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Version 6.5.00 build 19961 of 9th June 2022

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4799] Support for M5i.33xx
  • [SB-4981] Implement possibility to add custom unit information to reports
  • [SB-4472] Sign RPM packages
  • [SB-4897] Possibility to remove channels from preview display
  • [SB-4951] New script command: SB6_RESET
  • [SB-4967] Remove disabled channel from channel trigger mask
  • [SB-4973] New version check via redirect to XML
  • [SB-4975] M2p.7515-x4: "Sync Armstate" trigger mode is offered for selection, but operation is prohibited
  • [SB-4983] Open SB6 project with blocked card: additional choice to open viewer-mode
  • [SB-4994] Allow usage of more RAM for cache
  • [SB-4999] "Advanced control" dialog does not show warning when user types register name that does not exist

Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2315] Deleting Noise calculation while running in loop mode can leave calculation artefacts in info dialog
  • [SB-4726] "Channel Input Preview" button as default available at NETBOX
  • [SB-4756] Wrong frequency calculation of slow sinus at 22xx
  • [SB-4797] SBench 6 card selection screen gets confused with combination of multiple demo cards and hybridNETBOX
  • [SB-4883] Trigger dialog shows useless entries for X0-X2 in DN2.44x-08
  • [SB-4927] Adjusting channel trigger levels in display not possible when using input offset
  • [SB-4944] Info in Card monitor dialog written to wrong lines if cards have different number of modules
  • [SB-4945] After using "Show full signal" or "Show full area" the streaming display does not start at 0 seconds
  • [SB-4947] Matlab export data corrupted for some specific user defined data export lengths
  • [SB-4948] Pure Binary import without header file does not handle analog data with embedded digital bits correctly
  • [SB-4949] External trigger input not shown for MX cards
  • [SB-4952] SBench crash at start with defective script
  • [SB-4953] Passing project for multiple cards via command line might cause error "selected device group doesn't match together"
  • [SB-4954] Average Multi does not add file type extension to name if stored to disk
  • [SB-4955] Importing file from Average Multi calculation shows flat line
  • [SB-4956] Tooltip missing for Multi Average specific part of calculation setup dialog
  • [SB-4958] The channel dialog reacts incorrectly when switching channels on and off in diff mode.
  • [SB-4959] Display of data from ASCII file with 64 digital channels is wrong
  • [SB-4960] Digital replay was wrong if file contained 64 digital channels
  • [SB-4961] For files generated by EasyGenerator the preview display reports a size of zero bytes when asking if preview should be calculated
  • [SB-4962] Possible crash when user deletes a calculation from the info dialog
  • [SB-4964] Cannot import SB5 .sbs file with 17 channels
  • [SB-4965] Channel trigger still active after switching to Software trigger
  • [SB-4968] Singleshot button is enabled while calculations are still running
  • [SB-4969] Driver error during save of new calibration values causes unrelated subsequent faults
  • [SB-4970] Start SBench 6 with two instances - card moves to wrong group at 2nd start
  • [SB-4971] Crash if unknown card series is found
  • [SB-4974] Frequency calculation does not play nicely with very slow signals
  • [SB-4976] Wrong time at simple measurements at signal imports of previously section exports
  • [SB-4982] Wrong signal-frequency calculation at sb6dat file from InSpec logging
  • [SB-4987] Channel-to-scale assignment can be wrong in Y-scale tooltip
  • [SB-4995] Result differs between two formulas that should generate the same result
  • [SB-4996] Cannot open a .sb6dat file by double click in Windows explorer if file name contains umlauts
  • [SB-4997] Channels of EasyGenerator are disabled if setup has been stored while output was still running
  • [SB-4998] Display colors for second, third ... displays are not correctly restored
  • [SB-5000] Cannot import FFT data from .bin file if header file is lost

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