_Fifo_ContMem_cs use DMA buffer wrong.
    [SPCMDRV-2054] 66xx ADC Temperature shows bogus values
    [SPCMDRV-2062] Sorting of cards in DN6.46x-16 is wrong
    [SPCMDRV-2063] Diff inputs not available on DN6.46x-16
    [SPCMDRV-2070] Base PCB version is incorrectly displayed on M4i, M4x and M2p cards
    [SPCMDRV-2071] Value of SPC_BASEPCBVERSION read register not correctly filled
    [SPCMDRV-2074] Selecting "Discard" on Log level warning dialog does not reset combobox
    [SPCMDRV-2075] Digital bits are wrong on half- and quarter assembled cards


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